Sea Fighters from Drake to Farragut

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C. Scribner's sons, 1902 - Naval biography - 396 pages

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Page 329 - May the great God, whom I worship, grant to my country, and for the benefit of Europe in general, a great and glorious victory, and may no misconduct in any one tarnish it; and may humanity after victory be the predominant feature in the British fleet!
Page 274 - ... never rise in my profession. My mind was staggered with a view of the difficulties I had to surmount, and the little interest I possessed. I could discover no means of reaching the object of my ambition. After a long and gloomy reverie, in which I almost wished myself overboard, a sudden glow of patriotism was kindled within me, and presented my king and country as my patron. Well, then," I exclaimed, " I will be a hero ! and, confiding in Providence, I will brave every danger...
Page 370 - Hurrah for Jeff Davis!" About every third man there had a weapon out. Two officers of the United States navy were walking abreast, unguarded and alone, looking not to right or left, never frowning, never flinching, while the mob screamed in their ears, shook cocked pistols in their faces, cursed and crowded, and gnashed upon them. So through the gates of death those two men walked to the City Hall to demand the town's surrender. It was one of the...
Page 359 - I have now attained," said he, " what I have been looking for all my life — a flag — and having attained it, all that is necessary to complete the scene is a victory. If I die in the attempt, it will only be what every officer has to expect. He who dies in doing his duty to his country, and at peace with his God, has played out the drama of life to the best advantage.
Page 359 - As to being prepared for defeat, I certainly am not. Any man who is prepared for defeat would be half defeated before he commenced. I hope for success, shall do all in my power to secure it, and trust to God for the rest.
Page 20 - ... besought almighty God of his goodness to give him life and leave to sail once in an English ship in that sea.
Page 390 - I am going into Mobile Bay in the morning if " God is my leader," as I hope he is, DG FARRAGUT.
Page 371 - Mississippi," which was to be the terror of these seas, and no doubt would have been to a great extent ; but she soon came floating by us all in flames, and passed down the river. Another was sunk immediately in front of the custom-house ; others were building in Algiers, just begun.
Page 308 - August, 1798. Almighty God having blessed His Majesty's arms with victory, the Admiral intends returning Public Thanksgiving for the same at two o'clock this day; and he recommends every ship doing the same as soou as convenient. HORATIO NELSON.
Page 348 - No, doctor, none of that ; fair play's a jewel. One man's life is as dear as another's ; I would not cheat any poor fellow out of his turn.

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