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The children of Samuel and Elizabeth Eddy were :

John, born Dec. 25, 1637; died May 27, 1715.
ZACHARIAH, born 1639; died Sept. 4, 1717.
CALEB, born 1643; died Mar. 23, 1713.
OBADIAH, born June 23, 1645; died 1722.
Hannah, born June, 1647; died young.

Zachariah Eddy, born 1639, died 1717, married Alice Paddock, May 7, 1663. She was born Mar. 7, 1640, and died Sept. 24, 1692. He resided in Plymouth, Middleboro, and Swansea.

The children of Zachariah and Alice (Paddock) Eddy were :

ZACHARIAH, born Apr. 10, 1664; died 1737.
JOHN, born Oct. 10, 1666.
ELIZABETH, born Aug. 3, 1670.
SAMUEL, born June 4, 1673.
EBENEZER, born Feb. 5, 1675.
CALEB, born Sept. 21, 1678.
Joshua, born 1680.
OBADIAH, born 1683.
ALICE, born 1684.

Zachariah, son of Zachariah and Alice Eddy, was born Apr. 10, 1664, and died in 1737. He married Mary Baker, Feb. 13, 1683. She was of Swansea, and they moved to Providence, R. I.

The children of Zachariah and Mary (Baker) Eddy were :

ALICE, born Nov. 28, 1684; died Sept. 24, 1692.
ELEAZER, born May 16, 1686.
JEMIMA, born Aug. 5, 1688.
ZACHARIAH. born Sept. 13, 1691.
ALICE, born Jan, 5, 1694.

Zachariah, son of Zachariah and Mary Eddy, was born Sept. 13, 1691. He married Eunice

Their children were :

WILLIAM, born July 26, 1751; died Sept. 4, 1835.

William Eddy, son of Zachariah and Eunice Eddy, was born July 26, 1751, in Providence, R. I., and died Sept. 4, 1835. He married Nov. 11, 1771, Hulda Ide. She was born June 11, 1754, in Rhehobeth, Mass., and died Aug. 12, 1788. His second wife was Berthia Hayes. She was born Oct. 1, 1751, and their marriage took place May 12, 1789. She died Sept. 30, 1837.

The children of William and Hulda Eddy were :

WILLIAM, born Mar. 24, 1773; died July 22, 1805.
HULDA, born Jan. 15, 1778; died Oct, 11, 1828.
John S., born Apr. 2, 1780; died July 29, 1866.
EZRA, born July, 1785; died July 4, 1836.

The children of William and Berthia (Hayes) Eddy

were :

Josian, born May 3, 1790; died Aug. 5, 1820.
MARGARET SNOW, born Nov. 12, 1794; died May 6, 1871.

Margaret Snow Eddy, daughter of William and Berthia (Hayes) Eddy, was born in Providence, R. I., Nov. 12, 1794, and died May 6, 1871, in New Haven, Conn. She married John Ferguson of Duns, Scotland. He was born Dec. 9, 1788, and died Nov. 11, 1858, in Whately, Mass.

This poem was given to me by a fellow apprentice on the 22d of March, 1806, about the time of my departure from my native country to America, to which country I expect never to return.


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Duns, Berwickshire, Scotland.
Dear Sir, this is a kind momento

Written by a brither Scott,
Which he has composed and sent you

That he near may be forgot.

A lang farewell unto you, Johnnie,
My ain true-hearted usefu Cronnie,
Still may your way be straight and bonnie

An always free.
An my Gude blessing light upon ye

Though o'er the sea.

Lang hae we been twa comrades dear,
But now maun part for lang I fear
Which makes true friendship's panting tear

Start to mine eye,
While yo in midst of life's carrier

Maun o're the sea.

Weel, since ye will nae langer stay,
What wade ye have me mair to say
Than wish you weel when far away.

And may you thrive
In Saul and Body every day

While ye're alive.

An when yo cross the raging Ocean,
I will you mind in my Devotion,
And plead your cause wi' great emotion

'Till yo arrive
Like Israel in the land of Goshen,

Like them to thrive,

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