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The War Cry, No. 144.-SEPT. 21, 1882.




“ We want no cowards in our band,

Who from their colours fly ;” and this is truer to-day than ever it was. Let it be known far and wide that the Salvation Army means war, and those who are not prepared for fighting, suffering, persecution, reproach, slander, a world's hatred, and all the rage of hell, are no good here; no use applying.

If any people ought to be encouraged to fight we ought. Let us stop and think, for we are in danger of overlooking the goodness of our God.

Who can describe the glorious victories that we have realized, The Red Seas crossed, the enemies put to flight? Who can sufficiently praise God for the thousands of souls we have captured from the devil ? A great multitude has already crossed the river and entered the new city whose God is its light. (Our comrade Fry has just left us to help them sing.)

Who can tell of all the light, and peace, and joy that God has honoured us to bring into this dark world—the sins pardoned (what a multitude !), the guilty consciences relieved, the broken hearts healed, the tears wiped away, the prodigals returned, the homes made happy, the mothers' hearts made glad, the mourning turned into joy, and the spirits of heaviness exchanged for garments of praise ?

Oh! methinks it would want ten thousand Eagles and Congress Halls, and then there would not be sufficient room to praise our God for what we have seen in the past. Truly, He who “led the children of Israel by the hand of Moses, with His glorious arm, dividing the water before them, to make Himself an everlasting name," hath led the Salvation Army by the right hand of our beloved General, dividing the waters before us to make Himself an everlasting name, which we will praise for ever and ever, throughout eternity.

And in view of all these great deliverances, miracles, and wonders that our God hath wrought among us: what manner of Soldiers ought we to be? How ought we to fight? How should we stand the fire? Is there anything in earth or hell that should be able to put Salvation Soldiers to flight?

I seem to hear a roar of voices reaching me across the Channel. “No, nothing! we will never run away."

But the great question that should occupy each one is, “How to fight so as to always ensure victory?"

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1. See to it that you are pure in heart, that you leave no quarter for the enemy.

Remember you go out to denounce sin with a loud voice in all its formsSin dragging multitudes of deathless souls down to destruction-mind, then, that you are delivered, fully delivered from it yourself. (Here is the secret weakness of thousands, sin in the camp.) Mind, if you would be strong in battle you must be pure in heart.—Purity and power go together.

2. You must be saved from all secondary motives, from all wretched self-seeking, in all its wretched forms, from your miserable self altogether-Lost, dead to all but the interests of the war. Ready to do, to be, to dare anything to advance it; if your blood can serve, what higher honour could you have than to be counted worthy to shed it for such a cause. This must be your one and only end-your breath, your life.

3. Be prepared to meet the enemy. A man who goes unarmed to battle deserves to get wounded, and yet this is how thousands go into the Lord's battles. Is it any wonder that they get hurt? The instructions in the Book are plain enough on the subject. Then “ Quit yourselves like men; be strong.” “ Put on the whole armour of God.”

Be ready to face the foe, and then when the shots of the devil come flying in all directions, you will not be taken by surprise. Darkness, persecution, reproach, and sorrow will come—must come—just in proportion as you follow your Lord, and are faithful to your colours. Do you choose an easier path than your Saviour trod? Nay, there is only

one road to save the world, and that is the road by Calvary. Then expect the treatment of your Lord, and be ready armed like a true warrior to meet it. Then, when the enemy shall come in like a flood ; when the thunders roar, and everything looks black, you will be able to stand your ground, and be more than a match for the devil. This is war! It is not likely the devil is going to let us go at this express rate without doing his very utmost to hinder. Oh! how he hates us? So you who are in the thickest of the fight; you, who are pressed sore on every hand, look up! be of good courage; hold on. Remember, it is wonderfully true that

“Jesus is a rock in a weary land,

A shelter in the time of storm." Sing it again! and let your weakness lean on His might. He knows your every struggle, and is ever near to strengthen, to comfort even as a mother comforteth. Go on fighting! there's a glorious victory ahead for you.

Forward ! my comrades, faster than ever before! there never was a time when there was such a call for Soldiers who know how to fight-not a day, a month, a year, but right to the end with a desperate earnestness, and a courage that cannot be daunted. Let the devil do his worst, we know he is a conquered foe. To arms! ye brave, to take the world!

Paris, September, uith, 1882.

The War Cry, No. 85. — AUG. 4, 1881.





It is my purpose to clearly set forth several insuperable objections to that definition of entire sanctification which makes it consist in the power of the Holy Spirit repressing inbred sin, choking down the old man instead of crucifying him till he is stone dead.

1. Our first objection is, that it does not harmonize with the consciousness of entirely sanctified persons. These testify with Arvid Gradin to “the highest tranquility, serenity, and peace of mind, with a deliverance from every fleshly desire, and a cessation of all, even inward, sin.”

We admit that if we are entirely passive in sanctification, we might not be conscious of this repressive force, holding in check our sinful proclivities. But it is a principle of the great scheme

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