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1. Judgment for non-payment of note.

2. Sci. fa. for refusal to pay specie....

3. Trustees of such defaulting bank.

4. Trustee to give bond......

5. Publication of unclaimed deposits...

6. Costs of such publication; how paid..

7. Penalty for failure to publish.....

8. Treasurers of savings banks shall give to Comptroller list of

depositors not heard from for twenty years; proviso....

9. Penalty for neglect......

10. Counting and destruction of notes of insolvent bank.

11. Recovery on note payable to bank....

12. Banking associations shall make five annual reports to State

Treasurer; special reports..

13. Issuing of bank notes....

14. May become a national bank....

15. Conditions; vote of stockholders.

16. Surrender of State charter; liquidation.

17. Transfer of assets and debts...

18. Plates and dies to be destroyed..

19. Banking associations ; how formed.

20. Powers of.......

21. Capital stock if located in Baltimore city.

22. Capital stock if located elsewhere in State..

23. Board of directors....

24. Affairs; how managed.

25. Rules, restrictions and limitations of said banks, viz....

Art. 1. Vote of stockholders.

2. Who eligible as directors or president.

3. Annual statement to stockholders.

4. Semi-annual statements to stockholders.

5. Limit to issue of bank notes.

6. Oath of president and directors.

7. Limit to indebtedness.

8. Powers of board.

9. Dividends.

10. Pay of directors.

11. General meetings of stockholders.

12. Cashier or treasurer.

13. Real estate.

14. Corporate powers.

15. Bills or notes.

16. Transfer of shares of stock.

17. Prohibited loans: stock to be personal estate.

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