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hold back. Oh! what a conscience that is !-oh! what a burden! oh! what a hell that will make if it goes on like this, if this binding up of the leg goes on, you saying, “I don't want to see what is the matter, and I won't face the question.”

Mortification sets in-spiritual mortification and that means death ! It means the departure of the Holy Spirit; it means, “That is enough; I have striven with the man long-days, and weeks, and months, and years. I have stretched out My hand I have given him the light. I have given him everything but he has persistently refused me.” Oh! the reproach and the agony of the guilty conscience in the judgment day, in looking back on all this.

Oh! you people in England, my soul trembles for your responsibility, you, who are flooded with light, you, who know all about the truth, and you, who know your Bibles from end to end. Oh! you people, you people, how responsible are you? If I were on my death-bed, I think I should turn round to you and say, “Oh! if you could but understand for one half hour, if in your little

puny souls you were to become so large as to understand the worth of precious souls around you, and your awful responsibility in the sight of God, you would shriek out, and stand up in this audience as one man and say, from this hour I will be entirely the Lord's; I will be willing to lose my life, and I will be willing to crucify myself. I will give my life for a dying world.” But you do not. You are slow and stupefied. Will you remain so ? Will you not do right? Will you not come up to the point, and say, “I will ?” Will you not do it

now? Will you not do it this evening? this blessed solemn hour, for He lives to take AWAY YOUR SINS as well as mine. I can say, to the honour and glory of God, that in Paris, in most respects, a weary land for me, God has been my rock and my Salvation! I do like to say it to His glory that He has sustained me, and in hours of terrible trial when every thing has seemed black as night, God has kept my eyes fixed on Him, and has given me the desire of my heart in the Salvation of souls. He is able to do that for me, because I believe I can say there is not a desire or a thought in my whole being but for His glory and the interest of His kingdom, and if He does that for me He is able to do that for you, also every one in this Hall. Shall it be so? When ?

This was followed up in a proper, practical way by a call for instant surrender. It was impossible to get people forward in the crowded Hall. But they were asked to stand up whilst, in prayer and song, we all offered ourselves once more to God, or whilst in a still grander

SILENCE, WITH 10,000 EYES SHUT, we each and all talked with God. Oh! what a time that Evening Meeting was. Again and again, from the first song to the end, it seemed to us one of the most wonderful meetings of God and man that ever took place.

Before that clear light there could be no excuse, and oh, surely many a soul did truly draw nigh to God, and receive such light and power as they had never had before.

We have no idea how many stood up, as it was a real prayer-meeting, with at least 10,000 eyes shut, whilst it seemed as though every soul was drawing nigh to God. Yes, that was a glorious wedding-day, and if everyone did not go away in the spirit of Major Smith's closing song,

“Ever ready, night or day,

To fire away," it must have been entirely their own fault.

The War Cry, No. 82.- JULY 14, 1881.



It is an inspiring thought that we are addressing a multitude of readers who would know more of Christ. A languid desire is not sufficient. You must desire Jesus with an intensity which will make your soul a glowing furnace. You must reach the point where you will be willing to sell all, or hold all else cheap in comparison with the fulness of love to Christ.

There are but two steps which lead down into the pool which makes whole-consecration and trust. Difficulties attend both steps. Some are in doubt whether they surrender all to the disposal of Christ. To such we say, “Consecrate all you know, and then all you do not know.” This includes all your assets. God asks no more than this. At this point many fail, through fear that they are to become paupers, when God means to endow them with untold wealth. What, let Christ become my Lord indeed? Is it safe to give Him complete control over my heart, to be the sovereign of my will, the owner of all my property, while I sink down to a mere stewardship under Him! Will He not take some cruel advantage of me? Will He not command me to härd service? Will not reproaches be heaped upon me, if I avow before men and angels that I am wholly Christ's ? Very likely He will honour you by entrusting to you some difficult labour. If you go into partnership with Him you must share all the reproach which comes upon the firm. You are advised beforehand that Jesus is an unpopular character in what is called the best society.

“If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much more so shall they call them of his household ?" “ The world will hate you because it hateth Me; be but of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.” Hence there can be no perfect consecration without an accompanying perfect trust.

Just here let us whisper in your ear, that perfect reliance on Christ is impossible, so long as you are cherishing your good name as a treasure more precious than His glory. I think that He had ministers of His Gospel especially in view when He said, “How can ye believe which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?" This is not a rebuke for a jealous care of our moral standing, since an untarnished name is, with preachers, an indispensable condition of success, but for a weak truckling to a public opinion, hostile to unadulterated Christian truth. They are tempted to temporize and tone down the

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