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10. The RED ROVER. By the Author of “ The Spy," “ The Pilot,” &c. 3 vols.

11. CONFESSIONS of an OLD MAID. In 3 vols. small Svo. " Now, good maids, you do me wrong; marry, do you, if you think I could say aught to shock your self-love ; trust me, I respect your delicacy too much to be guilty of such misdoing."

Old Play.

12. A NEW EDITION of BURKE'S DICTIONARY of the PEERAGE and BARONETAGE of the UNITED KINGDOM, for 1827 ; with Engravings of the Arms, &c. &c. In 1 thick vol. crown 8vo.

The utmost efforts have been made to render the forthcoming Work the most accurate, comprehensive, and concise, which has hitherto appeared upon the subject. In reply to more than eighteen hundred circular letters, transmitted to personages of the first distinction, an unprece dented mass of information has been obtained, and numerous authenticated pedigrees have been courteously submitted to the Editor ; by which means, he has been enabled to deduce the lineage of almost every house from the earliest era, and to intersperse his genealogical details with many interesting anecdotes. The Baronets of Scotland, Nova Scotia, and Ireland, with their anmorial bearings, &c., will form a feature in the New Work, not to be found in any other published since the year 1810. And an Introductory Essay upon the origin of titles of honour in England, with Engravings of the various orders of nobility and knighthood, (from Drawings by Adam Buck,) will considerably augment the interest of the whole.

13. On the 1st of October will be published, THE THIRD NUMBER of the QUARTERLY JOURNAL of SCIENCE, LITERATURE, and ART. (New Series.) Edited at the ROYAL INSTITUTION of Great Britain, By W. T. BRANDE, Esq., F.R.S., Prof. Chem. R.I., &c.

This work will in future be conducted upon a more EXTENDED and POPULAR PLAN than hitherto; and, instead of being chietly confined to the abstract Sciences, and principally addressed to the proficient, it is proposed to render its contents more suitable to the GENERAL READER; for it cannot be denied that the elements of many of the Sciences, when treated in a popular manner, are as interesting in the perusal, as they are useful and important in their results. The subjects discussed will, accordingly, consist chiefly of such Sciences and Arts as are cultivated more or less in DOMESTIC CIRCLES, and which consequently number, among their Students, à large body of Amateurs of both sexes in various classes of society, particularly in the highest; as, for example, CAEMISTRY, BOTANY, HorticuLTURE, GEOLOGY, ASTRONOMY, Natural History, in all its divisions (especially the very attractive one of Zoology), Music, PAINTING, SCULPTURE, and ARCHITECTURE. Popular Treatises on the Medical Art will also be included, particularly as it relates to Diet, Air, EXERCISE, &c.

Another portion of this Journal will be devoted to the Biographies of Scientific Men, and to Reviews of such Publications as may be considered to have relation to the general design of the work; including Voyages and Travels, Books connected with ANTIQUITIES, &c. &c. A full QUARTERLY ABSTRACT will also be given of all that relates to the GENERAL Progress of the Arts in this and other Countries. The PROCEEDINGS of LEARNED BODIES, and of SCIENTIFIC and LITERARY INSTITUTIONS, will thus form a department, in which an opportunity will, doubtless, be offered of furnishing much that is new and interesting. The TRANSACTIONS of the MEMBERS of the Royal INSTITUTION especially, will form a prominent article, and, from their varied nature, may be expected to confer a useful and distinctive character upon the QUARTERLY JOURNAL of Science, LITERATURE, and Art.

COMMUNICATIONS for the Editor are requested to be addressed to the Royal INSTITUTION, Albemarle Street.


1. The LIVES of the Right Hon. FRANCIS NORTII, BARON GUILFORD, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, under King Charles II. and King James II.; the Hon. Sir DUDLEY NORTH, Commissioner of the Treasury to King Charles II. ; and the Hon. and Rev. Dr. JOHN NORTH, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Clerk of the Closet to King Charles II. In 3 vols. 8vo. with Portraits. Price 36s.

" The Diaries of Pepys and Evelyn have presented us with illustrations of the characters and times of the Restoration; and these voluines detail, with minuteness and fdelity, every great political transaction which occurred in the later years of Charles the Second's reiga, and during the short government of his successor. Of the interesting character of that period . one of the most singular ani important of our history'-we are now abundantly informed, since the Lives of the Norths develope the intrigues of James and his partizans, and give us a complete and candid exposition of the objects with which James ascended the throne.

“ This work is an essential link in the chain of English History; and is indispensable to the higher classes of libraries.”—Gents. Mag.

2. BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF BRITISH CHARACTERS deceased since the Accession of George IV.; comprising two hundred and thirty subjects, chronologically arranged, with a List of their engraved Portraits. By WILLIAM MILLER. Handsomely printed in 2 vols. 4to., price 31. 38. Twentyfive Copies only on large Paper, price 101.

“My motive is not to eulogize the dead, by giving a false varnish to glaring defects : it appears to me more useful to society to draw Nature as she is ; to display the defects as well as the beauties; and to show, not by imaginary surmises, but by palpable and undisguised acts, what a mixture of inconsistencies MANKIND is: and if, in this chronological series of recently living Characters, there should be found some few in elevated life, whose glaring vices I have ventured to paint in the honest colouring of indignant truth, let no ungenerous motive be attributed. The instances are not numerous: they, thank God! seldom occur in this country; but whenever decency, decorum, and public opinion are thus, in brond day, set at defiance, the posthumous character of the bold perpetrators cannot be too openly exposed to the scorn and contempt of the rising generation."-Author's Preface.

3. EVELYN'S MISCELLANEOUS WRITINGS; now first collected and edited, with Notes. By William Urcott, of the London Institution, and forming a Supplement to the Évelyn Memoirs. Printed uniformly in 1 vol. royal 4to. with Plates. Price 31. 108. in boards.

The miscellaneous writings of the Philosopher and Naturalist Evelyn (most of which are extremely rare) are here presented to the public in a quarto volume, to range with his “ Diary and Correspondence." These works, with his noble Discourse on Forest Trees under the title of “ Sylva," comprise the whole body of Evelyn's productions. The tracts forming the present volume are, more or less, on subjects of great interest, including lively pictures of the manners and amusements of his time; Memoirs, political, domestic, and religious; Treatises on Morals, Horticulture, Art, Science, Commerce, &c.: in all of which the sound intellect of this " amiabla and high-minded English Gentleman" will be traced.

The POLITICAL PRIMER; or, Road to Public Honours. 1 vol. small 8vo. 68. 6d.

" This is a book of very considerable talent, and well worthy the attention of readers, both for the information which it contains, and the style in which it is written."— Times.

We have been not a little gratitied by a small volume, just published, under the title of • The Political Primer, or Road to Public Honours.' The Author displays no slight knowledg> of human nature, and of the arts by which public men in this country make the people subservient to their views. There are, here and there in it, passages calculated to elevate the views of the political aspirant, and displaying a considerable power of thinking."-Morning Chronicle, June 26, 1826. “The Political Primer' is a very clever book,"— Literary Chronicle, July 1, 1826.

5. The LIFE and CORRESPONDENCE of MAJOR CART. WRIGHT. Edited by his Niece, F. D. CARTWRIGHT. 2 vols. 8vo. with Portrait, &c. 288.

“This is an entertaining and curious piece of biography. To our mind, the interest of these volumes lies not nearly so much either in their political matter, nor even in their literary curiosities, as in a much more simple attraction-their character as a piece of private biographr, and striking delineation of individual peculiarities. In these respects, the work formis what s painter would call an admirable study of human nature. It is the production of Major Cart wright's niece and adopted daughter, who lived under his roof from early infaney, who knew the man thoroughly, and appears to have borne to him all the affection of a child. She has had as cess to all his papers, she possesses a full family aequaintance with the whole current of his life, And he seems to have designed her bimself for the office which she has undertaken."-Monthly Review, July, 1826.

6. IMAGINARY CONVERSATIONS of LITERARY MEN and STATESMEN. By WALTER SAVAGE LANDOR, The Second Edition, corrected and enlarged, in 2 vols. 8vo. 288.

CONTENTS, Richard I. and the Abbot of Boxley.-The Lord Brooke and Sir Philip Sydney,– King Henry IV. and Sir Arnold Savage.--Southey and Porson.--Oliver Cromwell and Walter Noble.--Aschines and Phocian.-Queen Elizabeth and Cecil.--King James I. and Isaac Casaubon.--Marchese Pallavicini and Walter Landor.-General Kleber and some French Officers.-Bishop Burnet and Humphrey Hardcastle.-Peter Leopold and the President Du Paty. - Demosthenes and Eubulides. -'Bonaparte and the President of the Senate. - The Abbé Delille and Walter Landor.-The Emperor Alexander and Capo d'Istria.- Kosciuske and Poniatowski. - Middleton and Magliabeehi.-Milton and Andrew Marvel-Washington and Franklin.-Roger Ascham and the Lady Jane Grey.-Lord Bacon and Richard Hooker. General Lacy and the Curate Merino.--Pericles and Sophocles.-Louis XIV, and Pere la Chaise.-Samuel Johnson and Horne Tooke.-Cavaliere Puntomichino and Mr. Denis Eusebius Talcranagh.-Andrew Hofer, Count Metternich, and the Emperor Francis.-David Hume and John Home.- Prince Mavrocordato and General Colocotroni. --Alferi and Salomon, the Florentine Jew.-Lopez Banos and Romero Alpuente.-Lord Chesterfield and Lord Chatham.Aristoteles and Callisthenes. - Henry VIII. and Anne Boleyn.—Marcus Tullius Cicero and his Brother, Quinctos.

17. SYLVA; or, A Discourse of FOREST TREES and the Propagation of TÍMBER, with an Historical Account of the Sacredness and V'se of Standing Groves. To which is added, TERRA, a Philosophical Discourse of Earth. By JOHN EVELYN, F.R.S., with Notes by A. Hunter, M.D., F.R.S., &c. The Fifth Edition, revised, in 2 vols. royal 4to., printed uniformly with“ “ Evelyn's Memoirs," and embellished with 46 Plates. Price 41. 10s. boards.

“ A diligent perusal of this noble work may animate our nobility and gentry to improve their estates by the never failing methods therein recommended. All persons, indeed, who are owners of land, may find infinite delight as well as profit, in this book. To these,' says Evelyn, my earnest advice should be, -that at their first coming to their estates, they would seriously think of the propagation of wood; for I observe there is no part of husbandry which men covimonly more fail in, neglect, and have cause to repent of, than that they did not begin planting betimes.'

8. SECRET MEMOIRS of the COURT of FRANCE, during the Residence (above 30 years) of the MARQUIS DE DANGEAU. Now first translated from the French; with Historical and Critical Notes, by an ANONYMOUS Counties of the same period. In 2 vols. 8vo. 288. The same in French, 3 vols. 28s.

“ The Memoirs of the Marquis de Dangeau are curious, and certainly include a great deal of valuable information. Those who have a taste for this kind of writing, and some previous knowledge of the personages to whom it relates, will be pleased at meeting so many of their oll friends, and amused with the transactions, great and small, which Dangeau records of them ; while those who look still deeper into the work will find a great deal of chronological and some historical information, with many important views of the manners and morals of the age of the character of the Sovereigo and his Ministers, and of the secret springs and personal motives of many considerable events."-Quarterly Review.

9. MATILDA: a Tale of the Day. Fourth Edition, in 2 vols small 8vo. 14s

10. FOUR YEARS in FRANCE; or, Narrative of an English Family's Residence there during that Period. 8vo. 148. : * Having lived between three and four months in Paris, and between three and four years in the South of France with my family, I have made observations, which I hope may be useful to those who have the same plan of foreign residence or travel, and not less interesting, both to them, and to those who are content with their English home, than the remarks of a more hasty tourist. The care of a household, and of the education of children, brings the head of the family to the knowledge of many circumstances and combinations which escape the notice of the single traveller ; and intercourse with the society of a place during a sojourn, gives some insight into the character, some perception of the manners and opinions of a people," --INTRODUCTION.

11. The DIARY and CORRESPONDENCE of SAMUEL PEPYS, Esq., F.R.S., Secretary to the Admiralty in the Reigns of Charles II. and James II., and the intimate Friend of the celebrated John Evelyn. Edited by RICHARD, LORD BRAYBROOKE. In 2 vols. royal 4to. printed uniformly with “Evelyn's Memoirs,” and embellished with Portraits and other Engravings by the first Artists. Price 61. 6s. boards.

4 There is much (in Pepys's Diary) that throws a distinct and vivid light over the picture of England and its government, during the ten years succeeding the Restoration.', - Quarterly Review.

12. The POSTHUMOUS WORKS of MRS. ANNE RADCLIFFE, Author of the “ Romance of the Forest,” “Mysteries of Udolpho," “ Italian,” &c., comprising GASTON DE BLONDEVILLE; or the Court of HENRY III., KEEPING FESTIVAL IN ARDENNE, a Romance; and St. Alban's ABBEY; a Metrical Tale, with numerous other Poetical Pieces. To which is prefixed a Memoir of the Author, with Extracts from her Journals. Published from the Originals, in the possession of Wm. Radcliffe, Esq. In 4 vols. post 8vo. 388.

“Mrs. Radcliffe's last Romance is likely to attract, in no common degree, the attention of the literary world. The delicacy of her sentiments, the force and beauty of her reflections, and the splendour of her imagination, are conspicuous in every page.-British Préss.

" This Romance, if not so elaborate in its story as the · Udolpho,' • The Italian,' or the · Romance of the Forest,' has obtained strength by its concentration; and in its subject is more solemn and touching."- Literary Gazette.

13. DE VAVASOUR: a Tale of the Fourteenth Century. 3 vols. post 8vo. 31s. 6d.

** We feel confident in stating that this tale is the produetion of Lord Bles sinton."-Literary Gazette, May, 1826.

“ His Lordship has chosen a remote era, and has carried to his investigation the lighthearted, and, we were about to say, insolent spirit of curiosity which characterizes the modern temper; and accordingly he has drawn a picture, which we feel to be unusual, but are inclined to suspect may be true,"--New Monthly Magazine, June. 1826.

14. The GERMAN NOVELISTS: Tales selected from ancient and modern Authors in that Language, from the earliest period to the close of the Eighteenth Century; with Critical and Biographical Notices. By THOMAS ROSCOE, Esq. In 4 vols. post 8vo. Price 38s.

" It will, we doubt not, be acknowledged, that Mr. Roscoe has accomplished his interesting, but laborious task, with great credit to his own skill and research ; and' has produced one of be most valuable books to be found in the whole circle of fiction." -Morning Chronicle.

15. SANDOVAL; or, The Freemason. A Tale of the SPANISH REVOLUTION. By the Author of "Don Esteban." In 3 vols. post 8vo. 28s.6d.

This work is the production of a Spanish gentleman, who was personally concerned in the scenes he describes. The private history of the Court at Madrid--the Amours of its imbecile Monarch-the Lives and Luxuries of the Monks-the Atrocities of the Magistracy, and the horrible systein of Espionage-are all unmasked with great dramatic effect.

16. The PLAIN SPEAKER; OPINIONS on Books, Men, and Things. By the Author of “Table Talk." 2 vols. 8vo. 24s.

“A work which will be found singularly attractive from the novelty of the subjects, and the powerful manner in which they are treated. The Author, whoever he may be, seems determined to justify the title he has chosen for his work, especially in the anecdotes and remarks on individuals collaterally inte oduced, among whom appear very prominently, Lord Byron, Thomas Moore, Horne Tooke, the Author of Waverley, Sheridan, Burke, Southey, Godwin, Bentham, Canning, Cobbett, Blackwood, Marquis Wellesley, Wilberforce, Sir Hudson Love, Croker,

the Duke of Wellington, Gifford, Leigh 'Hant, Owen of New Lanark, Irving of the Caledonian Chapel, Erskine, the Westminster Reviewers, Kean, Lord Eldon, Mr. Hobhouse, the Duke of Bedford, and many others."

17. LETTERS on ENGLAND. By the Count DE SOLIGNY. Containing free Remarks on the present state of Society and Manners, Arts, Literature, Amusements, &c. In 2 vols. post 8vo. 218.

18. TABLE TALK; or, DELINEATIONS of MEN and MANNERS. The Second Edition, in 2 vols. 8vo. price 21s.

Vol. 2 may be bad separately to complete sets. * We are acquainted with no other living writer who can depict the intricacies of human chatacter with so firm and masterly a hand; who can detect with so fine an intuition the essences of opinion and prejudice, or follow with so unerring a skill the subtle windings of the deepest affections."-Edinburgh Review.

19. LETTERS from the Hon. HORACE WALPOLE to the Rev. William Cole and others, from the year 1745, to the year 1782. Published, by permission, from the originals. Printed uniformly with the Letters to George Montagu. The Second Edition, in 4to. price 21s.

The acknowledged excellence of the Letters of Horace Walpole must render this volume highly acceptable. It contains the greater part, if not the whole, of his Correspondence with the Rev. William Cole, during a period of twenty years. Mr. Cole was a distinguished antiquary, better known by the assistance he gave to others, than by publications of his own. He was Vicar of Burnham, in the county of Buoks, and died Dec. 16th, 1782, in his sixty-eighth year, within six weeks of the date of the last letter in this collection.

20. The CORRESPONDENCE of HORACE WALPOLE, EARL of ORFORD, now first collected: comprising his Letters to George Monlagu, Esq.; the Rev. William Cole; the Hon. Mr. Conway; Richard West, Esq. Mr. Gray; Lady Hervey ; Rev. Mr. Birch ; Richard Bentley, Esq.; the Countess of Ailesbury; Hon. G. Hardinge; the Earl of Strafford, John Chute, Esq.; Mrs. Hannah More; David Hume ; Lady Craven; Mr. Nicholas ; W. Roscoe, Esq.; Rev. Wm. Mason, &c. &c. Four handsome vols. 8vo. with Portrait, 21. 88. boards.

" The letters of Horace Walpole are masterpieces in their way that in which they shine unrivalled, is their accurate reflection of the passing scenes of each day, pointed by remarks equally witty and sarcastic. A new Democritus seems to have assumed the pen, to sneer at the gráve follies of the human species."- Quarterly Review.


HISTORICAL VIEW of the LITERATURE of the SOUTH OF EUROPE. By M. DE SISMONDI. Translated from the Original, with Notes. By THOMAS ROSCOE, Esq., in 4 large vols. 8vo. price 21. 168. boards.

Vols. III. and IV. containing the Spanish and Portuguese Writers, may be had separately to complete sets.

* This is a valuable and interesting work. It presents a broad and general view of the rise and progress of modern literature, which will be read by those who are uninformed on the subject with equal gratification and improvement."-New Times,

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