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The Asterisk (*) signifies that the Act relates exclusively to Ireland.

ACCIDENTS, for compensating the Australian Colonies, to amend 5 & 6
Families of Persons killed by Vict. c. 36., for regulating the

Cap. 93. Sale of Waste Land belonging
Accounts (Annual) of the Receipt and

to the Crown in the, and to
Expenditure of the Naval and make further Provision for the
Military Departments; to pro-

Management thereof Cap. 104
vide for the Preparation, Audit,
and Presentation of, to Parlia- Bank of England. See Income Tax
ment -

- 92 i

Administration of Criminal Justice,

Banks. See Joint Stock Banks.
for removing some Defects in

Barristers practising in the Superior

Courts at Westminster, to ex.

tend to, the Privileges of Ser.
Adverse Claims made upon Persons

jeants at Law in the Court of
having no Interest in the

Common Pleas.. 54
Subject Matter of such Claims, Baths (Public), to encourage the
to enable Courts of Law to give

Establishment of

- 74
Relief against - • *64

-- for promoting the volun-
Application of Sums to the Service of

tary Establishment of, in Bo-
1846 - - 7. 47. 116.

roughs and certain Cities and
Appropriation of Supplies - 116

Towns .

. *87
Army; annual Act for punishing Battersea Bridge to Vauxhall Bridge,
Mutiny and Desertion, and for

to enable the Commissioners of
the better Payment of the Woods to construct an Em-

Army and their Quarters 11 bankment and Roadway on the
Art Unions, for legalizing - 48

North Shore of the River
Assessed Taxes, to provide Forms of

Thames, from, and to build a

Suspension Bridge over the
Proceedings under the Acts

said River at or near Chelsea
relating to the Duties of, and
the Duties on Profits arising

Hospital -

- 39
Battersea Fields in the County of
from Property, Professions,

Surrey, to empower the Com-
Trades, and Offices - 56

missioners of Woods to form a
Assignments of Ecclesiastical Patron-

Royal Park in - - 38
age, to remove Doubts as to Berwick-upon-Tweed, Survey of.

the Legality of certain - 88 See Survey.
Australia (Western), to continue until | Bonds. See Stamp Duty.

31st Dec. 1848 10 Geo. 4. c. 28., Books, to amend 7 & 8 Vict. c. 73., for
for providing for the Govern-

reducing, under certain Cir.
ment of the Settlements cumstances, the Duties payable

- 35' on - -



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Boroughs. See Elections. Trading Collectors of Grand Jury Cess, to
British Possessions. See Customs.

exempt from Stamp Duty Bonds
Buildings, to amend 7 & 8 Vict. c. 84. and Warrants to confess Judg-

for regulating the Construction ment executed by - Cap. *60
and Use of, in the Metropolis Commissioners. See Public Works.
and its Neighbourhood Cap. 5

Railways. Woods, &c., Com-
Burghs, for the Abolition of the ex-

missioners of.
clusive Privilege of Trading Common Pleas, Court of, to extend to
- 17

all Barristers practising in the
Burial Service; for better enabling the Superior Courts at Westmin-

Burial Service to be performed ster the Privileges of Serjeants
in One Chapel, where con-

at Law in -

- 54
tiguous Burial Grounds shall Commons Inclosure. See Inclosure.
have been provided for Two or | Commutation of Tithes, further to
more Parishes or Places . 68 amend the Acts for - 73

Compensation to Families of Per-
Chelsea Bridge. See Battersea Bridge. sons killed by Accidents, for
Chelsea Hospital, Commissioners of


• 93
Woods enabled to build a Sus- Consolidated Fund, to apply 8,000,0001.
pension Bridge over the River to the Service of the Year
Thames at or near, with Ap-



- 7
proaches thereto - - 39 – to apply 4,000,000l. out of,
Chelsea Out-Pensioners, amending and the Surplus of Ways and

6 & 7 Vict. c. 95., for render Means, to the Service of the
ing effective the Services of,

Year 1846 - - 47
and extending it to the Out Consolidated Fund, to apply 8,356,1731.
Pensioners of Greenwich Hos. 178. 11d. out of, and Monies in
pital - - • 9

the Exchequer, to the Service of
Chelsea Out-Pensioners, for regulating the Year 1846; and to appropri-

the Payment of - - 10 ate the Supplies granted in this
Chester, to remove Doubts as to the Session of Parliament 116
Election of Members of Par-

See also New Zealand Com-
liament for the County of, the

pany. Public Works.
Boroughs situate therein, and Constabulary Force, to provide for
for the County of the City of removing the Charge of, from

the Counties, and for enlarging
Children, to amend Two clerical the Reserve Force; and to

Errors in 8 & 9 Vict. c. 29., for make further Provision for
regulating the Labour of, in the Regulation and Disposi-

Print Works - - 18 tion of the said Constabulary
Citations, and Services and Execution Force

. - *97
of Diligence, to remove Doubts Contagious and Epidemic Diseases, to
concerning - - 67

enable the Privy Council to
Cities. See Elections. Trading.

make Regulations for the Pre-
Claims (Adverse) made upon Persons vention of, until 31st August
having no Interest in the Sub-


- 96
ject Matter of such Claims, to Contractors for Works under Grand
enable Courts of Law to give Jury Presentments, to provide

Relief against- - *64 for the more prompt Payment
Coalwhippers of the Port of London, of .

- *2
to continue until 1st January

Amended by . . *71
1851, and to amend, 6 & 7 Vict. Convicts under Sentence of Trans-, for establishing an Office portation, for abolishing the
for the Benefit of - - 36 | Office of Superintendent of 26


as to

Copyhold Commission, to continue the, Diligence, to remove Doubts concern-

until 31st July 1847 Cap. 53 ing Citations, and Services and
Corn, to amend the Laws relating to Execution of . Cap. 67

the Importation of - 22 Diseases. See Contagious and Epi-
Coroner, to amend the Laws relating demic Diseases.

to the Office of, and the Ex Distressed Districts. See Public

pences of Inquests - *37 Works.
Corresponding Societies, to amend the Distresses, to amend the Law as
Laws relating to - - 33

• *111
County Works; to authorize Grand District Lunatic Asylums. See Lu-

Juries at the Spring Assizes natic Asylums.
of the present Year to appoint Dividends (Unclaimed) of South Sea
Extraordinary Presentment Company, further Provisions
Sessions; to empower such

- 8
Sessions to make Presentments Drainage of Lands, to amend 5 & 6Vict.
for County Works, and to pro-

C. 89., and 8 & 9 Vict. c. 69.
vide Funds for the Execution

for promoting, and Improve-
of such Works; and also to

ment of Navigation and Water
provide for the more prompt

Power in connexion with such
Payment of Contractors for

Drainage ; and to afford Faci-
Works under Grand Jury Pre-

lities for increased Employment
sentments -

- *2

for the labouring Classes in
Amended by - - *71 Works of Drainage during the
- presented, to authorize a fur-

present Year - - *4
ther Advance of Money out of to authorize the Advance of
the Consolidated Fund towards Public Money to a limited

defraying the Expence of *78 Amount to promote the Im-
Criminal Justice, for removing some provement of Land by Works
Defects in the Administration

of .


. 101
- - 24 Duties. See Books. Corn. Customs.

Engravings. Income Tax
of the Standing Orders of Duty. Sugar.
either House of Parliament, by
Subscribers to Works or Under-
takings to be effected under the
Authority of Parliament, to East India Company, to enable the
amend 1 & 2 Vict. c. 117. for Right Hon. Henry Viscount

providing for - - 20 Hardinge to receive the full
Customs, to alter certain Duties of Benefit of an Annuity of


5,0001. granted to him by
- to enable the Legislatures of

the - . - - 21
certain British Possessions to Ecclesiastical Patronage, to remove
reduce or repeal certain Duties Doubts as to the Legality of

- 94

certain Assignments of .. 88
- to amend the Laws relating to Ejectments, to amend the Law as

- 102

to -

See also Corn. Sugar. Elections, to amend 2 & 3 Will. IV.

c. 88., by providing additional
Deaths by Accidents Compensation. Booths or Polling Places
See Compensation.

at - -

- *19
Debts (Small), for the more easy Elections of Members to serve in Par-
Recovery of - - - 95

liament, for Cities, Towns, or
Deodands, to abolish - - 62 Boroughs, to define the Notice
Desertion. See Army.


. *30


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Elections of Members; to remove Friendly Societies, to amend the Laws

Doubts as to the Election of relating to · - Cap. 27
Members to serve in Parliament
for the County of Chester, the
Boroughs situate therein, and

Gauge of Railways, for regulating 57
for the County of the City of Gouch Hugh Loi

| Gough (Hugh Lord), to settle an An-
Chester . - Cap. 44

nuity on, and on the Two next
Employment of the Poor. See Public

surviving Heirs Male to whom

the Title shall descend - 32
Engravings, to amend 7 & 8 Vict. Grand Juries ; to authorize, at the
c. 73., for reducing, under cer-

Spring Assizes of the present
tain Circumstances, the Duties

Year, to appoint Extraordinary
payable on - - - 58

Presentment Sessions ; to em-
Epidemic Diseases. See Contagious

power such Sessions to make
and Epidemic Diseases.

Presentments for County Works,
Exchequer Bills, raising £18,380,200

and to provide Funds for the
by - - - - 15

Execution of such Works; and
See also Public Works

also to provide for the more
Exclusive Privilege of Trading, for the

prompt Payment of Contractors
Abolition of, in Burghs - 17

for Works' under Grand Jury
- or of regulating 'Irades, in

Presentments - - *2
Cities, Towns, or Boroughs, for

Amended by - . *71
the Abolition of - - *76

to exempt from Stamp Duty
Explosive or destructive Substances,

Bonds and Warrants to confess
for preventing malicious In-

Judgment executed by Collec-
juries to Persons and Property

tors of Grand Jury Cess or their
by . - - - 25

Sureties - - - *60

See also Public Works.
Factory Acts, to declare certain Rope- Great Britain, Survey of. See Survey.

works not within Operation Greenwich Hospital, amending
of . - - 40

6 & 7 Vict. c. 95., for rendering
Fever, to make Provision, until 1st Sep-

effective the Services of the
tember 1847, for the Treatment

Chelsea Out-Pensioners, and
of poor Persons afflicted with *6

extending it to the Out-Pen-
Fire, for preventing malicious Injuries

sioners of - - - 9
to Persons and Property by 25

for regulating the Payment of
Fisheries ; to encourage the Sea Fish-

the Out-Pensioners of 10
eries by promoting and aiding
with Grants of Public Money
the Construction of Piers, Har-
bours and other Works - *3 Harbours, Piers, and other Works, to

to authorize the Advance of encourage the Sea Fisheries by
Money out of the Consolidated promoting and aiding with
Fund for carrying on · 80 Grants of Public Money the
· for the further Amendment of Construction of - . *3
5 & 6 Vict. c. 106., for regu Hardinge(Right Hon. Henry Viscount),
lating - - - - *114

enabled to receive the full
Forms (Assessed Taxes); to provide Benefit of an Annuity of £5,000

Forms of Proceedings under granted to him by the East
the Acts relating to the Duties India Company

of Assessed Taxes, and the – to settle an Annuity on, and
Duties on Profits arising from

on the Two next surviving
Property, Professions, Trades, Heirs Male to whom the Title
and Offices - - - 56 shall descend - - 31

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High Constables, to exempt from Stamp Land; to authorize the Advance of

Duty Bonds and Warrants to Public Money to a limited
confess Judgment executed by

Amount to promote the Im-

Cap. *60 provement of, by Works of
Highway Rates, to continue, until Drainage - . Cap. 101

1st October 1847, 4 & 5 Vict. - - to amend the Law as to the
c. 59., for authorizing the Ap.

Occupation of . - *111
plication of, to Turnpike Roads Leases for Terms of Years, to facilitate

and encourage the granting of
House of Commons, to amend the Acts certain - - *112
relating to the Offices of 77 Lecture Rooms, to amend the Laws

relating to the licensing of 33
Importation of Corn, to amend the Legislatures of certain British Posses-
Laws relating to - - 22

sions, to enable them to reduce
Inclosure of certain Lands, to autho-

or repeal certain Duties of
rize, in pursuance of the Re-

Customs - - - 94
commendation of the Inclosure | Loan Societies, to continue, to 1st Octo-
Commissioners - - 16

ber 1847, 3 & 4 Vict. c. 110., to
- and Improvement of Commons, amend the Laws relating to 52
to amend 8 & 9 Vict. c. 118., to Loan from Consolidated Fund to
facilitate - - - 70

New Zealand Company, to au-
- to authorize, pursuant to a

thorize -

- 42
special Report of the Inclosure

Amended by - 82
Commissioners - - 117 Loans, Commissioners of, for Public
Income Tax Duty in respect of certain

Works and Fisheries, empow-
Offices, for regulating the De-

ered to make Loans in Money
duction of, at the Bank of to the Commissioners of Her
England - - - 81 Majesty's Woods, in lieu of
See also Property Tax.

Loans heretofore authorized to
Indemnity Act, annual - - 13 be made in Exchequer Bills
Injuries (Malicious) to Persons and

Property by Fire, or by explo-

for carrying on Public Works,
sive or destructive Substances, to authorize the Application of

for preventing - - 25 Money for the Purposes of *85
Inquests, to amend the Laws relating - to provide additional Funds

to the Expences of - *37 for Public Works . *108
Insolvent Debtors in India, to continue,

See also Public Works.
to 1st March 1847, 9 G.4. c. 73. Local Acts, for making preliminary
and 4 & 5 W. 4. c. 79., relating Inquiries in certain Cases of
to - - - - 14

Applications for • . 106
Inspector of Lunatics (Ireland). See London, Port of. See Coalwhippers.
Lunatic Asylums.

Lower Sloan Street, Commissioners of
Isle of Man, Survey of. See Survey. Woods enabled to construct a

Street from, to the Northern

Extremity of Battersea Bridge
Joint Stock Banks, to regulate - 75
Justice. See Criminal Justice. Lunatic Asylums, and the Care of

Pauper Lunatics, to amend the

Law concerning - - 84
Labouring Poor See Public Works.

(District), to amend the Laws
Land; to amend 5 & 6 Vict. c. 89. as to; to provide for the Ex-
and 8 & 9 Vict. c. 69., for pro-

pence of the Maintenance of
moting the Drainage of Lands certain Lunatic Poor, reinoved

from the Richmond Lunatic

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