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This is the age of Cheap Publications. The learning which was formerly confined to the cell of the cloister or the hall of the college, has now become common property. Most of the choicest works, whether of poetry or philosophy--science or religion, are being brought within the reach of all classes, by their being published in the form of “ People's Editions.” This thirst for knowledge has become an important “sign of the times;” and one which, if fully appreciated and rightly directed, must lead to the most blessed results.

The multiplication of Day and Sabbath Schools, of Literary and Mechanics' Institutions, and other means of instruction for the masses, have, during the last half century, wonderfully increased the public taste for reading. In this all the good rejoice. Still, it must be obvious, after a moment's retiection, that this appetite for information will result either in a healthy or unhealthy condition of the public mind, just as it is supplied with proper or improper nourishment.

It has long been a matter of deep regret, expressed alike from the Pulpit and the Press, that by far the cheapest and most widely circulated publications of the day, consist of those which, are not only improper in their expressions, but immoral in their tendency. Sunday newspapers, cheap Magazines, love-sick novels, scenes of high and low life-these and such as these, are the works which have been issuing from the Press in thousands, and which have been sold from door to door, at the lowest prices and in the most attractive forms.

This is not as it ought to be; and if the intelligent and right-minded amongst the various classes of the community only bestir themselves, it is not as it may be. Alive to this view of the actual state of the case, and desirous of doing something towards improving it, this proposal of a series of Quarterly Volumes, coming from the pens of the best living writers, has originated with the Publisher. It is his intention to offer to the Public, a Library of volumes of unquestionable excellence, including translations of the most popular books from the French and German languages, printed and bound in the most attractive and pleasing style, at such a low charge as to enable every famıly in the kingdom, to purchase them. Each work will contain nearly 400 pages, royal 32mo., neatly and st: ongly bound in fancy embossed cloth, gilt-edges, full gold back, and illustrated with a beautifully engraved frontispiece and vignette.

The Publisher confidently appeals to all classes of the community to assist him in his responsible undertaking. Parents! would you have in the hands of your children works which, with the utmost sifety and with fervent anticipations of good as the result, present to your families the volumes of "The Miniature Christian Family Library.” Ministers! would you have your people, whether young or old, engaged in a course of reading which cannot fail to benefit them, recommend to them the volumes of “The Miniature Christian Family Library.” Teachers ! both of Day and Sabbath Schools, these works are especially suitable for you and your scholars. Working Men and Women of Great Britain! by laying past three halt-pence weekly, you will have more at the end of each quarter than to obtain a quarterly volume. We ask, then, the co-operation of all classes, that we may be enabled to offer to the community the cheapest and most valuable works yet published. Vol. I. A WREATH AROUND THE CROSS: OR, SCRIPTURE

TRUTHS ILLUSTRATED.* By the Rev. A. Morton
Brown, M.A., author of “The Leader of the
Lollards,” &c., with a Recommendatory Preface,
by the Rev. John Angell James. Published July,

The following are in course of publication :-

By the Rev. John Statham, (many years Missionary in India, author of "Indian Recollections,”

&c. III. SACRED POETRY. Compiled by the Rev. James

Smith, author of “The Messenger of Mercy,” &c. - IV. SCRIPTURE TRUTHS ILLUSTRATED BY EXAMPLE.

By the Rev. T. Timpson, author of “The
Companion to the Bible," "The Good and Faith-

ful Servant,” &c., &c. * An eminent author and divine has pronounced this to be the cheapest volume in England.

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