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that is, not saved from temptation, not saved from sorrow, not saved from the possibility of falling again into sin. Salvation may be described as a book in three volumes : the book of Justification, which is a very nice volume to take in; the book of Sanctification, gilt-edged, and clasped ; and the book of Glorification, which cannot be obtained down here. You can get the two first volumes now, and you had better have them both while you are about it—but you must get the other above.

God, then, engages to purify our hearts. God engages to do this Himself.

You have not to struggle to purify and save yourself, but to bring yourself to God and trust Him to do it. There are several conditions in obtaining this blessing, and the one condition seems to me to embrace and include the other. If a man repents rightly, he believes rightly; and if he believes rightly, he repents rightly; and sometimes repentance is made to be the condition, sometimes consecration is made the test, and sometimes faith the means of obtaining what is sought after : one condition implies the other. The soul that wants to be pure, so far as it can, purifies itself. If a man wants to be clean, he washes himself; if a man wants to be saved from sin, and is willing to put himself into God's hands entirely, he passes from sin. If he wants to walk with God, God gives him the power to walk in the light.

There are three unalterable conditions: I says, “I am willing to give up sin." 2 says, “O Lord, I give myself to Thee.” 3 says, “O Lord, I believe the blood does cleanse and purify from all sin. I trust Thee now.

Here I am, all sin and weakness; I am willing, I can go so far as that; I am willing to be healed. You are the Physician and You must

heal me?Very well. Whatsoever things ye desire when ye pray, believe that you RECEIVE them not that you have received them, not that you shall receive. If you put a sovereign in my hand, I don't say I believe I have it, I know that it is there—I feel it. But if you tell me you will give me a sovereign, if I have any faith in your word, I believe it, I expect it, I rejoice in the expectation; but when it is given I feel it, I know it, and testify to the fact.

Do you say, O Lord, cleanse my heart! O Lord, I give myself, body, soul and spirit to Thee? I am willing to be a clean man; I am willing to have a clean life, clean friends, clean companionships, a clean walk and conversation; clean business and everything else. I consecrate and dedicate myself to Thee, to walk clean before Thee if it cost me my life; and, O Lord, as Thou hast engaged, as Thou hast given Thy blood to make and keep me clean when I trust Thee, I trust Thee to do this just at this moment; and God, who cannot lie, has spoken, and will perform it, and I am saved and purified through faith in His own Almighty power?

The War Cry, No. 41.-OCT. 2, 1880.



You have now reached a point in which the question of faith is of the first importance. You have renounced all dependance upon self; all trust in the arm of flesh. You have seen one after another of your earthly supports fail ; you dare not trust again anything less than infinite power. You would not recall one worldly dependance which you have renounced. To you there is now absolutely but one hope, one confidence left, and you need no other. “ Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world." Pause humbly, before the Crucified. You have now but one absorbing desire-to be cleansed from all sin —to be fully prepared to glorify God, and enjoy Him for ever. See now, the blood of Jesus Christ, which cleanseth from all sin. How entirely efficacious,-how completely it meets the demands of the Law,-how fully it pays your debt,-how sovereign the remedy. Dare you trust it? Nay, dare you do otherwise?

You do trust it now ;-you

depend upon it for pardon, for acceptance, why not for Salvation from all inward defilement?

You long for the fulness, “In him all fulness dwells.” Gaze for awhile into that throbbing heart. For you

it beats with infinite love. You cannotdo not doubt His love. He suffered for

He suffered for you. He grappled with death for you. He rose from the tomb leading captive your captivity. How kindly He bore with you in your rebellion! With what compassion He lifted you up, and embraced you when you came all guilty and trembling, and fell at His feet. How He blessed you—forgave all, made you His child, His heir to all His blood had purchased! Can you doubt? Call some precious Scripture to your aid. This,

, for instance; "For we have not an High Priest that cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities, but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need." Touched with the feeling of our infirmities!” Is it possible? The sympathy of Jesus! A revealed, a glorious fact.

You are in a condition to need sympathy. How great your infirmities. How deeply you have felt them. How weak and erring at every step, and how fearful that you should sometime fall to rise no

How many efforts have you made to do better, and failed! How often in the morning have you risen, and on your knees covenanted that every moment of the day should be the Lord's, but when the night has come with what regrets have you


sought forgiveness for your unholy tempers, your unguarded levity, your worldly desires, your want of devotion, or your idleness in your Master's vineyard! How strangely feeble when you ought to be strong; how timid and doubting when you should have triumphed in the power of living faith. Yes, you need sympathy. There you lie at the foot of the Cross. What can you do ?

Christ is qualified to sympathise with you. He is a man; He is your weeping, sympathising Brother; He is a tried man; He has passed through every fiery ordeal. Remember the mountain and the forty days. Remember Gethsemane, the Bar of Pilate, and Calvary. He is a triumphant man. “ Yet without sin.” What a volume of meaning - what a comprehensive theology in these few words! He encountered the foe, and He conquered-conquered for you. See Him on Tabor, with His garments white and glistening. See Him rising from the tomb; stand with him upon Olivet, and see Him ascending, for you “ He ascended upon high, He led captivity captive and gave gifts unto men"-here is triumph -here is victory-victory for you.

Just in this hour of your extremity, the grace of full salvation is here at your command. Come, and come “boldly." This, you will say, is a strange liberty for a worm of earth. How can a poor sinner be bold in the presence of his righteous Judge—the Sovereign of the universe ? Surely, not on his own account-not in view of anything he has ever been, or thought, or felt, or done. If to himself alone he must look, it is right that he should

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