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deficient in harmony; a defect, he adds, which the author, by retouching and correcting, is capable of removing. Mr. Kheraskof has not in the present reign failed of acquiring the rewards due to his extraordinary talents ; having been successively appointed vice-president of the college of mines,

counsellor of state, and curator of the university of Moscow. Coxc's Tra- KHILKOF (PRINCE), a Ruffian nobleman, descended vels into from a very antient family, had distinguished himself as emRusia,

bassador to several foreign courts, before he was sent in 1700 p. 191.

to Stockholm in that capacity. He accompanied Charles
XII. in his descent upon the Hile of Zealand, and upon the
ensuing truce of Travendal between Sweden and Denmark
returned to Stockholm, Sept. 17, at the eve of the rupture
which broke out between the Swedish and Russian monarchs.
His character of embassador, deemed sacred by the law of
nations, could not protect him from the resentment of
Charles XII.; and, on the 20th of the same month, he was
arrested and imprisoned. As an amusement during his cap-
tivity, which was long and for some time extreniely rigorous,
and at the request of his fellow-prisoner prince Trubetskoi,
he began an abridgement of the Russian History?''from its
carliest period to his own time; which he completed before
he was restored to liberty. Hitherto, though Ruffia abound-
ed in chronicles and annals relative to detached periods, yet,
excepting a dry detail of facts compiled for the use of Alexey
Michaelovitch, it poffefed no regular and connected history.
The first attempt towards such a work was undertaken by
prince Khilkof. After a confineinent of 18 years, he ex-
pired in his prison of Westeras, in the moment when he
was upon the point of being released. His work, called
“ The Kernel of the Ruffian History,” is a' mere abridge-
ment, and was published in 1970 by Mr. Muller. It forms
only one volume in 8vo, and contains seven books: the first
commences with the creation of the world, and ends with
the erection of the Ruíñian empire under Ruric; the remain-
ing fix carry down the history from that period to the year
1713. During some part of his confinement, he was per-
mitted to receive from Moscow books, extracts from chro-

nicles, and a few tate-papers ; but as he could not obtain . the necessary documents so well as if he had been upon the spot, his performance unavoidably contains occasional errors, many of which the judicious editor has pointed out and corrected. About the time of Khilkof's death, another native commenced a similar work upon a much larger scale, and


who had more opportunities of obtaining information. This. · person was Vasili Tatisichef; of whom some memoirs will

be given in Vol. XII.

KOENIG (DANIEL), by birth a Swiss, died at Rotter- Dictiondam, at the age of 22, in consequence of a severe drubbing naire Histos he had received at Franeker. The populace, overhearing rique, Caeng him talk in French, took it into their head that he was a French spy, and would have demolished him on the spot, if the academicians had not rescued him from their fury: but the wounds which he received hurried him to the grave in a few months. He translated into Latin Dr. Arbuthnot's " Tables of Ancient Coins," which remained in MS. till 1756, when it was published at Utrecht, with a curious and useful preface, by profeffor Reitz.

o by profetior at Utrechmained in Thut

KOENIG (SAMUEL), brother to the preceding, came Dictionearly into eminence by his mathematical abilities. He re- naire Histoa fided two years, at the castle of Cirey, with the illustrious rique, Caeng marchioness du Chatelet, who profited highly by his instruc-"

1783. tions. He afterwards became professor of philosophy and natural law at Franeker; when he went to the Hague as librarian to the Stadtholder and to the princess of Orange. The academy of Berlin enrolled him amongst her members, and afterwards expelled him on an occasion well known to the learned world, and which we have related in another Art. MAU: . place. All Europe was interested in the quarrel which this PERTUIS., occasioned between Koenig and Maupertuis. Koenig appealed to the public; and his “ Appeal," written with the animation of resentment, procured him many friends. He was author of some other works; and died in 1757, with the character of being one of the best mathematicians of the age. Voltaire, in a letter to Helvetius, says, “ Koenig " n'a de l'imagination en aucun fens, mais il est ce qu'on " appelle grand metaphysicien. Il est très-bon géomètre, 45 &, ce qui vaut mieux, très-bon garçon.”

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LEATH, Thomas | Herbert, Edward
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