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before their eyes, and refuse to see them. The next Friday night, or the next person they meet who belongs to the Salvation Army, they come up again; but they turn their heads, they don't want to face the question. Now I do not know a greater folly. I do not know a greater fool, spiritually speaking, than a man who does like that with his conscience, and with those things in his heart and in his life, that are not in accordance with the will of God. Oh! what folly to put these things on one side, to throw the matter over, as thousands of the people do, into a world of indefiniteness, and begin talking (to smother a guilty conscience) about “growing in grace!” There is no such thing as growing while that is the case. There is wanted a private examination. Oh! yes, there is something wrong, and you must bring yourself up to the light now. Is it so ? Through these meetings, perhaps, while we were singing,

“Take all my sins away, on our knees, perhaps during the chorus embodying that beautiful answer

“Yes, Lord, I will be thine!” something came up to stand between your soul and God. Has the Holy Spirit again brought up this old controversy that has appeared over, and over, and over again, only you have never been brave enough, man enough, so to speak, to face the question and SETTLE IT, but you have put it on one side month after month, year after year is it again uppermost to-night? God knows if it is. By-and-bye, what a revelation! what an agony! what an eternal shame will cover thousands of professing Christians when in the Last Great Day this old point is brought up before Him in whom neither dwelleth changeableness nor the shadow of turning! He knows all aboutit. When before His throne there comes up that point, little and trivial though you think it is, which has kept you out of light, blessing, power, holiness, that

you will only be able to measure the worth of in the light of eternity, when you see the long dark army of souls passing down to the bottomless pit.

"Little !—you call it ;—“BIG ”—HE calls it. It is sin, and it comes between your soul and Him -whether it be a pipe, or dress, or drink, or society, or anything else. It is to you sin—it is doubtful — the least you can say. Now will you continue in it? Will you go on? or will you say_“By the grace of God this night, in this Hall, on this 12th of October, I will settle that matter between God and my own soul for ever?”

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DRAG YOUR SOUL UP! I will drag my soul up, I will say

“Come here soul, you have flinched and shrunk from the knife, but I will know the truth; I will know what God thinks about you. Come here. I will drag you up, if you bleed at every pore; if it costs you your blood ; if it means sacrifice, and suffering, and real crucifixion ; if it does MEAN THE NAILS! I will suffer the loss of all things, but this one thing shall be settled. I will be right with God and in harmony with Him and my conscience, and my life, and my heart shall be all in unison with His will."

You settle that there is light and peace for you. There is a life of power for you. There are precious souls for you ; yea, you shall be the mothers and the fathers of a Spiritual Israel, and you shall see

, hundreds saved. Will you do that? Will you come up to that point ?

Make no mistake-God is not cheated. People who are not honest and straightforward with God, God knows all about it, and keeps account. very glad they do not get all they want; that they do not save their lives because they do not go in . for the losing of them. It is they that lose their lives and say, “I am willing to be crucified, unknown, despised, and rejected, and shut up-I am willing to do all that." They are the people that God rejoices in. Regarding such people,


God says,

“You angels stand aside. I will wipe all tears away from their eyes; I will crown them; I will say well done’ to them, and they shall lack no good thing."

They lose their lives, and they find them every day-a hundred fold. We experience this. Poor and despised as we are, we are the richest lot of people under Heaven. (Volley.)

WHY THEY CAN'T HURT US. The papers and people writing against us! I said to a lady the other day,

“Do you think they hurt us? My dear woman, I praise God morning, noon, and night for it,

because I am so glad. I say Hallelujah! in my inmost soul.”

It is a grand chance for our work in Paris. At last we have reached the climax of the English war. and at last we have gained the grand eminence of suffering persecution. The papers begin to blacken us, and ever since they have done so we have gone rolling along more rapidly than before. This does not hurt us.

Why doesn't it hurt us? Because we have gone in for losing all! Our reputation, our comfort, our ease, our miserable puny interests, God forbid that any one particle, the least degree of self-seeking, should exist among us. God crucify us out and out, throughout all our borders, and then indeed we shall be a people, as Commissioner Railton said, and that is a profound thought—that thought is worthy of your thinking about—not only now as God has so honoured us, only through our being willing to go down, as our Lord went down, and accept the cross, and the thorns, and the bloodhe said that not only shall we go on as we have done, but make such an impression that he believed the whole world would be won for Christ. (Volley.) I believe it in my soul. (Volley.) I believe America and India—the Lord bless India, that has just started -and Australia, and our darling France, will be won! France, with those infidels and libres penseurs, and the people who say they don't believe in anything at all—I believe that a great army shall be raised up in all nations of the earth, that shall go forth and take all before them. Why? Because, thank God, we have gone in for the losing. We say we are content to lose; we do not care for ourselves, we have adopted the principle of John the Baptist_“I must decrease, but He must increase.”

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THE SECRET OF VICTORY. Oh! there is the secret of success and power. People say to me, “I have no power.” No wonder, I repeat. I am glad they have not got power. They do not pay the price; but we who pay the price, God pays us back again in profits. He gives us increase. We have gone in for the losing, and we are in for the finding. Just one word more. That person of whom I have been talking, who comes up to the light again and again—whatever it is, in your own conscience, that is standing between you and God, and keeping you out of the Kingdomyou know that that is destroying your influence and marring your peace. Every time such a man

. goes back, his case is a harder case. His conscience becomes more seared, and I know nothing on earth or in Heaven, nothing is there, I maintain, in the universe, so sad and so awful to bear, that makes such a hell in a man's bosom, as a guilty conscience. And, oh! if a guilty conscience in a sinner is so awful and so hard to bear, what is it with those who have received the light, and know God's will, but do it not? What is it with those who have sat under teaching as clear as the noon-day sun—who have understood so well, that, if all the angels in Heaven had come to explain, you could not understand better just what God wants of you! You have seen as clearly as anybody can see ; you know very well what is wanted of you, and all the time you


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