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shrink with alarm at the idea of an approach to God. But see; it is because we have a sympathising High Priest that we are to come “boldly."

.The degree of your confidence in this approach is to be the measure of honour you will confer upon your sympathising Saviour. “Boldly," because He pleads, and weeps, and prays for you, “boldly"

“ for you to come at His own command to ask the grace you need; "boldly,” for He bends towards you, and stretches out His wounded hands to receive you; “ boldly,” for He cannot deny himself, He will, must redeem his rich and gracious promise, and “save to the uttermost.” Oh, trembling spirit, take courage; be not afraid of Jesus; come near to Him ; fall into His arms; press closely to His bosom, that you may feel the throbbings of His heart of love. Let Him wrap you in His crimson vest, and you shall feel, and say, “The blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us”—CLEANSETH ME_" from all sin.” Now let your fears depart; no more shrinking or hesitating. With humble simplicity, with faith that receives Christ for everything-your wisdom and righteousness-sanctification and redemption-claim the answer to your prayer, and claim it now, Cleanse Thou me from secret faults.” “ Create in me a clean heart, oh, God." You are urging the prayer; hear what your Saviour says: “Whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son." Here let your humbled spirit rest, claim the full efficacy of the atonement, for yourself, without a doubt. Do you now really do this?

Faith in the possible is one thing; faith in the

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probable another thing; faith in the morally certain, another; and faith in the actual, another. The soul, gasping for purity, cries out, “I believe He is able to cleanse me.” This is faith in the possible. “I believe He is willing”-faith in the possible strengthened. “I believe He is able and willing to cleanse me now, just as I am"-faith in the probable. I believe He will do it"-faith in the morally certain. The last earthly reliance is renounced. “I BELIEVE HE DOES SAVE ME; I sink into His arms; the promise is sure, the renovating power runs through-the Spirit itself beareth witness; I believe that I receive the things I ask; I am saved - COMPLETELY, PERFECTLY SAVED;" this is faith in the actual. There are many witnesses to the truth of this description.

The War Cry, No. 31.-JULY 24, 1880.




HOLINESS, or wholeness, is looked upon by many as a state of grace greatly to be desired, by many as possible to attain, by many as a standing duty which they fail to come up to, who are therefore brought into constant condemnation. I think, my friends, that the case of such is perhaps more to be pitied, even if more to be blamed, than that of any other class of religious people. They are enslaved within the reach of liberty, they hunger within full view of the heavenly table.

Now, I shall take for granted that you are in the main agreed with me as to what is Entire Sanctification. Let me run through its main characteristics. 1. It is a distinct state of grace from justification. 2. It includes deliverance from all outward and indwelling sin, from unbelief, from the very rootspride, anger, love of the world, &c. 3. It includes the filling of the heart with all the graces and

fruits of the Spirit. The being perfected in love. Filled to present capacity, and kept filled as the vessel enlarges. Now, I say that I am taking for granted you go with me thus far, and I have said that you believe this possible, and that some of you are brought into condemnation every time you think about it, because it is not your experience. And this morning I am taking the question you will find in the 30th verse of the 16th chapter of Acts, “ What must I do to be saved ?” as a text on which to ground some remarks in answer to this question, What must I do to be sanctified? I believe there are many saints who could well ask, “What must I do to be saved ?” and when you begin to do this, when you come to this matter with an earnest, longing, determined heart, you are not far from this inner kingdom of the kingdom of God.


It seems to be important to point out one or two things which must not be done. So much has been said and written, and it is so easy to be befogged, especially when the Devil is ever on the watch to confuse.

1. You must not think you have nothing to do. That you have only to sit still and go quietly on, and that by some means God will work this change in you by growth. That you will grow out of these hindrances, that you will grow the better of that pride, and that evil temper, and that unbelief. This is a delusion. Oh, but you say, Am I not to grow in grace? Yes; but not into it. Take that apple-tree and plant it in the stony road, and bid it grow into the orchard, and it will droop, and droop and die; put it in the orchard, and bid it grow in the good soil there, and it will, and fructify. Just so your soul. Get in this grace of entire sanctification, and then grow. Oh, what a delusion this is, “I am just to wait for God.” It makes backsliders. What is the first cause of all backsliding ? HEART EVILS! I know a gentleman who was asked—“Sir, how long have you been thus waiting and growing?" “Fifty years !” “And are you yet sanctified ?"

" “No!” And yet he believed he would have been ten times more useful and happy if he had. He is, I believe, fully saved now. How do you think he regards that fifty years of doing nothing? I tell you, I regard it as lost.

2. You must not say or think you cannot do what God requires you to do. Here is a very subtle and fatal temptation of the Devil. He actually persuades some of you to think you cannot do what God requires. Beware of this.

Beware of this. Satan lays before you the circumstances. Your home, your business, some idol, some one thing which


you cannot renounce. My friend, it is a lie. You feel this. This is hindering you. He is a liar. Oh, the sorrow, the bitterness, the failure, the condemnation we should avoid, if we did but thoroughly, clearly settle that he is, and always has been, and always will be a liar. The very fact that the Spirit of God calls upon you to do anything is proof that He is able to cause you to do it.

3. Do not seek any easier way than God's. The very essence of sin is selfishness; the very essence of Holiness is self-sacrifice. This is to be a life of

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