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self-surrender, of self-nothingness, of utter carelessness and fearlessness about self. You are to lose yourself in God. Here is to be a new Almighty power in the universe—God the Father, and God

, the Son, and God the Holy Ghost, and you a godly being—four in one, and one in four. Abandon your poor, puny, miserable, greedy, self-seeking, self-indulging self. Away with it! Lord, away with him! Crucify him! Amen, and amen, and there, and it would remain and did remain. It was a sort of bitter indulgence. It was naturalin its proper place, noble; but it had more place than its due, and it became doubtful. Before that man could be sanctified it had to be torn down. I have heard him say that the cutting down of that doubtful thing was the bitterest moment of his life, but that bitter stroke brought streams of preciously sweet and living water to his longing soul.


4. Do not hold to anything doubtful. I beseech of you be careful here. Doubtful. Anything about which you have a shadow of doubt. Because if it is in any degree doubtful it cannot be of faith ; can it? Those two cannot go together; and “whatsoever is not of faith is SIN.” Do you now see why you must give up that doubtful practice, that doubtful habit, that doubtful ornament you wear, that doubtful book you read, that doubtful companion you have? My brother, my sister, I tell you, in the name of the eternal God, it is SIN; and you must not hold to it. How I am struck with this. A dear woman, who was seeking this blessing, and wore a white rose in her bonnet, said to me, there was no harm in it. I asked, “Is there any good in it ?” and then it was torn out, and the Rose of Sharon came into her heart. I don't say that in itself it was wrong; I don't deny I did think the bonnet looked a great deal more genteel without it; I only say it was doubtful; and to her it was sin, and it had to come out. I knew a man who treasured in his heart an undue affection for another, which chafed and marred his life; it got

5. Do not put the matter off. This morning is the only time you can have in eternity as yours. Act in it. You have put off being holy long enough ; too long. What is the regret of dying saints “Oh, that I had been sanctified before.” Payson said he had three months' experience of Heaven, and he might have had thirty years! That his ups and downs were his only regret there on his death bed. You will never have a more convenient season; you will never have so convenient a season. Thank God, all things are now ready. All remains

with you.


6. Do not despair about keeping the blessing. You do not do this in other things. Your situationyou take one and lose it because of a failure or a fire. You do not go to the Union and say, “It's no use;" you laugh at the firm, and go and get another place; and you would be very much astonished if I came along and said, “Oh! don't do that; of course it would be nice to be in a good job, and have plenty to eat and drink, and something for the cause of God at Whitechapel, but really I fear you won't keep it !” Now, this is precisely what the Devil says. It would be nice to have the grapes, and honey, and milk, it would, but you see you won't keep it! A Liar. A LIAR. Get your head up, and your heart; never despair.


Of course I can only give you the main lines on which the Holy Ghost operates. He will teach you, and, perhaps I ought to remark, that the first step is to lay your heart open to be taught what to do, and to be taught by God in His own way and out and he can be well; he makes a sort of resolve, but, when he sees the knife, runs away. Now this won't do. Will you be holy? Learn then at once to resolve at all hazards that you will, and that you will not shrink when God's knife comes to cut out and cut off what is spoiling your spiritual health.


1. You must understand what you have to do. А mistake here is a vital matter. Here is a man in ill health; he is not laid up, but he is ailing. You say that man's first work should be to find out what is the matter, and to find out what to do to get well ; you say he should not neglect it; you say he should at once get advice and medicine, and get to know how to treat himself. He may not understand how the medicine will cure him, but he may and must understand how to use it, and what to do. This is precisely your case; you must understand what to do. You may not be able exactly to tell wherein you are ailing or how this Balm of Gilead is going to effect a cure, but you must understand on what conditions, and how to apply it. So be at trouble to find out.

2. You must be resolved to be sanctified at all costs. You must be determined that as this is God's will, you will will it also, no matter what comes. This is essential. A feeble resolve will tremble and turn coward the very moment God puts the knife in. Let me suppose this man in ill-health is suffering from a tumour; the doctors say they can cut it

3. You must forsake all, consecrate yourself and your all to and for God. There must be absolute and total surrender of everything. Now, by this I do not mean that you are no longer to mix with your friends, or eat and drink, and conduct your business, but that you should cease entirely doing these for yourself-selfishly. You are called upon to hand over your all to God, to become His, and henceforth to act as His steward in the matter. Now bring them up this morning-family, friends, time, talent, business, money, reputation, all, all, ABSOLUTELY ALL. There now, lay them out at Jesus' feet, henceforth to be His and not YOURS. Do you? He will take them and take you. He will speak with those lips, and run with those feet, and gaze through those eyes, and work with that brain. I declare them all to be His own ; I proclaim Him Lord of all, OWNER OF ALL, DIRECTOR OF ALL, LORD OF ALL. Surrender !

4. You must believe that He does now sanctify you wholly. "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.” In this Bible we have no promise without its conditional Faith. Justification by Faith, Regeneration by Faith, Sanctification by Faith, Glorification by Faith. All else is but the ladder up to this final round, which shall lead you into the kingdom. Believe (1) that He is able and willing to do this; (2) that He is able and willing to do it now, not to-morrow; (3) that if you now have faith He will now do it ; (4) put your reliance or trust in Him now, believing that He doth now du it. Not has done, but that He now doeth it. Cast yourself into the arms of Omnipotent Love now. Throw yourself down. Take a leap, and do it now.

In conclusion, let me say this is a plain matterof-fact question of obedience. God the father says, “Be ye holy." Christ says, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect.” The Holy Ghost, by Paul, says, “Without Holiness no man shall see the Lord ;” and, “therefore, leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto Perfection." You must obey.

I demand your decision. Be ye holy, and be ye holy Now.

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