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sale of the proper goods of the said party, or of the officer of the said so: No. VIII. ciety, so neglecting or refusing as aforesaid, by other legal proceedings: 10 Geo: IV. together with such further costs and charges as aforesaid, returning the

e. 56. overplus (if any) to the owner: Provided always, that whatever sums stall be paid by any such officer, so levied on his or her property of goods in pursuance of the award of arbitrators or order of any justices, shall be res paid, with all damages aceruing to him or her, by and out of the monies belonging to such society, or out of the first monies which shall be thereafter received by such society.

XXVIII. And be it further enacted, That if by the rules of any such Reference of society it is directed that any matter in dispute as aforesaid shall be Disputes to decided by justices of the peace, it shall and may be lawful for any such Justices, if 80 justice, on complaint being made to him of any refusal or neglect to como directed by the ply with the rules of such society by any member or officer thereof, to Rules of the summon the person against whom such complaint shall be made to ap

Society. pear at the time and place to be named in such summons; and upon his or her appearance, or in default thereof, upon due proof, on oath or affirmation, of the service of such summons, it shall and may be lawful for any two justices to proceed to hear and determine the said complaint according to the rules of the said society; and in case the said justices shall adjudge any sum of money to be paid by such person against whom such complaint shall be made, and such person shall not pay such sum of money to the person and at the time specified by such justices, they shall proceed to enforce their award in the manner herein-before directed to be used in case of any neglect to comply with the decision of the arbitrator's appointed under the authority of this Act.

XXIX. And be it further enacted, That every sentence order and ad- Orders of Jusjudication of any justices under this Act shall be final and conclusive to tices to be final. all intents and purposes, and shall not be subject to appeal, and shall not be removed or removable into any court of law, or restrained or restrainable by the injunction of any court of equity, and that no suspension ads vocation or reduction shall be competent.

XXX. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for any society Funds may be established under the authority of this Act from time to time to subscribe subscribed into the whole or any part of the funds of such society into the funds of any Savings Bank; institution which shall have taken the benefit of an Act passed in the last session of Parliament, intituled An Act to consolidate and amend the Laws 9 G. 4. c. 92. relating to Suvings Banks, subject to the provisions in the said last-recited Act contained relating to friendly societies.

XXXI. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for any society or into the established under authority of this Act to pay directly into the Bank of Bank of EngEngland any sum of money not being less than fifty pounds, to the ac- land, on Recount of the commissioners for the reduction of the national debt, upon ceipts. the declaration of the treasurers or trustees of such society, or any two or more of them, that such monies belong exclusively to the society for which such payment is intended to be made ; and the cashier or cashiers of the Bank of England are hereby required to receive all such monies, and to place the sanie to the account raised in the names of the said commissioners for the time being in the books of the Bank of England, denominated “ The Fund for the Friendly Societies ;" and in case any such declaration shall not be true, then and in every such case the sum so paid shall be forfeited to the said commissioners; and all the clauses and provisions of an Act passed in the ninth year of his present Majesty's reign, intituled An Act to consolidate and umend the Laws relating to Savings Bunks, with respect to the accounts of banks for savings, and the regulation of receipts certificates or order concerning the same, shall be applicable to the monies so paid into the Bank of England under the authority of this Act, as if the same had been repeated herein: Provided neverthe Societies in. less, that every society formed and inrolled previous to the twenty-eighth rolled under day of July one thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight, under the pro- 59 G.3. c. 128, visions of an Act made and passed in the said fifty-ninth year of his late prior to 28 Majesty's reign, intituled An Act for the further Protection

and Encourage. July 1828, en

titled to 3d.per ment of Friendly Societies, and för preventing Frauds and Abuses therein,

Cent.per Diem.


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C. 56.


No. VIII. shall, on paying money directly into the Bank of England as aforesaid, be
10 Geo. IV. entitled to receive receipts bearing interest at the rate of three-pence per

centum per diem, any thing in this Act contained to the contrary thereof
notwithstanding: Provided also, that no friendly society which already
has invested or may hereafier invest any money with the said commis-
sioners shall be entitled to re-deposit any sum or sums of money with
them, without the consent of the said commissioners, or on their behalf
by the comptroller-general or assistant comptroller-general under the said

Minors may be XXXII. And be it further enacted, That a minor may become a
Members, and

member of any such society, and shall be empowered to execute all have legal Au. instruments, give all necessary acquittances, and enjoy all the privileges thority to Act. and be liable to all the responsibilities appertaining to members of

matured age, notwithstanding his or her incapacity or disability in law to
act for himself or herself: Provided always, that such minor be admitted
into such society by and with the consent of his or her parents masters or

Societies shall XXXIII. And be it further enacted, that the rules of every such
make annual society shall provide that the treasurers, trustees, stewards, or other prin-
Audits and

cipal officer thereof shall, once in every year at least, prepare or cause to Statements of

be prepared a general statement of the funds and effects of or belonging
the Funds to
the Members.

to such society, specifying in whose custody or possession the said funds
or effects shall be then remaining, together with an account of all and
every the various sums of money received and expended by or on account
of the said society since the publication of the preceding periodical state-
ment; and every such periodical statement shall be aitested by two or
more members of such society appointed auditors for that purpose, and
shall be countersigned by the secretary or clerk of such society; and every
member shall be entitled to receive from the said society a copy of such
periodical statement, on payment of such sum as the rules of such society

may require, not exceeding the sum of sixpence.
Returns to be XXXIV. And whereas it is desirable, for the better security of such
made to the societies, that correct calculations of tables of payment and allowances,
Clerks of the dependent on the duration of sickness and the probabilities of human life,
Peace at certain may be constructed for their assistance: And whereas the present existing
Periods. data on these subjects have been found imperfect and inefficient; be it

therefore further enacted, that every such society established or to be
established under the authority of this Act shall, within three months
after the expiration of the month of December one thousand eight hundred
and thirty-five, and so again within three months after the expiration of
every further period of five years, transmit to the clerk of the peace for
the county wherein such society is held a return of the rate of sickness
and mortality experienced by the said society within the before-mentioned
period of five years, according to the form prescribed in the schedule ap-
pended to this Act, a copy whereof shall be annexed to the rules of each

society respectively.
Returns to be XXXV. 'And be it further enacted, That the said clerks of the peace
transmitted to shall, within one month after the expiration of the month of March one
Secretary of

thousand eight hundred and thirty-six, and so again within one month Jiate, and laid

after the expiration of every further period of five years, transmit to one before Parlia.

of his Majesty's principal secretaries of state a list of the societies which
have been inrolled during such period under this Act, specifying their
names, the places where they have been established, and 'date of inrol-
ment, and a time of ceasing to exist, if such case should arise, and also
a copy of the returns of sickness and mortality herein-before directed to
be made to them according to the schedule (A.); a copy of which list,
with the schedule attached to it, shall be laid before both Houses of
Parliament within one month then next ensuing, if Parliament shall
be sitting, or within one month after the time when Parliament shall

next sit.
Penalty to So. XXXVI. And be it further enacted, That should any such society re-
cieties not mak- fuse or neglect to transmit or cause to be transmitted the aforesaid re-
ing Returns. turns of sickness and mortality in the manner and within the time herein.


c. 56.

before directed, the clerk of the peace within each county shall give im. No. VIII. mediate notice to such society, that unless the said return is made within

10 Geo. IV. days from the date of such notice, the said society will, and thereupon shall, cease to be entitled to the privileges of this Act, unless good and sufficient cause be shown to the justices at their then next ensuing general or quarter sessions why such returns could not be made.

XXXVII. And be it further enacted, That no copy of rules, power, Exemption warrant, or letter of attorney granted or to be grauted by any persons as from Stamp trustee of any society established under this Act, for the transfer of any

Duties, share in the public funds standing in the name of such trustee, nor any receipts given for any dividend in any public stock or fund or interest of exchequer bills, nor any receipt, nor any entry in any book of receipt, for money deposited in the funds of any such society, nor for any money received by any member, his or her executors or administrators, assigns or attornies, from the funds of such society, nor any bond nor other security to be given to or on account of any such society, or by the treasurer or trustee or any officer thereof, nor any draft or order, nor any form of assurance, nor any appointment of any agent, nor any certificate or other instrument for the revocation of any such appointment, nor any other instrument or document whatever required or authorized to be given, issued, signed, made, or produced in pursuance of this Act, shall be subject or liable to or charged with any stamp duty or duties whatsoever.

XXXVIII. And be it further enacted, That the word “ society” in Construction of this Act shall be understood to include friendly society or societies, insti. Act. tution or institutions; the word "rules” to include rules orders and regulations; the word “ county” to include county, riding, division, or place; and the words “ treasurer or trustee” to include treasurers or trustees; and the word "person to include


and the word “ book" to include books; and the word “bond" to include bonds “name" to include names; “ account” to include accounts; " member to include members and honorary members; “ clerk of the peace" to include town clerk; unless it be otherwise specially provided.

XXXIX. And be it further enacted, That this Act shall extend to all Act to extend to friendly societies hereafter to be established, and also to societies al. all present and ready established, as soon as they shall think fit to conform to the provi- future Sociesions thereof.

ties. XL. "And be it further enacted, That provided societies already inrolled Societies al. shall not conform to the provisions of this Act within the space of three ready inrolled years from the passing of this Act, the said societies shall then cease to to conform to be entitled to the privileges and provisions of any or either of the herein- this Act within before repealed Acts : Provided nevertheless, that the provisions of the Three Years. herein-before repealed Acts shall continue in force as to all societies esta. blished under any or either of them before the passing of this Act for the said space of three years, or until they shall sooner conform to the provisions of this Act.

XLI. And be it further enacted, That this Act shall be deemed a pub. Public Act. lic Act, and shall extend to Great Britain and Ireland and Berwick-uponTweed, and be judicially taken notice of as such by all judges justices and other persons whatsoever, without the same being specially shown or pleaded.

c. 56. 10 Geo. IV. No. VIII.


of the MEMBERS of the

Society held at

, established on the ie Sickness and Mortality experienoed therein for the period of Five Years, commencing January First, 18

; with a Return of , and ending December 31st, 18

[blocks in formation]

, pay to

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10 Geo. IV. WE, the major part of the arbitrators duly appointed by the

c. 56. society established at

in the county of

do hereby award and order, That A. B. [specifying by name the party or the officer of the society] do, on the

day of C. D. ihe sum of

(or we do hereby reinstate in or expel A. B. from the said society (as the case may be). Dated this

day of one thousand eight hundred and

E. F.

G. H.
KNOW all men by these presents, That we, A. B, of
treasurer (or trustee, &c.] of the

society established at
in the county of

and C. D. of and G. H. of

(as sureties on behalf of the said A. B.), are jointly and severally held and firmly bound to E. F., the present clerk of the peace (or town clerk] for the county (or county of a city, or county of a town, riding, division, or place, as the case may be] of

in the sum of

to be paid to the said E. F. as such clerk of the peace, (or town clerk,] or his successor, clerk of the peace (or town clerk,] of the said county (or county of a city, &c.] for the time being, or his certain attorney; for which payment well and truly to be made we jointly and severally bind ourselves, and each of us by himself, our and each of our heirs executors and administrators, firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals. Dated the

in the year of our Lord

Whereas the above-bounden A. B. hath been duly appointed treasurer for trustee, &c.] of the

society established as aforesaid, and he, together with the above-bounden C. D. and G. H. as his surelies, have entered into the above-written bond, subject to the condition hereinafter contained; now, therefore, the condition of the above-written bond is such, that if the said A. B. shall and do justly and faithfully execute his office of treasurer (or trustee) of the said society established as aforesaid, and shall and do render a just and true account of all monies received and paid by him, and shall and do pay over all the monies remaining in his hands, and assign and transfer or deliver all securities and effects, books, papers, and property of or belonging to the said society in his hands or custody, to such person or persons as the said society shall appoint, according to the rules of the said society, together with the proper or legal receipts or vouchers for such payments, and likewise shall and do in all respects well and truly and faithfully perform and fulfil his office of treasurer (or trustee, &c.] to the said society, according to the rules thereof, then bove-written bond shall be void and of no effect, otherwise shall be and remain in full force and virtue,

day of

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