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lefs and unspeakable, that upon weighing! the one against the other, we cannot but! conclude, that neither the Pleasures nor the Sufferings of this life are worthy, in the least measure, to be compared with the Glory which Ihall be revealed. Now if we bring such a Faith as this with us to the Sacrament, if we be strong and stablish'd in it, this alone will naturally serve to defend us as with a Shield from * all Fiery Darts of the Devil; and to render us puissant enough to overcome the World, i Joh. 5. But to prepare us the better still for an uninterrupted course of Virtue, we are moreover to repent us throughly for all our past Sins, and to y present our felves before God with new

Hearts and new Spirits, which is not re*quired as a Temporary Disposition, to be brought only at this time before the - Altar, there to languish and die with

Vows that are Abortive, and that yield dieither no Fruits at all, or at least no perfect Fruits of Repentance : No, this is to

be the beginning of a new life, the first | rise and starting towards the Race thac s, is set before us; and as we run it,our Repentance must improve and grow, from Shame and Sorrow for Sin, to an Hatred of it; from this Hatred of it, to strong Resolutions against it ; and from those


Resolutions against it, to an utter abans i doning and forsaking of it, abstaining not only from all forts, but as far as 'tis pofsible, from all appearance of evil, r Thes. 5. 22. In like manner those Bowels of Mercy and Kindness, which we put on at this time, are to entender our Nature for ever, and to produce in us fuch targe and generous Affections, as may extend, not only to our Brethren and Friends, and to the Family of Christ, but to the whole Offspring of Adam ; to whom we are so to open our Compaffions, thai fuch as are within our reach may participate, those of our Bread, chofe of our Instructions, all of our good wishes and Prayers, in imitation of that most blessed Pattern and Idea of Charity, who went about doing Good, Heb. 1o. 38. Briefly, all other Spiritual Graces, as Humility, Meekness, Patience, Self-denial, Heavenly-mindedness

, and the like, wherewith our Souls are to be arrayed and adorned at this Solemnity; if we consider the tendency of them, they are so many initial Virtues, to be improved and heighted ftill by the continual practice of them, so that from Acts they may turn into Dispositions, and from Dispositions may grow into Habits, which will quite change, purifie, and raise our Nature, till we all come in the Unity of the

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Faith, and of the Knowledge of the Son of God, : antò a perfect Man, unto the measure of the Stature of the fulness of Christ, Ephes. 4. 13.

I have the more particularly 'inlifted upon this, to fhew you the necessity of your Watchfulness and Industry after this blessed Solemnity is over. You must not, by any means, fit down presently, as if the work of the Day, and the bufiness of your Souls were quite done.

You must ever bear it in your minds, + that Christianity requires a life of Vir

tue : You must carry a fteddy Eye upon

the Scope and Dejgn of our Holy ReliÜgion; and employ all your utmost en

deavours in the vigorous pursuit of its noble. End. Brethren (faith the Apostle) I count not my self to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things wich are before ; I press toward the mark for the prize of the hig.b calling of God in Christ Jesus, Phil

. 3. 13, 14. And, as it follows there, Let us, as many as be perfect, be thus mindecl; still running and stretching as hard as we can, towards the end of our Faith and Hope, by an earnest pursuit of what foerier things are true, whatsoever things are ibonest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lo ve

ly, ly, and whatsoever things are of good Res port, Phil. 4. 8. Remember, I beseech you, that this and other instituted Ordinances, though they bring great Peace and Comfort to pious Souls by the present Adminiftration of them, they are still inftrumental Helps to carry on the main purpose and Will of God, even our Sanétification. So that if we do not use this Ordinance, as an Instrument of improving and perfecting Holiness, and as a Means pursuant thereunto, whatever Relish and Pleasure it carries with it for the present, it will not avail us as to the main.

FOR the benefits which are conveyed to all well-disposed Hearts by this Sacrament are, not only the enlivening Influences of Christ's Spirit, called Christ's Spiritual Body and Blood, (because they flow, and are derived from him, as he is the Head of his Church, and the Disposer of all those Blessings which are the Fruits of his Intercession ;) but moreover the Pardon of Sin past, and a Title to an happy Resurrection, and Eternal life to come. Now as the First of these, the Influences of Christ's Spirit are intended to transform us into the Image of God, and to con-naturalize our Spirits to the Nature of God; so are the latter, the Ef.. fects of his pure Love and Goodness, whereby he rewards those that resemble him by a fimilitude of Nature. I speak now, not of God's general love of Berievolence, which moves him to do good to us as we are meerly his Creatures, without any regard had to our probity, or


improbity ; in which sence he is said to : have loved the World, Joh. 3. 16. But I of that particular Love, which Divines

call Love of Friendship and Complacency,

the formal Object whereof, is Righteous. I ness, or a Rectitude of Nature conforma

ble in a great measure to his own, as the Psalmist tells us, Pf. 11. 7. The Righteous Lord loveth Righteousness, his Countenance doth behold the upright. This is a ray of his own Glory; and the Correspon

dence thereof to his own Divine PerEfections is the true Ground and Reason s of that especial Love hé béars to some

more than he bears to others; because it is impossible but he must love the Image of himself where ever he finds it, and as impossible for him to love any Man without it, so as to be pleased and delighted

with the Object : And accordingly, the & more or less this Image doth resemble him,

the greater or less are the Degrees and Measures of his Love. The Reason therefore of this Love being drawn from



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