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The War Cry, No. 38.-SEPT. 11, 1880


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THE following brief extracts from the testimonies of eminently holy and eminently useful servants of God are to the point:

Rev. John Fletcher.--"I will confess Him to all the world; and I declare unto you, in the presence of God, the holy Trinity, I am now-dead unto sin.' I do not say, 'I am crucified with Christ,' because some of our well-meaning brethren say, 'By this can only be meant a gradual dying;' but I profess unto you,

I am dead unto sin, and alive unto God. He is my Prophet, Priest, and King ; my indwelling holiness; my all in all."

Rev. William Bramwell.—“ The Lord, for whom I had waited, came suddenly to the temple of my heart, and I had an immediate evidence that this was the blessing I had been for some time seeking. My soul was all wonder, love, and praise. It is now about twenty-six years ago; I have walked in this liberty ever since. Glory be to God! I have been kept by his power. By faith I stand... I then declared to the people what God had done for my soul; and I have done so on every proper

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occasion since that time, believing it to be a duty incumbent upon me.

For God does not impart blessings to his children to be concealed in their own bosoms."

Rev. James B. Taylor.-"I am ready to testify to the world that the Lord has blessed my soul beyond my highest expectations. People may call this blessing by what name they please— Faith of Assurance,' Holiness,' Perfect Love,' Sanctification.' It makes no difference with me whether they give it a name or no name; it contains a blessed reality, and thanks to my Heavenly Father, it is my privilege to enjoy it : it is yours also, and the privilege of all, to enjoy the same, and to go beyond anything that I have ever yet experienced.

Some, I expect, are a little disaffected to think I profess the doctrine of Perfect Love. They do not understand, because they have not experienced it.”

William Carvosso. “Just at that moment a heavenly influence filled the room ; and no sooner had I uttered or spoken the words from my heart, 'I shall have the blessing now,' than refining fire went through my heart, illuminating my soul, scattered its life through every part, and sanctified the whole.' I then received the full witness of the Spirit THAT THE BLOOD OF JESUS HAD CLEANSED ME FROM ALL SIN.

I cried out, “This is what I wanted. I have now got a new heart.' I was emptied of self and sin, and filled with God." Dr. Adam Clark. — This great and good man

sought and obtained a clean heart in the twenty

second year of his life, and writes as follows to Mr. Wesley :-"I regarded nothing, not even life itself, in comparison of having my heart cleansed from all sin ; and began to seek it with full purpose of heart. Thus I continued looking for it, and frequently in great distress, till December, 1782, when I opened my mind to a local preacher, who, I had heard, was a partaker of this precious privilege; from him I received some encouragement and direction, and so set out afresh in quest of it, endeavouring, with all my strength, to believe in the ability and willingness of my God to accomplish the great work. Soon after this, while earnestly wrestling with the Lord in prayer, and endeavouring self-desperately to believe, I found the change wrought in my soul, which I endeavoured, through grace, to maintain amid the grievous temptations and accusations of the subtle foe.”

In after life Dr. Clarke said, “It has been no small mercy to me that, in the course of my religious life, I have met with many persons who professed that the blood of Christ lad saved them from all sin, and whose profession was maintained by an immaculate life."

Bishop Hamline. -He says, “All at once he felt as though a hand, not feeble, but omnipotent, not of wrath, but of love, were laid on his brow. He felt it not only outwardly, but inwardly. It seemed to press upon his whole body, and to diffuse all through and through it a holy, sin-consuming energy. As it passed downward, his heart as well as his head. was conscious of the presence of this soul-consuming energy, under the influences of which he fell to the floor, and, in the joyful surprise of the moment, cried out in a loud voice. For a few minutes, the deep of God's love swallowed

a him up; all its waves and billows rolled over him.”

Mrs. Hester Ann Rogers.—“I was deeply penetrated with his presence, and stood as if unable to move, and was insensible to all around me. While thus lost in communion with my Saviour, He spake these words to my heart : 'All that I have is thine. I am Jesus in whom dwells all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. I am thine. My Spirit is thine.

. My Father is thine. They love thee as I love thee. The whole Deity is thine. He even now overshadows thee. He now covers thee with a cloud of his presence.' All this

realized to my soul, in a manner I cannot explain, that I sunk down motionless, being unable to sustain the weight of His glorious presence and fulness of love."


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The War Cry, No. 74.—MAY 19, 1881.



Can you illustrate the kind of Consecration God wants, before He will sanctify me throughout, body,

soul and spirit? A LONG time back, in this country, there was a war between the king and the parliament, and the greater part of the nation took the side of the parliament, and the king was sorely pressed. It was then no uncommon thing for a nobleman or rich person to come into the king, and say, “I am sorry and ashamed that your majesty should be driven from your throne, and be suffering all this indignity and disgrace, and I want to help your majesty to get your rights again; and I have come with my sons and my servants to place our swords and our lives atyour disposal. I have also mortgaged my estate and sold my plate, and brought the proceeds to help your majesty to carry on the war." Now, that was a real consecration to that king: it was the laying of life and substance at his feet.

Now, that is just the kind of consecration God

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