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1: ZIL ILS DE 15d, 12, sote
mona, i the jury find the intent laid in the

maasmes, as well as another, the indict.

men we de supported, ib.
DE 30 the amant daad be the main intent, 13,

Dismena iz ASSERİs, with intent to prevent a law-

IL EINERSEIL, sust appear that the offender
Jual SIK DODCEDIR of the purpose for which he

* Ewenenden, is, sote
v=mer er en 2 dagary, 38, rote ; 40, note

DIE BESSEs a bossebreaking, 40, note
DE DEİTLE, ETETE I, a forgery, 216, note
ŽLJITS S SED in larvedy, 339, note

E FIE STRE uudi a anist, id.
1 lide, BEDE, FHoci poblication, sufficient to com-

I de greu 2.5 bar, though not to kill, may be

Deas Focre of murder, 393, note
mahos suns ia cases of homicide, until rebutted

woLosada, 327, wie
INDRETATION & Bersal stiutes, rule for, 532
LEGION SID perbes, &c. 269

HUS.NE *Sess, as breasing any altar or crucifix,

persiene pescament for three months, 261
De Dereix accageadas, ib.
essence of pain aying the common prayer,

the Seek of Mary, 262, rote
ècerteng diketag congregations, 264
JOIN-EAS: prat , box laid in indictment, 252
2nd treasca, a to romen, 245

alteration of, 946
1. Justices of ASSIZE, Over and TERMINER, and GAOL

who shail be justices of nisi prius, 264

the writ of nisi prius, 265
commission of nisi prius, a consequence of

commission of assize, ib., note

commission of assize, what, ib.
who shall be justices of assize, and gaol delivery, 267

commission of general gaol delivery, how

directed, ib., note
commission of oyer and terminer, how directed,
268, note

JURISDICTION (continued):

justices of assize, oyer and terminer, and gaol delivery,

to take certain oaths, 268
justices of assize to have commissions sufficient to

inquire of maintainers, common embracers, &c. 269
justices of assize and gaol delivery to hold their sessions

in the principal towns, 269
chief justice of C. B. to be assigned amongst others to

take assizes and deliver goods, ib.
justices of nisi prius shall give judgment in all treasons,

felonies, and misdemeanors, 270
judges empowered to act as judges of gaol delivery, in

their own counties, 273
justices of assize may try offences relating to the king's

stores, 113
justices of oyer and terminer and assize may determine

all forgeries, 210

good men and lawful, &c. shall be assigned to keep the

peace, 273

who shall be justices of the peace, and what authority
they shall have, 274
when the conservators of the peace first acquired

the name of justices, ib., note
quo, whether they may not try prisoners for clipa

ping coin, 275
power of Court of Chancery, as to justices, 276, note
justices of a liberty or corporation may commit offenders

to the house of correction of the county 276
justices may act for two adjoining counties, 277
how far justices of counties may act, as such, within

any city being a county of itself, 278
justices acting in any place not being a county, may

commit offenders to the gaol of the county, ib.
justices may bind over witnesses by recognizance, to

give evidence at the sessions of oyer and terminer,

justices acting for any county at large may act as such

in places, having exclusive jurisdiction, within or

adjoining such county, 280
Time of holding Quarter Sessions :
at what time justices of the peace shall hold their quarter

sessions, 280
when Michaelmas quarter sessions shall be held in

counties in England, 281
JURY, 282

no indictor shall be on inquests of felonies, &c., who is

chargeable with such crimes,
indictor means one of the grand jury, 282, note
of the grand jury, ib.
exceptions to grand juryman allowed after plea of not

guilty, ib.

JURY (continued):

of the effect of the repealed stat. 11 Hen. 4, c. 9, ib.
of preferring a bill before the grand jusy, 283, note
of the evidence relating to it, ib.
no capture without indictment and adjudication, 283
any person worth 401., may be on jury for trials of felo-

nies in corporate towns, ib.
saving of knights and esquires, 284
of the keeping of juries in Wales before verdict, ib.
jurors in Wales, perjuring or otherwise misdemeaning

themselves, liable to imprisonment or fine, ib.
qualifications for serving on jurors in England, 285

in Wales, 286
Exemptions :

aliens, convicts, and outlaws, disqualified, 287
Of issuing the Warrants, fc.
churchwardens, &c. to make alphabetical lists of qualified

lists to be fixed to church-doors and kept by churchwar-

dens for inspection, 288
when the lists are to be altered,
clerk of the peace to insert the lists in the“ jurors' book

for the year,"
form of writ of venire facias and precept to sheriff,
sheriff, coroner, &c. to return names from jurors' book for

the current year, 289
in criminal matters, Court of King's Bench, &c. have power

to issue or order, orally or otherwise,
for return of juries as previously; jurors to be taken from

the county, not the hundreds
in criminal and civil matters, the judges of assize, &c.

may direct, 144
jurors (to be divided into two sets) to serve indiscrimi.

nately for a stated time
sheriff to specify to juror bis set or list, and time of

attendance, 290

to impanel the names alphabetically

and to draw juries from respective lists
in cases of views, trial to proceed during attendance of

the viewers
of summoning jurors for a view
viewers to be sworn first on jury at the trial of the issue,

common juries to be summoned ten days before time of

special juries, three days,
juries in London and Middlesex as before
want of qualification, good cause of challenge
not so want of freehold, where juror otherwise qualified
clause not to extend to special jurors
no challenge for want of a knight's being returned in

panel, 292

JURY (continued):

the king to challenge for cause; cause to be specified
in murder or felony, prisoner may challenge not more

than twenty peremptorily
court of king's bench, &c. may order special jury to be

struck (in all cases except for treason or felony)

before proper officer, upon motion of either party, &c.
qualifications of special jurors,
list of those qualified, called the “special,”
jurors' list to be subjoined to jurors' book, 293
list to be arithmetically numbered, &c.
method of striking special juries
costs and fees, 294
any juror making default (without reasonable excuse) to

be fined
any viewer making default to be fined 101., or more, 295
fine on sheriff for wrong return

on clerk of assize, &c. for false record
of appearance, &c.
sheriff to register in jurors' book names of those who

have served, and to give certificates, on payment of
one shilling, saving in case of grand and special

likewise to register names of those who have served on

grand or petty juires at sessions, from the list made
by the clerk of the peace, and to give certificates
and payment of 1s.
after what time juror may be again summoned

to serve at assizes or sessions,
serving of grand jurors at assize or great ses-

sions and special jurors,
sheriff for money excusing attendance, or not

giving notice in due time, and bailiff sum-
moning those not named in the warrant, to

be fined, 297
other penalties
of juries for trial of aliens,
when justice of peace exempt, 298
when inhabitants of Westminster exempt,
saving in case of juries for a liberty, corporate

town, &c.
qualifications and exemptions in London,
persons not qualified to serve in civil causes,

not to serve on trials for capital offences-

court of nisi prius in London may fine,
qualifications to serve on inquests, the same as

on trials at nisi prius,
saving the right of coroner, in virtue of his

office, and others,
sheriff, coroners, and commissioners, may fine

jurors for non-attendance,

JURY (continued):

of recoveriog fines,
of pleading the general issue for things done in

pursuance of the act--double costs of the

venue, &c.
writs of attaint, &c. abolished,
of proceedings against, and punishment of em.

bracers and corrupt jurors, 300

see tit. Embracery."
Act of 6 Geo. 4, c. 50, not to affect the power of judges,
practice, &c. left unrepealed,

warrant for returning lists of jurors,
precept for returning lists of jurors, 301

form of return, 302
General note.- of the freehold required in the qualifications,

302, note
an M.P. exempt during session,
want of qualification vitiates the verdict,
not so, an excess in the number of jurors,
explanation of sect. 13, 303, note
of the parol award of the judge, at goal deliveries

justices of the peace in cases of

of the venire returnable immediately

in removals by certiorari
explanation of sect. 20, 303, note
of awarding a tales de circumstantibus
of the same under the repealed stats.
of amending and enlarging the panel of the warrants
explanation of sect. 25, 304, note
of the time of a summons
of the sheriff's return
rules in case of a view
view, not granted by judges at assize

ground of removal by certiorari
explanation of sections 27, 28, 29
of challenges

1. Peremptory challenges by prisoner

only on indictments for crimes
number, at common law, 35
under statutes for treason, 35

for murder and felony, 20
beyond legal number, void
II. Challenges for cause; either by the crown

or the prisoner, 304, note
1. To the array
for want of indifference, &c., in

not in person returned to serve
principal, as for partiality
for favour, as on account of re-

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