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forging coin not the money of the realm nor current

therein, &c., 70
blanching copper for sale, or mixing blanched copper with

silver, &c., or taking or paying counterfeit milled

money, &c., felony, 70,71
uttering false money knowingly: first offence, imprison.

ment, &c.; second offence, imprisonment, &c.;

third offence, felony, death, ib,
uttering false money twice within ten days, &c., impri-

sonment; second offence, felony, 72
counterfeiting halfpence or farthings, felony, death, 73
buying, selling, or putting off counterfeit copper money,
felony, ib.

duty of justices, ib., 74
counterfeiting foreign gold or silver coin, felony, under 33

Geo. 2, c. 26
bringing into the realm foreign counterfeit coin, with

intent to utter, felony, 76
tendering in payment ditto; first offence, imprisonment;
second offence, ditto ; third offence, felony, ib.

clerk of assize to certify conviction, ib.

duty of justices, ib., 77
giving or receiving for money more than it is current for

buying or selling clippings, 79
current gold coin shall not be received or paid for more

than its value, 56 Geo. 3, c. 78
observations on the statutes repealed which probibited

the melting of gold and silver coin, 81, note
the 14 Geo. 2, c. 42, relating to the importing light

silver coin, repealed, ib.

of assize to be opened the day subsequent to that named
in the commission, in cases of unforseen accident, 13

the cause to be certified to the chancellor, 14
see further, as to the commissions of assize, gaol deli-

very, &c., title “ Jurisdiction."

in the army, selling for more than regulation price, 90
COMMITMENT, see “ Warrant."
COMMON NUISANCE, see “ Nuisance."
COMPANIES, public, forging the securities of, 158

forging transfers of stock of, 147
COMPASSING the king's death; see High Treason"

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courts may order compensation to those who have been
active in the apprehension of offenders, 81

such orders to be paid by the sheriff, 12
court may order compensation if any man be killed in

attempting to take certain offenders, ib.

the punishment of an informer misbehaving himself in

the prosecution of his suit, &c , 83
construction of the statute of 18 Eliz. c. 5

in the words of Lord Ellenborourgh, 83, note
taking a reward for helping to stolen property, &c. felony,

advertising, &c. liable to penalty of 501. on information,


the birth of a child ; see " Procuring Abortion.

coining tools, 66
CONFESSION ; see “ Examination."
CONVICTIONS, summary, of common assaults, 9

of assaults on seamen to prevent them from working, 8
of assaults with intent to obstruct the buying or selling

of grain, ib.
provisions respecting, 10

limitation of time, 11
terms of conviction, ib.

no certiorari, ib.
of persons convicted of forgery, &c. practising as at.

torneys, 25
under the Larceny Act, 322
under the Malicious Injury Act, 374

under 60 Geo. 3, c. 90, as to selling pamphlets, 357
CORRUPTION ; see, also, Briberyand “ Embracery.

chancellor, &c. how to be sworn, 85
no sheriff shall let bis bailiwick, ib.
buying and selling offices, how punishable under 5 & 6

Ed. 6, c. 16, ib.
statute of Ed. 6 extended to certain offices by 49 Geo. 3,

c. 126, 87
persons under latter statute, buying and selling offices,

&c. guilty of a misdemeanor, 88
persons receiving or paying money for soliciting offices,

&c. guilty of a misdemeanor, 89
regulations as to purchase of commissions by officers in

the army, 89
regulations to prevent corrupt practices in delaying

writs, 91
a new act relative to corrupt practices at elections ad-

verted to, 92, note


his duty upon notice of persons keeping bawdy-houses,

&c., 414
duty of high constable relative to jury-lists, 287, 288
appointment of special, in cases of riot, 550
costs of special constables, 94

assaults on, 8
CORN, setting fire to; see “ Burning.”
COSTS; see “ Warrant."

how awarded in an indictment for nuisance, 434
upon an information against persons for keeping a

gaming-house, 400
in taking a prisoner to gaol, 93, 94
of special constables, 94
of high-constables, 95
court may order payment of the expenses of prosecution

in all cases of felony
allowances to persons attending on recognizance, where

no bill preferred, 96
courts may order payment of expenses in certain cases of
misdemeanor, 96
order for payment to be made out by clerk of

assize, 97
how the expenses shall be paid in places not

contributing to the county rates, ib.
quarter sessions to make regulations as to

costs, 98
costs in court of admiralty, ib.
CUTTING; see “ Malicious Injuries."
DEED, stealing of, 303
DEER, stealing of, 312
DESTROYING GAME; see Poaching."
DEPOSITION; see “ Examination.”
DETAINER, forcible; see “ Forcible Entry.
DISORDERLY HOUSES, indictment for keeping, 416, note

unlicensed places of entertainment to be deemed, 412 ;

see further as to this subject, tit. “ Nuisance."
DIVIDEND-WARRANT, forgery of, 146
DUEL, killing in, murder, 392

the only building in which burglary can be committed,

37, note
EAST INDIA BONDS, forging, 205

by clerks or servants, felony, 99


EMBEZZLEMENT (continued):

distinct acts of embezzlement may be charged

in the same indictment, ib.
by agents, of money intrusted to them specially, a mis-
demeanor, ib.
trustees or mortgagees, proviso in favour of,

in 7 & 8 Geo. 4, c. 29, 100
general observations on embezzlement, 101, note

a count for simple larceny may be joined with

a count for embezzlement, under the pre-

sent statute, 102, note
what will be comprehended under the words,

“ other agent," 102
by bankrupts; see Bankrupt.
at the bank ;

" Bank.'
at the post-office; see Post-Office."
of public money, a misdemeanor; transportation, 110

of the king's stores ; see “ Stores.”
ENTRY, what, in burglary, 39
ENTRY, FORCIBLE; see “ Forcible Entry.
ESCAPE; see “ Prison Breach."

justices of peace have still jurisdiction in, 122, note
necessary form of indictment in, ib.
to charge an officer with, there must have been an actual

arrest, ib.
out of gaol, in cases of trial for; certificate of clerk of the

peace, and due proof of identity, shall be sufficient

evidence of conviction, 124
persons aiding escape, in some cases guilty of felony, in

others of a misdemeanor, 125
conveying disguise to help the escape of a felon, felony

under 16 Geo. 2, c. 31
assisting to escape from a constable, felony under same

act, 126

operation of said act greatly weakened, ib., note
aiding escape of prisoners of war, 127

conveying vizors into prisons to aid escape, ib.
EVIDENCE: witnesses on behalf of prisoner to be sword, 128

power of court to amend record, 120
affirmation of Quakers and Moravians to be received in

criminal cases, 131
form of affirmation
false affirmation punishable as perjury
of the competency of persons interested in the subject of

a forgery to be witnesses for the prosecution
in felony, punishment undergone to have effect of pardon

under the great seal, 132

in misdemeanors (except perjury), punishment under-

gone to render party competent to be a witness, 132

7 Geo. 4, c. 64, justices, before bailing or committing for

felony, to take down examinations in writing, and
bind the witnesses to appear at trial, &c., to sign

examinations, and deliver them into court, 133
so for misdemeanors
upon inquisition for manslaughter or murder, coroner to

do the same
penalty on justice or coroner
provisions of this act to apply to all justices and coroners
of the proof of identity of the examination, 134
of putting in evidence the prisoner's voluntary confes-

sion, &c., ib.
EXCHEQUER BILLS, forgery of, 199

perjury relating to, 482

forging hand-writing of receiver-general of, 134

punishment death, 135
not to cause corruption of blood nor loss of dower
exemption of attorneys
if the bail is not filed, the offence is a misdemeanor,

135, note
of commissioners for taking bail in the country in civil

justices of assize may take bail
punishment for false personating others, so as to subject

them to the payment of money or action of debt,

&c., death
punishment for personating any person entitled to prize.
money, &c., or the executor, &c.,

such person,
transportation for life, &c., or imprisonment, or im.

prisonment and hard labour, &c.
act applies, though party personated be dead, or the

prize-money, &c., be paid, 136, note

5 Ric. 2, st, 1, c. 8, allows only lawful entry, and that

in a peaceable manner
punishment, imprisonment and ransom
in cases of forcible entry and holding, right, &c., justices

or justice to raise the force of the county to arrest

punishment, imprisonment and ransom, 137
15 Ric. 2, c. 2, s. 2, extends power of justices against

those who obtained peaceable entry, but hold on un-

lawfully, &c., &c.
empowers justices to inquire who made forcible entry

&c., 138

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