Décisions de la cour d'appel: Queen's Bench reports, Quebec. [1878-1886], Volume 3

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Page 48 - The Administration of Justice in the Province, including the Constitution, Maintenance, and Organization of Provincial Courts, both of Civil and of Criminal Jurisdiction, and including Procedure in Civil Matters in those Courts.
Page 41 - ... provinces with the advice or with the advice and consent of the respective Executive Councils thereof or in conjunction with those councils or with any number of members thereof or by those governors or lieutenant governors individually shall as far as the same continue in existence and capable of being exercised after the Union...
Page 42 - All duties and revenues over which the respective legislatures of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick before and at the union had and have power of appropriation, except such portions thereof as are by this act reserved to the respective legislatures of the provinces, or are raised by them in accordance with the special powers conferred on them by this act, shall form one consolidated revenue fund...
Page 47 - It becomes obvious, as soon as an attempt is made to construe the general terms in which the classes of subjects in Sections 91 and 92 are described, that both sections and the other parts of the Act must be looked at to ascertain whether language of a general nature must not by necessary implication or reasonable intendment be modified and limited.
Page 34 - Act, shall form one Consolidated Revenue Fund, to be appropriated for the public service of Canada in the manner and subject to the charges in this Act provided.
Page 36 - Now, here again we find words used which have either a technical meaning, or a general, or. as it is sometimes called, a popular meaning. One or other meaning the words must have; and in trying to find out their meaning we must have recourse to the usual sources of information, whether regarded as technical words, words of art, or words used in popular language.
Page 339 - Nul ne peut être contraint de céder sa propriété, si ce n'est • pour cause d'utilité publique, et moyennant une juste et préalable indemnité.
Page 84 - If a thing lost or stolen be bought in good faith in a fair or market, or at a public sale, or from a trader dealing in similar articles, the owner cannot reclaim it, without reimbursing to the purchaser the price he has paid for it.— CN 2280 ; CC 2_!68.
Page 45 - Shop, saloon, tavern, auctioneer, and other licenses in order to the raising of a revenue for Provincial, local or municipal purposes.
Page 41 - All Powers, Authorities, and Functions which under any Act of the Parliament of Great Britain, or of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, or of the Legislature of Upper Canada, Lower Canada, or Canada, were or are before or at the Union vested in or...