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BEYOND THE SIGHT AND REACH AND TEMPTING POWER OF THE DEVIL. You cannot get out of the sound of his voice, nor from within the range of his strong bow, and of his poisoned-barbed arrows. Though you do go to live in Hallelujah Terrace, on the right-hand side of Thy-will-be-done Street, which is a goodly street of very pleasant situation that runs along the brow of Full Salvation Hill, leading straight up to the pearly gates that open on to the Golden City. Though you should be enabled by divine grace thus to fix your abode on high, Satan will find you out, write down the number of your dwelling in his memorandum-book, and will come and go thither far more frequently and with far more determination than he does now you reside in that dark, damp, and doleful Grumbling Alley which runs directly out of Doubting Street, in the parish of Self Indulgence. Get higher up, a very long way higher up, by all means; God and angels, your own peace, and every possibility of usefulness urge you to get higher up; but remember that the Devil will follow and harass you there even more than he does in the low lands, where now, perchance, you dwell.

Get higher up, and you will not only present a better mark for the enemy, but be, in his estimation, better worth while shooting at, nay, he will find a new necessity for shooting at you. Satan pays little heed to those who, while professing godliness, are all the time destitute of its power. He has no need to trouble himself with and about such, seeing they could not very well serve his purpose better. And next to these are those who, having a measure


of grace, are still only partially renewed, who, along with undeniable evidence of a work of grace, manifest, in words, temper, and habits equally undeniable evidence of the continued existence of much remaining evil in the soul. These live in a very mixed life, and consequently a life of both good and evil influences. Alas, the evil is often greater than the good ; but only let such come up to this higher platform, let them wash their robes and make them white, let them get emptied of self and sin, be made pure in heart, and come to know the love of Christ which passeth knowledge, and be filled with all the fulness of God, and then their lives will be so striking a testimony for God, and their power with God and man will be such that the Devil will feel called upon, nay, compelled, in the interests of his kingdom and glory, to attack them with all his might, which he will most assuredly do, either as a roaring lion or an angel of light, as he may judge most likely to succeed. But attack them he will.

But, thank God! there is provision made for victory. No weapon formed against faithful, obedient, believing souls shall prosper. There are three sources of temptation, and only three, namely, the world, the flesh, and the devil. Provision is made in the scheme of redemption for our overcoming each of these three great enemies.

First source of temptation, The World, of which the Holy Spirit says, “This is the victory that overcometh the world, even your faith.”

Secondly, The Flesh, of which the Holy Ghost says, “If ye walk in the spirit, ye shall not fulfil the lusts of the flesh.”

Thirdly, The Devil, of which also the Holy Ghost says,

“The shield of faith shall quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one.”

It must be so. Although God allows the attack, he has made arrangements for its defeat. Victory is not only a possibility, but a probability, and may, thank God! be made a dead certainty. Fight on! then, my comrades; and as you fight you may sing

What though a thousand hosts engage

A thousand worlds my soul to shake ?
I have a shield shall quell their rage,

And drive the alien armies back.
Pourtrayed, it bears a bleeding Lamb.
I dare believe in Jesu's name.

The War Cry, No. 4.- JAN. 17, 1880.




OUR theme is holiness. We speak to those who hunger and thirst after righteousness. You are the children of God. You have passed from death unto life. Your sins are forgiven you, and you know

. it. A great change has passed over you. Once you were the willing slave of sin. Sin in some form reigned over you, but the Saviour came, and He brought not only pardon but liberty. You were made free. You are free to-day. Hallelujah! Still, the work of deliverance is not complete. True, the absolute triumphing reign of evil in your soul has come to an end, but it is still there. The Philistine still dwells in the land, and the enemies who once had it all their own way still disturb your peace.

your peace. At times they overcome you, bring you into condemnation, and threaten totally to subdue and bring you again into bondage. We need not enumerate those enemies. You know them only too well,-anger, malice, pride, envy, way?

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lust, and the like. All the land, that is,

, all your heart and life was once their own, and fain would they have it back again. You have had many a fight with them, and, I fear, suffered many a defeat, which defeats have had to be followed by tears of bitter repentance and fresh applications to the cleansing-blood. Oh, ten thousand thanks for the continued efficacy of the crimson fountain, and the never-failing willingness of Jehovah to forgive.

His mercy, indeed, to those who seek it endureth for ever.

And the next best thing to not stumbling and falling down is, I suppose, to get up again, and the next best thing to not falling into sin is to repent and seek forgiveness. But is there no other

Yes, we show you another and a more excellent way. It is according to God's plan and nature to forgive sin, but it is none the less according to His plan and nature to save from sinning. He is able to keep us from falling, and He is able to make us stand, and not only to stand but to run and not be weary, to walk and not faint. Bless His dear name. For is not His name called Jesus? And was not that name, which signifies deliverance, given to Him because He should save His people from their sins. Yes, He saves from sin down here, in this very evil world ; He saves to the uttermost; He saves fully; He saves, He saves to-day.

This is the experience, dear reader, we want to set before you, and to prevent misunderstanding we pursue the line of remark started last week. We left off at the statement that there was no position so exalted down here as to free us from temptation. Adam and Eve were tempted, and, beyond con

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