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Hughes, Robert T., Transferee.

Hughes & Co...

Hulburd, Charles H., Estate.--

Hulburd, DeForest --

Hulburd, DeForest, et al., Executors and Trustees -

Hulton, James, Sr.-

Humbert, Ruth R., Transferee

Hume, Frederic W

Humes, James L., Transferee.

Humphrys, Ethel' Tod..

Hunter, J. A., Estate..

Hunter, Mary P., Transferee.

Hunter, Octavia..

Hunter, s. D..

Hunter, S. D., Transferee.

Hunter, Mrs. S. D.

Hunter, Mrs. S. S.

Hunter, W.J..

Hunter, W. J., Transferee.

Hunter, Mrs. W. J.

Hunter Estate, Inc.--

Hunter Land & Investment Co., Transferee.

Huntington Beach Co...

Hurley Machine Co.---

Hursey Transportation Co.-

Huszagh, Henrietta ---

Huszagh, Rudolph D., Estate.

Hutchings, Emma Burt.

Hutchinson, Clyde E., Estate..

Hutchinson, Oscar S., Transferee..

Hutmacher Braiding Co..

Hutton, James M..

Hutton, James M., Executor.

Hutton, W. D..

Hutzler, Estelle S., Executrix.

Hyde, Louis K..

Hyer, Fred C...

Hygrade Eagle Corrugated Paper Products Corporation.

I. Jaffe & Co.--

I. B. Kleinert Rubber Co.

Ickelheimer, Henry R..

Ico Corporation...

Ide, George P., Estate.

Ideal Shoe Manufacturing Co.

Igleheart, John L..

Igleheart, Leslie T..

Illinois Addressograph Manufacturing Co.

Illinois Water Service Co..

Illinois Zinc Co..

Imperial Machine Co..

Income Leasehold Co.

Independent Ice & Coal Co..

Indiana Quarries Co. et al.,

Indianapolis Tool & Manufacturing Co.

Industrial Cotton Mills Co.--.

Industrial Fuel Supply Co.

Ingersoll-Rand Co-

Ingersoll-Rand Co. of California.

Ingersoll-Rand Co. of Colorado.

Ingersoll-Rand Co. of Illinois.

Ingersoll-Rand Co. of New England.

Ingersoll-Rand Co. of Texas

Ingersoll-Rand Drill Co.

Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Co..

Ingham, Clark L...

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Ingham-Hutchison Lumber Co.
Ingram, John...
Ingwersen, T. B.
Ink, H. H., Estate.
Inland Steel Co...
Insley, Lee W
Inter-Mountain Life Insurance Co..
International Metal Stamping Co..
International Paper Co., Transferee-
Interstate Fuel & Light Co...
Interstate Railways Co.---
Interstate Theatres Corporation.
Investment Trust of Mutual Investment Co.
Ira L. Beebe & Co.--
Irby, William Ratcliffe, Estate.
Ironton Portland Cement Co..
Irvin, Mamie S..
Irvin, W. H.
Irving Trust Co., Executor.
Irving Trust Co. et al., Executors.-
Irving Trust Co. of the City of New York, Executor.
Irving Trust Co., Trustee.
Irvington Vailsburg Motor Corporation.
Italo Oil Co.
Iten Biscuit Co...
Ithaca Theatre Co.--
Iver Johnson's Arms & Cycle Works.
J. Chaumet, Inc...
J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation
J. & A. Baker Co...
J. A. Folger & Co.
J. C. Turner Lumber Co..
J. D. Wilson & Sons, Inc.
J. H. Phipps Lumber Co.
J. M. Card Lumber Co...
J. M. Hutton, Jr.--
J. S. Collins & Son, Inc.
J. T. Fargason & Son, Inc.-
J. U. Addenbrook's Sons, Inc..
J. W. Butler Paper Co.
J. W. McWilliams Co..
J. W. Murray Manufacturing Co.
J. H. M. Construction Co.--..
Jackovics, Joseph A.--
Jacob Branfman & Son, Inc.
Jacob Dold Packing Co..
Jacobs, Ethel M..
Jacobs, Ine.
Jacobson, Herman.
Jaffe, Isadore...
Jaffe & Co.
Jaffray, C. H. S., Executor.
Jaffray, Lydia B..
Jamaica Bay Gardens, Inc.
Jamaica Gas Light Co..
James, Lee Warren..
James S. Simpson, Jr., Trust-
James G. Pierce Corporation.
James Peterson Construction Co..
Janin, Violet Blair, et al., Trustees -
Janis, Elsie.
Janssen Securities Co..
Jarecki Manufacturing Co..
Jaretzki, Alfred, Jr.-
Jarvis, Claude S., Estate.

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