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Articles porerning the Navy, and other miscel. ' Naval constructors. lancons provisions.

Naval Observatory. Chaplains.

Naval storekeepers. Civil engineers.

Navy.yards. Contacts and supplies.

Pay Corps. Deserters and desertion.

Pay and allowances. Dismissal and resignation of officers.

Professors of mathematics. Engineer Corps.

| Promotion and advancement. Ho itals, asylums, artificial limbs, and cemeter: Rank and precedence.

! Retirement. Hvairographic Office.

Rations. Line otticers.

Secretaries and clerks. Maits.

Seamen and petty officers. Medical Corps.

Vessels of the Navy. Nautical Almanac.

Volunteer service. Varal Academy - Naval cadets.

Warrant officers.

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| Debts due by and to the United States. Accounting officers and accounts.

Distress warrants. Advertising

Disbursing officers and agents-Checks, drafts, Altorney-General and Department of Justice. coins, and currency: Civil service-Department employés and regula. Nary Department and Bureaus, tions.

Public documents, public printing and binding. Claims and claim agents.

Public or Department records. Court of Claims.

Public property and public buildings. Contingent funds.


Part IV.


Bribos, presents, and contributions.
Bounty and bounty land.
Coast Survey.
Collisions-Rules of the sea.
Diplomatic and consular officers.
Fish Commission.
Flags and standards.
Fraud, forgery, and theft.
Guano islands.
Habeas corpus.
Life Saving Service.
Lights and buoys.
Merebant vessels and service, and yachts.

! Murder, mutiny, &c.

Pension funds.
Postal laws, &c.
Prize and salvage.
Quarantine and Board of Health.
Railroads and telegraphs.
Reserved timber lands.
Revenue-Cutter Service.
Slave and cooly trade; kidnapping.
Treason, conspiracy, insurrection, and rebellion,

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1. Commander's duties of supervision and cor-


2. Divine service.

3. Irreverent behavior.

4. Offenses punishable by death:

1. Mutiny.

2. Disobedience of orders.

3. Striking superior officer.

4. Intercourse with an enemy.

5. Messages from an enemy.

6. Desertion in time of war.

7. Deserting trust.

8. Sleeping on watch.

9. Leaving station.

10. Willful stranding or injury of vessel.

11. Unlawfuldestruction of public property.

12. Striking tlag or treacherously yielding.

13. Cowardice in battle.

14. Deserting duty in battle.

15. Neglecting orders to prepare for battle.

16. Neglecting to clear for action.

17. Neglecting to join on signal for battle.

18. Failing to encourage the men to fight.

19. Failing to seek encounter.

20. Failing to afford relief in battle.

5. Spies.

6. Murder.

7. Imprisonment in penitentiary.

8. Offenses punishable at discretion of court-mar-

1. Profanity, falsehood, &c.

2. Cruelty.

3. Quarreling.

4. Fomenting quarrels.

5. Duels.

6. Contempt of superior officer.

7. Combinations against superior officer.

8. Mutinous words.

9. Neglect of orders.

10. Not preventing destruction of public


11. Negligent stranding.

12. Negligence in convoy service.

13. Receiving articles for freight.

14. False muster.

15. Waste of public property, &c.

16. Plundering on shore.

17. Refusing to apprehend offenders.

18. Refusing to receive prisoners.

19. Absence from duty without leave.

20. Violating general orders or regulations.

21. Desertion in time of peace.

22. Harboring deserters.

9. Officers absent without leave may be reduced.

10. Desertion by resignation.

11. Dealing in supplies on private account.

12. Importing dutiable goods in public vessels.

13. Distilled spirits only as medical stores.

14. Certain crimes of fraud against the l'nited



21. Anthority of oflicers after loss of vessel.

22. Offenses not specified.

23. Offenses committed on shore.

24. Punishments by order of commander.

25. Punishment by officer temporarily commoud.


26. Summary courts-martial.

27. Constitution of summary courts-martial.

28. Oath of members and recorder,

29. Testimony.

30. Punishments by summary courts.

31. Disrating for incompetency.

32. Execution of sentence of summary comt.

33. Remission of sentence.

34. Manner of conducting proceedings.

35. Same punishments by general court-martial.

36. Dismissal of officers.

37. Officers dismissed by President may demand


38. General courts martial, by whom convened.

39. Constitution of.

40. Oaths of members and judge-arl vocate.

41. Oath of witness.

42. Contempts of court.

43. Charges.

44. Duty of officer arrested.

45. Suspension of proceedings.

46. Absence of members.

47. Witnesses examined in absence of a member.

48. Suspension of pay.

49. Flogging, branding, &c.

50. Sentences, how determined.

51. Adequate punishment; recommendation to


52. Authentication of judgment.

53. Confirmation of sentence.

54. Remission and mitigation of sentence.

55. Courts of Inquiry, by whom ordered.

56. Constitution of.

57. Powers of.

58. Oath of members and judge advocate.

59. Rights of party inquired of.

60. Proceedings, liou authenticated and used as



Articles estab.

17 July, 1862, s. 1, v. 12, p. 600.




ARTICLE 1. The commanders of all fleets, squadrons, naval stations, vision and cor- and vessels belonging to the Navy, are required to show in themselves rection. a good example of virtue, honor, patriotism, and subordination; to be

vigilant in inspecting the conduct of all persons who are placed under their command; to guard against and suppress all dissolute and immoral practices, and to correct, according to the laws and regulations of the Navy, all persons who are guilty of them; and any such commander who offends against this article shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

Ibid., art. 1.


Divine service. ART. 2. The commanders of vessels and naval stations to which chap

lains are attached shall cause divine service to be performed on Sunday, whenever the weather and other circumstances allow it to be done; and it is earnestly recommended to all officers, seamen, and others in the naval service diligently to attend at every performance of the worship

of Almighty God. Irreverent be

Art. 3. Any irreverent or unbecoming behavior during divine service havior. shall be punished as a general or summary court-martial may direct.

Ibid., art, 2.

an enemy:

OFFENSES PUNISHABLE BY DEATII OR OTIIER PUNISIIMENT. Art. 4. The punishment of death, or such other punishment as a court-martial may adjudge, may be inflicted on any person in the naval


First. Who makes, or attempts to make, or unites with any mutiny or mutinous assenıbly, or, being witness to or present at any mutiny, does not do his utmost to suppress it; or, knowing of any mutinous assembly or of any intended mutiny, does not immediately communicate

his knowledge to his superior or commanding officer; Disobedience

Second. Or disobeys the lawful orders of his superior officer; of orders. Striking supe.

Third. Or strikes or assaults, or attempts or threatens to strike or asrior officer. sault, his superior officer while in the execution of the duties of his

office; Intercourse Fourth. Or gives any intelligence to, or holds or entertains any interwith an enemy. course with, an enemy or rebel, without leave from the President, the

Secretary of the Navy, the commander-in-chief of the fleet, the commander of the squadron, or, in case of a vessel acting singly, from bis

commanding officer; Messages from

Fifth. Or receives any message or letter from an enemy or rebel, or, being aware of the unlawful reception of such message or letter, fails to take the earliest opportunity to inform his superior or commanding

officer thereof; Desertion in Sixth. Or, in time of war, deserts or entices others to desert; [See ♡ ♡ time of war. 1996-1998, Desertion.] Deserting trust. Seventh. Or, in time of war, deserts or betrays his trust, or entices or

aids others to desert or betray their trust; Sleeping on Eighth. Or sleeps upon his watch ; watch.

Leaving sta Ninth. Or leaves his station before being regularly relieved ; tion.

Willful strand. Tenth. Or intentionally or willfully suffers any vessel of the Navy to ing or injury of be stranded, or run upon rocks or shoals, or improperly hazarded; or vessel.

maliciously or willfully injures any vessel of the Navy, or any part of her tackle, armament, or equipment, whereby the safety of the vessel

is bazarded or the lives of the crew exposed to danger; Unlawful de. Eleventh. Or unlawfully sets on fire, or otherwise unlawfully destroys, struction of pub.

any public property not at the time in possession of an enemy, pirate, lic property.

or rebel; Striking tlay Twelfth. Or strikes or attempts to strike the flag to an enemy or rebel, of treacherously without proper authority, or, when engaged in battle, treacherously yielding.

yields or pusillanimously cries for quarters; Cowardice in Thirteenth. Or, in time of battle, displays cowardice, negligence, or battle.

disaffection, or withdraws from or keeps out of danger to which he should expose himself;

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