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14. Proyning= pruning 18. A knap. A hillock or mound,

connected with knob 19. Momus.

“In one of Æsop's fables Minerva makes a house, and Momus says it should have been on wheels to get away from bad neighbours"

(Ellis) 1. 4. mixture, Understand

"want of' (mixture) 1. 7. having the commodity. So

it is printed uniformly in the earlier editions ; but probably for “the,” we should read

"no" 23. copie, i.e. copia, or abundant flow 28. spials. The

same word espials (used by Bishop Hall on p. 142 of this vol.), and

equivalent to spies 33. jargons. Used of any code of

terms arranged for a special

purpose 37. kenning=a distance from which

objects could be recognised

bastons=staves 38. pistolets (dimin. from pistole)

A small Spanish coin 47. Multitudo ubi religione, etc.

"When the multitude is pos-
sessed by superstition it
obeys its prophets better than

its rulers
ut quam minimo, etc.

order that the change may be

brought about in the republic

with as little noise as possible. 61. fairded= painted Rien contrefait fin nothing

that is counterfeit is fine
mignard=delicate, dainty

jowking=bowing 62. fra it be given=after the time

that it has been given engine=genius (ingenium). Nonumque premantur in annum

and let them be suppressed until the ninth year " quia nescit vox missa reverti =

“because a word once uttered

cannot be recalled 63. balladines= ballad-singers

danton=tame (dompter) Μακεδονία ου σε χωρεί = Mace

donia cannot contain thee 72. delated of heresy=charged with

heresy 80. fastidious wearisome (with

nothing of the modern sense "apt to feel weariness

disgust"). 98. Habent venenum, etc. "They

hold poison as their sustenance

-nay, even as a delicacy" 100. digladiations=combats with the

sword, quarrels 114.

ketches=snatches of song 119. honos alit artes=honour fosters






119. naturæ bellum inferre=to wage 126. Salarium non dat, etc. = the pay war against nature

(the allowance of salt allowed nunquam libertas, etc. = liberty

to the legionary) supplies few is never so pleasing as under

with salt a good king

principes non sunt, etc. = they 120. penes episcopos = in the hands of

are not princes, whose sterling bishops

worth makes them deserve suam quisque, etc. = each man is

princeship bound to plead his own cause 127. multi reges, ut pupilli, etc. = 121. unius ætatis sunt, etc. =brave

many kings, like pupils, on deeds belong to one age, but

account of their ignorance do what is written for the com

not rule, but are ruled monweal is immortal

Accipe, qua ratione, etc. = learn omne sub regno, etc. = every

by what means you can bekingdom is subject to some

come rich stronger kingdom

Q misera virtus ! etc. =O 122. quis enim virtutem, etc. = for

wretched virtue! Thou wast, who is ready to embrace even

then, nothing but words ! Yet virtue, if you take away its

I cultivated thee as something rewards

real, while thou wast but the Hostem qui feriet, etc. = he who

slave of fortune shall strike the foe, is for me 12). Nunc juvat tandem, etc. = At a Carthaginian

last it is of use to be zealous, otio superstitioso seclusi = shut

and serve God with all one's apart in a superstitious sloth

heart 123. Nullum solum, etc. = To the κατ' εξοχή =in its highest form

miserable man no soil is more 131. invicem angariare=demand the pleasing than solitude, where

utmost of one another. Anthere is none to cast up to him

gariare is properly to exact his misery

the full service of a villein ; shooing-horn=a horn such as is

hence to be grasping. The employed to herd cattle

Vulgate uses the word in St. Blanda quidem, etc. = pleasant

Matthew, V. 41, where our are they in their very concep

version has “compel" tion

Eris Dea = the goddess of 124. subrusticus pudor = a country.

strife bred shame

Omnia de lite =all things hang hæret lateri letalis arundo=the

upon a law-suit deadly arrow sticks in his side Quocunque modo rem=in what125. mens ejus aut languescit, etc. =

ever way (acquire) wealth his mind is either languid or 137. premetial, i.e. as sample of the inflated

harvest 126. indignissimus plerumque præ- 140. occasioner=occasion fertur, etc. = the most

141. Reconciler. This was the name worthy is usually preferred, a

of one of the Bishop's works Vatinius to a Cato, a mean 142. espials. Used by Bacon in the man to an honourable :

form spials (see p. 28 of this

vol.) Slaves are masters : asses wear The trappings of horses : and horses go un

148. porrigere manus adjutrices decked,

stretch out helping hands





aim of envy

153. Nullum magnum igenium, etc. 273. men's trysting. Here seems = No great genius is free from

equivalent to “trust" a mixture of madness

"safe · keeping,” although Est olitor, etc. = Even a market

usually it means a pledged gardener may often speak in

meeting season

290. Christus Adjutor Meus, etc. 155. μέγα βιβλίον μέγα κακόν =a

“ Christ my aid ;" Leaving great book is a great evil

this, I seek an eternal abode;' 160. the greater Scotland Scotia

“ Here we journey more safely major, or Ireland

in a middle course 170. Optimus est in discendo, etc. = 295. polacra (or polacca) and sattia, the best at learning is the

names for vessels used in the patron who takes not every

Mediterranean thing on trust

299. Prætulerim delirus, etc. = I 173. Utrum angeli in vicem, etc. =

would rather seem mad and whether the angels engage in

helpless (so long as my ills conversation

afford me pleasure, or at least brewess, or brewis = broth

are unknown to me) than be 187. that opinionum varietas, et opin

wise and at the same time the antium unitas, are ágúotata =that difference of opinions, 307. bravashing=swaggering, domiand concord amongst those

neering who hold the opinions, are in Teatinos, the Theatines, a monk. compatible

ish order founded a few years 206. Hermogenes, a Greek writer on

earlier than the Jesuits
rhetoric, in the age of Marcus granads=shot

311. exterminion, for extermination ; 229. Offensis Ruffinum divide terris =

from exterminium, like doDivide Ruffinus amongst all

minion from dominium the lands he has offended

intim = close, heartfelt 231. Nihil rerum mortalium, etc. = 312. nixuriencie=earnestness amongst all human things 321. Ego vero contra, etc.

I, on the none is so unstable and fluctu

contrary, against the opinion ating, as the reputation of

of the older authors, would influence that does not rest

maintain that griffins are to upon its own power

be found neither in that 239. the pastry=the room in which

northern region nor in any pastry was made

other quarter of the globe 243. wines concustable, so in the old 322. a better Edipus=a better solver editions. But it is doubtless

of riddles error for congustable

323. bezo las

manos = wines fit to be tasted with

hands 252. the fire of Taberah. See Num 324. helix=a spiral coil

325. hypostasis = essential substance 263. Ea quæ manifeste posita sunt, 328. oneirocritical = skilled in the etc. = those things which are

phenomena of dreams plainly set forth in Holy Scrip Sic ego, etc. =so would I choose, tures, contain all things that

when turned to bones, to be pertain to faith and the con

laid to rest duct of life

329. Alcmena's nights, which were


I kiss my

bers xi. 3



cup of





fell upon

made tedious by her protracted

face familiar to all the world travail

could not be unknown 330. atropos=destroying fate

386. collen weight =Cologne weight 333. tycho. From the Greek Túxwv, poculum stanneum=a a god ; either (from túxn) the

tin god of chance, or (from Teúxw) | 402. Turpe mori, etc. =“A poor thing maker or generator

it were not to be able to die (Liddell and Scott)

after thee, for very grief" meticulously = with attention to 406. in republica Platonis, non in face minute trifles

Romuli=in Plato's ideal re335. Belisarius at beggar's bush.

public, and not in the dregs According to the

of actual life tradition, Belisarius, after be


in tanto viro, etc. = In such a ing blinded, begged his daily

man, would be but to insult bread at the gates of the con

his virtues vent of Laurus

409. et in luctu, etc. = And in his Bajazet in the grate. The Sultan

grief, he counted war as one Bajazet, in the fourteenth cen

possible remedy tury, was said to have been

425. O fortunati nimium, etc. =O carried about by his con

generation, exceeding happy, queror, Timur, in


if only they knew their own cage

mercies 336. apogeum. The point at which 427. Mea ætas incidit, etc.

My life heavenly bodies are most dis

a war, one part tant from the earth

of which brought an excess of 349. culverkeyes. The flowers called

wickedness, the other part a columbines

dearth of happiness 361. sneaped =snubbed. Cf. “sneap-471. rebec. A sort of guitar

ing winds" in Winter s Tale ballatry. A jig or song 366. alta mente repostum= buried in Monte Mayors. Referring to G. the depths of their mind

de Montemayor's Arcadian 377. Templa Deo, etc. =

romance of Diana Enamorada churches to God, monks to the

(Valencia, 1542) churches, lands to the monks 473. Enchiridion=a handbook Templa adimit, etc. = He robs 474. he whom an honest quæstorship the gods of their churches, the

=Cicero citizens of their markets, the 475. Syntagma=scheme of doctrine

husbandmen of their fields 476. pismires=ants 379. glorre=grease or fat

511. chitted=sprouted 384. tameth.

This is perhaps equi nebulones means worthless valent to teameth= carries

fellows." But it would seem home by teams ; or perhaps to

as if Harrington had in his teemeth in the old meaning of

mind nebulæ (clouds), with its pouring forth'

derivative nebulosus staddles=trees reserved at the nine - holes trow - madam. felling of woods, for the growth

Games of different kinds of timber

512. bossolo di non sinceri=the box 385. balk=a ridge of land left un

of insincere men ploughed

grotto di cane. The grotto near 386. Facies orbi terrarum, etc. = a

Pozzuolo, the effect of the

=He gave


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