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Letter describing a Fire.

Address to a Popular Assembly on Universal Education.

Speech in Favor of a more reasonable Observance of the Sabbath.

Lecture on the Art of Printing.

Anniversary Address on the 4th of July.
Oration on Washington, for February 22d.
Oration on Christianity in America.
An Anecdote.

Journal of a Week's Residence at Home.
Journal of a Week's Travel.

Description of a Presidential Inauguration.
A Review of "The Pilgrim's Progress."

A Book Notice of a new Edition of "Robinson Crusoe."

Utility of such a Book as "The Arabian Nights' Entertainments."

Letter to the N. Y. Day Star (a newspaper) describing a Revolution in Mexico.

Letter from one of a Party saved from Shipwreck.
Communication to a Paper describing a great Flood.
Description of an Accident on a Railway.
Dialogue between a Republican and a Monarchist.
Dialogue between a Farmer and a Lawyer.
North and South America compared.

An Allegory: The European Sisters (Nations). An Allegory: Contest between the Virtues and the Vices.

Contrast between Ancient Greece and Modern China.


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Impulse and Principle. New England and Old England. Effects of the Discovery of America. Proceedings of a Public Meeting called to consider the propriety of building a new School-house.

Report of a Committee appointed to draft Resolutions at a Meeting held to prevent Intemperance.

A Petition addressed to the Legislature of this State for the enactment of a Law the more effectually to prevent Gambling.

Report of a Committee appointed to visit the Schools of this State, and to examine their Condition, and suggest what Improvements are needed.

Reform Schools: their Character and Usefulness.
The Magnetic Needle and the Bible.
The Telescope and the Microscope.
The Slavery of Evil Habits.
Prospects of the English Language.
The Chinese in America.

The Effects of Music and Painting compared.
Socrates and Franklin compared..
Importance of Agricultural Colleges.

A Poem: America in the 19th Century.

A Poem: The Last Red Man.

A Poem: The Submarine Telegraph.

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