Study of Armed Services Procurement Act, Title 10, U.S. Code, Chapter 137, Hearing Before the Subcommittee for Special Investigations of ... , 85-1 Under the Authority of H. Res. 67, Hearing Held on February 25 ... April 8, 1957

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Page 187 - Government procurement operation, the United States Government thereby incurs no responsibility nor any obligation whatsoever; and the fact that the Government may have formulated, furnished, or in any way supplied the said drawings, specifications, or other data, is not to be regarded by implication or otherwise as in any manner licensing the holder or any other person or corporation, or conveying any rights or permission to manufacture, use, or sell any patented invention that may in any way be...
Page 204 - When it is impossible to draft, for a solicitation of bids, adequate specifications or any other adequately detailed description of the required supplies or services...
Page 111 - ... of the Armed Services Procurement Act of 1947, Public Law 413, 80th Congress...
Page 339 - Our examination was made in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and included such tests of the accounting records and such other auditing procedures as we considered necessary in the circumstances.
Page 485 - I certify that the above bill is correct and Just and that payment therefor has not been received.
Page 485 - In connection with any discount offered, time will be computed from date of delivery of the supplies to carrier when delivery and acceptance are at point of origin, or from date of delivery at destination or port of embarkation when delivery and acceptance are at either of...
Page 482 - Record of negotiation. (a) At the conclusion of each negotiation of an initial or a revised price, the contracting officer shall promptly prepare or cause to be prepared, a memorandum, setting forth the principal elements of the price negotiation, for inclusion in the contract file and for the use of reviewing authorities.
Page 481 - Close working arrangements or business or ownership affiliations exist between the prime and the subcontractor which may preclude the free use of competition or result in higher subcontract prices than would otherwise be obtained...
Page 475 - It is the policy of the Department of Defense to procure supplies and services from responsible sources at fair and reasonable prices calculated to result in the lowest ultimate overall cost to the Government.
Page 491 - ... opening, to furnish any or all of the items upon which prices are quoted, at the price set opposite each item, delivered at the designated point(s) within the time specified in the Schedule.

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