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Independently Published, 2021 - 244 pages
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"She was engaged in the task of defending her position in life," said Heyst. "It's a very respectable task."

― Joseph Conrad, Victory

Victory, also known as Victory: An Island Tale, is a psychological novel by Joseph Conrad.

Heyst never knew his mother and was raised by his widowed father. His father has died, but his pessimistic view of humanity stayed with Heyst. After his father's demise, Heyst leaves England and becomes a rootless wanderer. In his travels, he comes across Captain Morrison, who is in danger of getting his ship confiscated. Heyst intervenes with a loan.

The two establish a relationship, and although Heyst attempts to go back to his solitude, Morrison ́s friendship proves it hard to do so. Eventually, Heyst finally accepts Morrison ́s presence in his life.

The Tropical Belt Coal Company was established with their partnership, and Heyst becomes the manager- although he has no interest in this enterprise. Morrison dies, and soon the coal company goes bankrupt.

The novel's protagonist, Axel Heyst, lives as a hermit in the abandoned coal mine he once managed.

Will Heyst ́s compassion ever be aroused again, or will he forever be lonesome?

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