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in order to a right understanding of their Đuty, as I hoped might Jerve to promote the great Ends of Christianity in general

. To this purpose, I haze fomewhat largely and particularly discoursed of these things which concern forts and ranks of Christians, as

Faith, Repentance, Charity, and Perseve(rance; to which I thought fit to add in the daft place, a short Platform of a Christian Life, collected out of the Holy Scriptures, and digested into little, that every one may see, as it were at one view, the Nature, Excellence, and Ealiness of that Univerfal Obe. diepce which the New Covenant exacteth at all our Hands : and all this I resolved and endeavoured to do in such a plain and clear manner, that I might be serviceable to those of the most ordinary and vulgar Capacities, because they need Instructions most of all. I confess

, Madam, that in saying this, I seem to have made an Objection against my felf, as to this Dedication; and fear that all those who have the Huncur to know your Grace, will be startled to see a little Book, intended for ordinary Capacities, presented to a Person of-fuch eminent Parts and Fudgment, as well as Quality. But, I bape the wander will cease, when once it is considered, that the whole dehgn of this Piece being to excite and quicken Men to a sericus Practice of Religion, I could not but look upon it as your Graces dixe

were there no other reason but this, that your Grace is a great Example of Virtue and a truly Christian Life in all particulars ; which, God be thanked, I can very safely affirm and tell the whole World, without the least guilt of Flattery. But behdes, Madam, my. Perforal Obligations to both your Graces, for your great and continual Favours to me and mine, and the tenderness you are pleased to thew us daily, do challenge from me all possible Expresions of Honour, and dutiful Affe&ion; and all too little, I am fure; not. any thing indeed in comparison of that Service which I fould, and with all my Heart would do, were it in my Power. Among fome Discouragements I have met with in the World, I bless God, the great comfort of my life is, that I enjoy so plentiful a fhare of your Graces goodness, with all Freedom and Gratitude I acknowledge my self to be in that respect, as happy a Man as lives. The Sta: tion I am now in, I was unexpectly put into by the defre of both your Graces, and by your Zealous Applications to some great Friends, who could have no other reason to consider me but for the sake of your Graces, whom they were ready to gratifie for your

being such true Friends and Ornaments to our Church, and the whole Protestant Religion. Tour thus transplanting me into your Graces own Neighbourhood, as it was an argument

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of the most kind Intentions, that I should spring and thrive afresh under the influence of your Favour ; fo is it a mighty Advans tage to my Ministry, which is now afsifted with such Noble Comments upon Christianity, and Examples of it, as may prove more operative than any Discourses of mine. Upon these Accounts, Madam, all the labours I can bestow, can be but so many Expresions of Thankfulness ; which I humbly intreat both your Graces to accept of, being all that I can tender, besides my earnest Supplications to Almighty God, evermore to continue and encrease his Goodness to your Graces and your Noble Issue; and to enrich you with all the Bleslings of Heaven and Earth; which is, Madam, the daily Affectionate Prayer of

Feb. 20.

Petworth, Your Graces most Humble,

Faithful, and Obedient

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