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or the Amalekites. You can see giants among them, seven, eight, or nine feet tall; they have all the advantage of position, and, very likely, of numbers too. What can that handful of Israelites do? But, Joshua leads the way, and on they go in the name of the Lord. And, suddenly, while their enemies are preparing to rush down upon them, and sweep them off the hill-side, buzz came a swarm of hornets round their ears. Imagine the confusion that would follow in the camp. Imagine their frantic efforts to drive off these new enemies. But the hornets only swarm the thicker over their faces, and hands, and bodies, till they lie rolling on the ground in an agony of pain. Meanwhile the Israelites are at the top, they have no battle to fight, they have but to slay their already helpless enemies. Oh, dear friends, this is just what God has promised to do for you. Do you see that Anak of Temper, of Pride, of Self? You have fired your good resolutions at it time after time, but there it is as strong as ever. Now, in the name of the Lord, close with the foe. His hornets will go before you, the enemy will be helpless before you can come up with him, and you will have but to slay him and fling his carcase over the walls.

What a grand chance the Israelites had of destroying all their enemies, when God was so wonderfully helping them! What a pity that they did not avail themselves of it! No, they began to slacken their efforts before long. The plausible Gibeonites easily caught them in a trap, and Israel soon began to find out that it was much more convenient to make tributaries of the nations than to

extirpate them. Yes, it was very nice to have those Gibeonites as hewers of wood, and drawers of water. What a lot of trouble it saved them; instead of going away to the well, or the stream to fetch water, and instead of having to climb the mountains for their wood, they had only to send off a Gibeonite, and he would gladly do it for them. Then gradually we find that, instead of making their enemies tributaries, they dwelt among them, and then intermarried with them, and served their gods. Finally, they seemed to throw off religion altogether, and we read that every man did that which was pleasing in his own eyes. Is not this an exact picture of many present here this evening? Can you not remember the time, when in the warmth of your first love, you were ready to uproot and destroy every sin, and were determined never to give them any quarter. But after a time your efforts began to slacken, you grew weary of the slaughter. Satan persuaded you that there was no necessity for you to hound down every sin that might be discovered. You began by sparing their lives, and making them tributaries. They seemed so harmless and inoffensive at first, but now, alas; they have come to be your masters, and you have vainly struggled for deliverance from the galling yoke which they have fixed upon your neck. But, oh, Hallelujah! the Deliverer is here to-night? He will save you out of the hand of your enemies. Will you let Him? Will you come to Him that He may sprinkle you with water and you shall be clean. He will wash


shall be whiter than snow.

you, and

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The War Cry, No. 123.—APRIL 27, 1882.





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As to the desirability of this task, the destruction of evil, of which we have been speaking, there will be in this Hall I should think this morning scarcely two opinions. Indeed, with many, an almost constant sense of the desirability of such a condition and course of conduct as that we have described is constantly present. They can see the blessedness of the state, and long to have it in their possession. They are always looking over Jordan, and pronouncing it to be a good land. They receive the report of the spies and those who have been over and walked about it, but they themselves have been held back from any real attempt to cross over and possess, and enjoy the goodly land by a feeling of inability to overcome their inbred foes, or maintain the benefits if they could be attained. There is, perhaps, no passage of Scripture the truthfulness of which they more fully realised in their own consciences, than that which says, “Of myself I can do nothing." What they want is to finish the quotation in their own faith and realisation. “I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me.” They want power.

It seems to me that just now there is a great waking up on every hand to desire a higher type of Christianity, and yet there is a corresponding feeling of the need of power to realise it. I want this yearning after power to be increased, and then there will be some probability of this realisation.

There is a great hungering after power just now among the philosophers in the natural and scientific world. They want a new motive power to supersede steam; or, at least, they say they have discovered the power in electricity. They say it is all there, equal to all their desires, but they want some cheap and easy method of utilising it. There is the power, they are sure of it. It is all around them everywhere, but they want to throw their reins around its neck, fasten it to their machinery, and make it serve their interests and do their work and will. So here, my comrades, who are hungering and thirsting after spiritual power, oh, what a mighty task wants doing, and after all, how little is being done. As I go about, looking at the public poison trees that grow in no secret places, where wholesale and retail poisoning is done; when I think what breaking of hearts, and blighting of futures, and marring of souls is done in this vast city alone, to say nothing of all

the dark places of the earth, how my heart aches. Oh, what mountains of difficulty there are in the way of the Salvation of this city, and of the other cities of the world. What can we do? This can't be the end contemplated by Jehovah and by Calvary? My soul, as well as your Bible, answers “No!” Ten thousand times “No!” But how do better? There is power, plenty of power, oceans of power. Latterly I have seemed to feel it very near. Thank God for the measure of it we have. It has wrought wonderful deliverances for many of us personally, and, through us, He has worked deliverance to tens of thousands more, but there is more at hand-power to shake London, Paris, and the world. Let us unite to have it.

But, my friends, is there not power for you to fight the evil of which we have just been speaking ; you have tried mental power, you have tried intellectual power, you have heard the most marvellous discourses and disquisitions ever delivered on this subject, you have tried all sorts of power; now just come and try Divine power—the Almighty power of God, and see if there shall not be done for you just what you need.

Now, mark here, firstly, you have not in any shape or form to generate this power. They talk about generating electricity, but by generation they don't mean creation. They cannot generate or manufacture as much electricity as would kill a fly or illuminate a cellar. They can only, by some kind of machinery, take hold of that electricity which God has generated, which is all about us, focus it, and bring it to bear upon the work they want to

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