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for forging foreign coin, 7
for stolen

lead, iron, &c. 7
for goods stolen on board ship in Thames, 7
of inhabitants to constable to enter into recognizance to pro-

secute disorderly house, 8 SUMMONS, and RETURNS THERETO.

usual printed form of, at Bow-street, 9
at Union hall, 9
form by other magistrates, 9
another form, 10
another, where information not upon oath, 10

return of constable to summons, 10 WARRANTS TO APPREHEND.

common printed form at Bow-street, 11
at Union hall, 11
common form used in other counties, 12
for obtaining goods under false pretences, 11, 16
for burglary, 12
to apprehend a person for disturbing congregation, 13
to apprehend keeper of bawdy house, 13
for concealing felony, 14
for assault, 14
for affray, 14
for stealing goods, 15
for horse-stealing, 15
for burglary and stealing horse, 15
for obtaining goods, &c. by false token, 15
for obtaining money under false pretences, 11, 16
against accessary after fact for harbouring principal, 16
against accessary after fact for receiving stolen goods, 16
for arson, 17
for breaking the peace, 17
judge's warrant for obstructing revenue officers, 18
warrant of a commissioner under admiralty commission for
for assault on high seas, 19

(murder on sea, 18 secretary of state's warrant, 19 BACKING WARRANTE.

form of backing a warrant by justice in the country, 20

another form, in London, 20 SEARCH WARRANTS,

for stolen goods, at Bow street and Union hall offices, 20
another form by country magistrates, 21
form at Shadwell office, for larceny from ship in Thames, 22
to search for instruments for coining, and to seize offender,
to search for counterfeited foreign coin, 23
against coiner in another form, 23
for stolen lead, &c. 24
for stolen wood, 24
for venison and engines for taking deer, 25
general privy search warrant from Bow-street, 25
other forms at Union hall, Surrey, 26
return thereto, 27
other forms, 27, 28




bound for his wife, 45

to prosecute and give evidence for manslaughter, 45

taken by coroner, to prosecute and give evidence on trial of

coroner's inquest, 46



to give evidence at assizes on indictment for felony, 47
other forms at sessions, 48
prosecutor's recognizance to pay extra costs, where trial to

be in adjoining county, 46, 7

taken by two justices to give evidence at assizes, 49 COMMITMENTS OF WITNESSES, &c. TO GIVE EVIDENCE.

commitment of witness to give evidence for want of sureties,
another form, 50
commitment of a party concerned in highway robbery for fur-

ther examination, he having confessed and been admitted the like in another form, 51

[king's evidence, 50 the like witness not finding sureties to give evidence, 51 the like in another forin, 51 commitment of accessary after fact to give evidence, 52

of an accomplice to give evidence, 52 RECOGNIZANCES OF DEFENDANT TO APPEAR, &c. to appear

at Clerkenwell sessions, 52 another form at sessions, 52 another form before two justices on charge of felony, 53 where the defendant is in prison, or an infant, or a feme coto answer for high treason out of the realm, 54

[vert, 54 when two are bound for the appearance of two, 54 for manslaughter, 55 record of discharge of recognizance where defendant has ap

peared but prosecutor has not, 55 petition for discharge of recognizance which remains in force affidavit in support of same, 56 [through neglect, 56

affidavit of poverty to discharge estreat of recognizance, 56 COMMITMENTS OF DEFENDANTS. General forms of commitment, 57 usual form at Bow-street, to Newgate, New Prison, Clerken

well, or Coldbath fields, 57 form by justice of peace for Westminster, 58 by two justices, 58 for sending a challenge, 58 for want of sureties, 58 at Union Hall, 59 form used by other magistrates in country, 59 another form, 60 the like for a burglary, 60 for bigamy committed in one county when defendant was apon suspicion of felony, 61 (prehended in another, 61 another form to gaoler only, 62 another form in the king's name to the gaoler only, 62 the like where defendant confessed the offence, 63 for want of sureties on toleration act, 63 for an assault and for want of sureties, 64 of a person apprehended by the watch, 64 general form to the house of correction, 65 of a rogue and vagabond to house of correction, 65 by a justice for insulting him, 66, 81 commitment to Newgate by Secretary of State for high treason

committed in the colonies, 66 the like to the Tower for libel, 66


commitment by way of detainer for another offence, 67

another form, 67

For offences against religion, morality, and decency.

for disturbing congregation in parish church, 67

for disturbing congregation in episcopal chapel, 68

for disturbing dissenters, 68

for keeping disorderly houses, 68

for keeping a bawdy house, 68

for digging up and taking away a dead body, 68

for unnatural crimes and practices inciting thereto, several

for singing obscene songs, 69

[forms, 68, 69

For offences against the king and government,

on suspicion of high treason, 70

for high treason in America, 70

the like for high treason abroad, 70

the like in his majesty's colonies, 70

for a seditious libel, 70

for seditious words spoken of the king, several forms, 70

for uttering seditious words against the royal family, 71

the like, not stating the words, 71

for seditious words respecting the Irish rebellion, 71

for taking unlawful oaths on statute, 71

for taking and framing unlawful oaths at common law, 71

for assisting at the administering of an unlawful oath, 72

for publishing a seditious book, 72

for being a deserter, 72

for going to France during war without his majesty's li-

cense, 72

for assisting prisoners of war to escape by conveying them

the like on another occasion, 73 [across the country, 72

for aiding the escape of prisoners on their parole of honour, 73

for assisting prisoners of war to escape generally out of the

realm, 73

For offences against coin.

for treason in coining shillings, 73

for treason in colouring base money like shillings, 73

for coining copper halfpence, 73

for treason in having tools for coining in custody, 73

for having in possession a cutting engine for making shil-

lings, 74

for feloniously putting off counterfeit money at a lower rate

than its nominal value, two forms, 74

for counterfeiting Frederick d'ors, 74

for making counterfeit foreign coin, 74

for misprision of treason in making quarter moidores, 74

for a misdemeanour in uttering a counterfeit shilling, 75

two similar forms, 75

for uttering counterfeit money having other of the same in

possession, 75

for uttering counterfeit shillings, being prisoner's third of-

fence, 75

for buying counterfeit copper money for less than its nominal

value, 76

for exchanging guineas for more than nominal value, 76

For offences against the revenue.

for assembling to aid in running uncustomed goods, 76
for molesting officers of excise in execution of duty, 76
for forcibly resisting custom-house officers, 76
for running tea into this kingdom, 77
for assault on a revenue officer in execution of office at com.

law, 77
for sailing into an enemy's port without license in order to

procure spirits, 77 for taking stamps off bills of exchange to transfer them to

others, 77 for getting stamps off writs to put them on others, 78 for transposing a stamp from one piece of plate to another, 78

for assisting in smuggling, 89 For offences against public justice.

for assault on constable in execution of office, 78
for striking watchman in execution of office, 78
for escaping from house of correction, 78
for breaking prison on commitment on charge of obtaining

goods by false pretences, 78
commitment of a rogue and vagabond for breaking prison,

whereby he became an incorrigible rogue, 79 for escaping from lighters where defendant was in execution

of sentence, 79 on suspicion of conveying instruments into prison to assist

prisoner's escape, 79 for conveying instruments into a prison to assist escape of

prisoner, 79 for rescuing a prisoner from custody of deputy keeper of the

house of correction and assaulting him, 80 for rescuing a felon, 80 another form, 80 for insulting a magistrate in the execution of his office, 81, 86 the like in another form, 81 for not fulfilling condition of a pardon, 81 for returning from transportation before the expiration of the for misdemeanour in concealing felony, 81

[term, 81 as an accessary after the fact for receiving felon, 82 For offences against public peace.

for riot and beginning to demolish a house, 82
for continuing riot after the riot act read, 82
for going armed in night, with offensive weapon, with intent

to assault, 82
for a tumultuous assembling with intent to make an assault, 82
for riotously assembling together and breaking windows, &c.
for riotously assembling and committing outrages, 83 [82
for an affray, 83

the like in another form, 83 For offences against public trade.

against bankrupt for concealing his effects, 83
against bankrupt for not surrendering to his commission, 83
the like in another form, 83
for seducing artificers to leave kingdom, 84
for exporting glazed paper used in woollen manufactory, 84
against artificers about to quit kingdom, 84



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