Mercury Pollution and Enforcement of the Refuse Act of 1899: Hearing Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Government Operations, House of Representatives, Ninety-second Congress, First Session, Part 3

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Page 1457 - ... any refuse matter of any kind or description whatever other than that flowing from streets and sewers and passing therefrom in a liquid state, into any navigable water of the United States...
Page 1335 - ... anticipated litigation may interfere with a fair trial in the courts and otherwise prejudice the due administration of justice. Generally they are to be condemned. If the extreme circumstances of a particular case justify a statement to the public, it is unprofessional to make it anonymously. An ex parte reference to the facts should not go beyond quotation from the records and papers on file in the court; but even in extreme cases it is better to avoid any ex parte statement.
Page 1467 - Contractor, then the time herein fixed for the completion of the work shall be extended for a period equivalent to the time lost by reason of any or all of the causes aforesaid ; but no such allowance shall be made unless a. claim therefor is presented in writing to the Architects within twentyfour hours of the occurrence of such delay.
Page 1372 - States, when they form in their ordinary condition by themselves, or by uniting with other waters, a continued highway over which commerce is or may be carried on with other States or foreign countries in the customary modes in which such commerce is conducted by water.
Page 1395 - To insure that the public, and any other State the waters of which may be affected, receive notice of each application for a permit and to provide an opportunity for public hearing before a ruling on each such application...
Page 1457 - Army, whenever in the judgment of the Chief of Engineers anchorage and navigation will not be injured thereby...
Page 1413 - major Federal actions significantly affecting the quality of the human environment" is to be construed by agencies with a view to the overall, cumulative impact of the action proposed (and of further actions contemplated).
Page 1370 - Department, in the administration of the laws enacted by Congress for the protection and preservation of the navigable waters of the United States...
Page 1368 - The district court is quite right in saying there are obvious limits to such improvements as affecting navigability. These limits are necessarily a matter of degree. There must be a balance between cost and need at a time when the improvement would be useful. When once found to be navigable, a waterway remains so. This is no more indefinite than a rule of navigability in fact as adopted below based upon 'useful interstate commerce' or 'general and common usefulness for purposes of trade and commerce'...

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