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Edition; in which are given, a Compendium of French Cookery, a New System of Fashionable Confectionary, a Selection of Cheap Dishes, and above 200 additional Receipts By Mrs MARGARET Dons, of the Cleikum Inn, St Ronan's; in one thick rolume lazy, 78.6d, boards

Extracts from Reviews of the First Edition of this work. * We have no hesitation saying, if the humorous introduction is not written by Sir Walter Scott, the author of it possesses a singular talent of mimicking his best cornic manner, and has preces us with an imitation of the great novelist, as remarkable for its fidelity, facility, and cleverness, as ary thing in the Rejected Addresses The remarks on keeping game, we should not ounit to say, are en bold and judicious."-- Monthly Review.

“We confidently recommend the Cook and Housewife's Manual to all mistresses of families, and, short, to all whom it may concern ; and that is no small number of his Majesty's liege subjects ought to add, that in the receipts a due regard is had to economy." --Literary Chronicle.

" You are one of the greatest characters of the age; and it is our intention, as the summer adres, to make a journey to the north on purpose to see you, Mrs Dods ;-a sort of gastronomie pilgrimage to the Cleikum Inn."--New Monthly Magazine.

“ The introduction and notes are adorned by learning, wit, and humour, worthy to entertain a mas culine and cultivated mind; the receipts are all practicable, and many of them rare or new; and the style, though plain, is spirited and clegant." -Ackermann's Repository.

“ The Encyclopædia Britannica, and the Housewife's Manual, are alike an honour to Scotland, they are both the result of a combination of its living genius and enterprise."--Neres of Literettere and Fashion.

“ The individual who has ingeniously personated Meg Dods is evidently no ordinary writer; and the book is really most excellent miscellaneous reading.--Here we have twenty or thirty grave, sobe, is structive, business-like pages, right on end, without one particle of wit whatever ; then cone as many more sprinkled with facetia and then half a dozen of broad mirth and merriment. This alternatien of grave and gay is exceedingly agreeable." --Blackwood's Magazine.

“ It is, in short, a system of domestic management displayed on the favourite framework of a Nere The idea is ingenious, and the execution amusing."--Constable's Edinburgh Magazine.

“ To speak seriously, this book is evidently got up by some person who knows la Cuisine weil, ai something else besides. There are both wit and learning in it; and these not stuck on like the super Auous bay-leaves which grace a pyramid of jelly, but entering, like well-prepared condiments, inso its very substance." --Scotsman.

“On the whole, we conceive this volume a valuable compendium of culinary knowledge, displaying more talent and intelligence than have usually been devoted to the homely

but important affairs of the dining-room, pantry, and kitchen."-Edinburgh Courant.


Use of Schools and Private Students, from the latest and best Authorities, including al the Elements of Astronomy, an Account of the Solar System, and a Variety of Problems to be solved by the Terrestrial and Celestial Globes ; 12mo, 48, 6d. bound; or with nine

Maps, 6s. 64. “ An attentive perusal of this System of Geography has convinced us that it far excels any contentporary publication on the same scale. The whole work is arranged with much perspicuity, and every department evinces talent and industry: With

these claims, it is not surprising that Mr Ewing's work should have passed through several editions-a circumstance of which that gentleman has availed himself to enlarge and greatly improve it."--Literary Chronicle.

“We have examined this work with care, for the sake of our children, and can speak with decisinm both as to its plan and execution. It has reached a seventh edition, and we doubt not will always re main a standard work."--Evangelical Magazine.

“ This is one of the best school-books that we have seen. It is clear and methodical, simple in point of style, copious in its details, correct and

recent in its information. We learn that it has been adorte ook in many large seminaries in Britain and America; and, what can be said of few punts tions of the kind, it may be recommended as an excellent manual for grown-up persons, who want to ney to purchase, or time to peruse, more bulky works."-Scotsman.


EDUCATION in FRANCE, and of the Laws, Regulations, and Courses of Study in the different Faculties, Colleges, and Inferior Schools, which now compose the Royal University of that Kingdom; preceded by a Short History of the University of Paris before the Revolution. By David Johnston, M.D., Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, &c. ; 8vo, 68. 6d. boards. " Briefly to convey some farther idea of the most characteristic features and claims to public notice of this elaborate and well-digested treatise-conferring a degree of public benefit at the present momentit may be observed, that, full of information and judicious remarks, as it appears, nothing has been advanced that is not founded upon official documents and personal observation, during a residence, as we are informed, of considerable length in France. "Now Monthly Magacine.

** See also Quarterly Review, Monthly Magazine, Literary Chronicle, Scotsman, &c. &c.

as a cla

VIII. THE HISTORY of SCOTLAND, from the Roman Invasion

till the Suppression of the Rebellion in 1745; with Exercises ; for the Use of Schools, or of Private Students. By the Rev. ALEXANDER STEWART, Minister of Douglas, Author of &" Continuation of Dr Goldsmith's England," Editor of an “ Improved Edition of Cor. nelius Nepos," &c. &c. in one thick volume 12mo, 58. bound. “Of Mr Stewart we had cause to speak in very favourable terms for his edition of Nepos; and we now owe him a higher obligation for this well-written history, than which one more eligible could not be put into the hands

of youth.-Mr Stewart has merited the thanks of both old and young by the able manner in which he has performed his well-meant task."--Literary Gazette.

“ The arrangement is, in our opinion, altogether admirable ; indeed we have rarely met with a work so completely fitted either for the school-mom or the private student."-Literary Chronicle.

This work cannot fail of being regarded as a valuable addition to our elementary literature."-La Belle Assemblet.

“This is a work of great labour and merit, and well deserves the patronage of all enlightened instructors of the rising generation." --- Evangelical Magazine.

“ Mr Stewart's Continuation of Goldsmith's History of England, and the work now before us, are evidently the result of reading at once extensive and careful."-Edinburgh Theological Magazine.

“We certainly think that Mr Stewart has acquitted himself very ably in his task, and produced a History of Scotland that may be allowed to stand beside our Goldsmith's History of England. The volume comprises nearly as much reading as Dr Robertson's two octavo volumes, which sell for four times the price."Particular Baptist Magasine.

This is a very able, impartial, and well-digested narrative. The author has had recourse to the most authentic sources of information, and has displayed much judgment in rejecting what is obscure and uncertain, in giving a rapid sketch of unimportant occurrences, and in laying before his readers an ample detail of all important and interesting events." --Educational Review.


of Stories selected from the History of England; 18mo, 28. 6d, half-bound. " This little book is admirably adapted to impress on the minds of children the leading and most interesting events and characters of Scottish history.. The Stories are told with that clearness and simplicity which are peculiarly valuable in works of this nature."-London Reviere.


M.R.I. and M.A.S., late Private Secretary to the Marquis of Hastings, Governor-General of India; 4to, uniformly printed with Dr Todd's Edition of Johnson's Dictionary ; 18s, boards.

The object of this work is to trace the descent of English words; their affinity with the different dialects of Gothic spoken in Europe ; and the connexion between our own and some other tongues both of Europe and Asia, --without introducing any remarks where the general meaning is obvious.

x. NOUVEAU COURS de LITTERATURE; ou Repertoire des

Chefs-d'Euvre de Corneille, Racine, Voltaire, Moliere, La Fontaine, &c. ; suivi des Com. mentaires de Laharpe, et precede d'un choix des plus beaux Morceaux, en Vers et en Prose, des plus celebres Ecrivains Francais; avec des Notes Biographiqnes et Chronologiques sur les Personnages et les Evenemens dont il est fait mention dans l'Ouvrage. A l'Usage de l'Academie d'Edimbourg. Par C. P. BUQUET, Professeur de Langue Francaise

a l'Academie d'Edimbourg ; 12mo, 6s. 6d. boards, or 78. bound. “ Considerable judgment has been displayed in the choice of pieces; and from this many advantages are derived. Not only is a knowledge of the language gained, but the taste is cultivated, and ideas as well as words acquired. It is a most useful volume to all students of a language now almost absolutely necessary."-Literary Gazette.

“M. Buquet has culled, from the most admired authors in all the various departments of French literature, an instructive mass of excellence, free from a single line calculated to offend the most scrupulous render."--Literary Chronicle.

“We have here a collection of specimens, chosen with great care, of many of the most celebrated French writers, prose as well as poetical, which, without reference to its utility as an elementary work, is extremely valuable and instructive in itself. It is, in fact, to French, what

the Scrap Book is to English literature the best and most tasteful selection from any foreign language extant."-Literary Magnet.



COMPANION; containing a concise Introduction to French Pronunciation, som Vocabulary of Familiar Words, and a Selection of Phrases on the most com useful Subjects; also a Series of Conversations on a Tour to France, descriptive Public Buildings, Institutions, Curiosities, Manners, and Amusements of the Free Capital ; with an Introduction to Epistolary Correspondence, Directions to Trees and Tables of French and British Monies : to which are added, The Statistics et Pa and comparative Tables of French and British Weights and Measures. By Gurne SURENNE, F.A.S.E., &c.; Second EDITION; royal 18mo, with a Map of France si

Plan of Paris, 43. half-bound “ This really elever little work combines the advantages of a guide to the traveller, with the qualities of a class-book for the student; and by it a person may gain a knowledge of France des guage at the same time. The pronunciation of the French language is exhibited in a way which be of infinite advantage to a scholar or traveller.'-Literary Chronicle

“M. Surenne's New French Manual will be found a very useful pocket-companion for opeters travellers."--Gentleman's Magazine.

“ The idea of combining a class-book for instruction in the French language, with a guide to traveller in France, is original.-Every one who wishes to be correct in the pronunciation and FINN of the French language, and every one who intends to travel in France, and to acquire each a quaintance with whatever is most worthy of being known in its capital, will do well to avaa hasi. the important assistance which this work will afford him."-Edinburgh Theological Magasins


Step to the English Language : containing a Vocabulary of Easy and Familiar Wars arranged under distinct Heads; and a Selection of Phrases on Subjects of the most is quent Occurrence; royal 18mo, Is. 6d.



trated by the Method of Teaching the LOGIC CLASS in the University of Glasgow; të gether with Observations on the Expediency of extending the Practical System to obe Academical Establishments, and on the propriety of making certain Additions to the Course of Philosophical Education in Universities. By George JARDINE, A.M., F.R.SE Professor of Logic and Rhetoric in that University ; SECOND EDITion, enlarged; post Spa, 10s. 6d. boards.

_" It is the production of an experienced teacher, as well as of a sensible and conscientious : and contains much valuable matter, in the nature of remarks on the present mode of teaching in sur universities, with suggestions towards a reform. We would gladly have analyzed it for the beneste our readers; but as it is not a long work, while it is written in a plain sensible manner, and in an iom ble style, we shall rather recommend it to their own perusal."-Westminster Reviete.

“ Independent of the merits of this work, as combining an excellent system of education, it indiuis some admirable and well-written essays on the science of the human mind, the origin and progres af written language, the improvement of the memory, the culture of the imagination, the elements of taste, and a variety of other subjects."-Literary Chronicle.


an Attempt to trace such Illusions to their Physical Causes ; by SAMUEL HIBBERT, ALD, F.R.S.E., Secretary to the Society of Scottish Antiquaries, &c.; SECOND EDITION, E

larged; post Svo, 12s. boards. _“We have read this interesting volume with much pleasure. The account of the opinions formerly entertained of the origin, nature, and power of spirits, is particularly valuable."-Westminster Rerise.

_"Viewed in the light of a medical guide, it cannot fail to prove of great advantage as well to the professional student as to the general reader. We are now reluctantly compelled to leave this atnost and most instructive volume; but we cannot permit ourselves to finish our very imperfect review of it, without recommending to our readers, not only the book itself, but more particularly the principle upan which it is written, the attempt to trace all spectral illusions to their physical cause." - British Critic

“That a subject of universal interest has been treated in such a manner as to make a book of instrue tion and entertainment,

of learned and pleasing literary illustration, of judicious remark, of anecdok and of story, need only be known to become popular."Literary Gazette.


with NOTES. Translated from the French of A. M. LEGENDRE, Member of the Institute and of the Legion of Honour, and of the Royal Societies of London and Edinburgh, &c. Edited by David BREWSTER, LL.D., F.R.S.L., and Secretary to the Royal Society of Edinburgh, &c. &c. With Notes and Additions, and an Introductory Chapter on Propor.

tion; 8vo, with Wood Cuts, 10s. 6d. boards. "We must, however, take leave of Legendre's Treatise, which we cannot sufficiently recommend. The Elements of Lacroix are also extremely valuable, though not marked so strongly as the preceding with the characters of originality and invention."-Edinburgh Review, vol. XV. pp. 2, 3, & 1.

-“The consequence has been, a series of treatises, some of them very inferior, but gradually improving, so as recently, in the hands of Legendre, to have reached a degree of ercellence that in many respects surpasses even that of the Greek geometer.- Edinburgh Review, vol. XX. p. 80.

“ To such as are entering on the study of geometry, we would recommend any of the following works: -Simson's Euclid, Playfair's Geometry, Legendre's Geometry, Leslie's Geometry. Indeed we would recommend the perusal of Legendre's work with any of the others. We have chiefly kept it in view in drawing up the following article."-Article Geometry in the Edinburgh Encyclopeedia

-" There is one, however, which we must particularly mention, on account of its great excellence, and the use we have made of it in the system we are now to present to our readers. It is that of Mr Legendre, which we consider as the most complete and extensive that has yet appeared."- Article Geometry in the Encyclopædia Britannica.

XV. JOHNSON'S DICTIONARY in Miniature ; improved and

enlarged by GEORGE FULTON, Author of a Pronouncing Dictionary, Spelling-Book, &c. : to which are subjoined, Vocabularies of Classical and Scriptural Proper Names; a concise Account of the Heathen Deities; a Collection of Quotations and Phrases from the Latin, French, Italian, and Spanish Languages; a Chronological Table of Remarkable Events from the Creation of the World till the present Time; and a brief List of Men of Genius and Learning; with a Portrait of Dr Johnson ; SIXTH EDITION ; 18mo, price only 38. bound.

In this edition, it has been the object of the Publishers to present such a work as may be useful to every class of readers not merely to those who are only acquiring a knowledge of the niceties of English pronunciation, but to every person desirous of speaking or writing his native language with precision.

With this view, the first attention of the Editor has been given to accurate accentuation; and he trusts it will be perceived that the method of placing the accentual mark, which has been adopted in this work, is not only preferable to that employed in all former miniature editions of the Dictionary, but what is of the first importance is such as cannot be mistaken by any reader of ordinary attention.

Much labour has been bestowed in selecting, from the lexicographers who have succeeded Dr Johnson, such words as seemed necessary for rendering this work a complete repository of the treasures of the English language.

It is enriched, also, with carefully-accented Vocabularies of Classical and Scriptural Proper Names, - concise Account of the Heathen Deities, -a Collection of Phrases from the Latin, French, Italian, and Spanish Languages, a Chronological Table of Remarkable Events, and a Historical Record of Men of Genius and Learning.

In short, the Publishers have spared neither pains nor expense to render this work in all respects accurate and complete ; and they anticipate with confidence, that its superiority, to all other abridged ediLions of the large Dictionary, will speedily be acknowledged.

With all these advantages, it is offered to the Public at a price as low as the most common editions.


for Private Persons and Families; New EDITION ; post 8vo, 8s. boards, and demy 12mo,

58. 6d. “Let my prayer be set forth before thee as incense, and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice." - Psalm cxll. 2.

This work is divided into the Four following Parts :-). Prayers for Private Persons, adapted to the different Days of the Week, to Sacramental Sabbaths, and Days of Humiliation.-. Family Prayers for the Sabbath-day.-3. Prayers for Persons who are in peculiar Circumstances.-4. A copious Selection of Prayers entirely in the Language of Scripture.-The Work is introduced by Two Discourses explanatory of the Lord's Prayer.

It has been the object of the Author, by combining simplicity of language with elevation and Christian fervour of sentiment, to render this volume a suitable Manual of Devotion for persons of all ranks.


cffectually among THE HEATHEN. By the SERAMPORE MISSIONARIES; 18mo, Is. 6d, cloth.



the AGED. By the Rev. HENRY BELFRAGE, D.D., 12mo, 8s. boards.

“The aged, we think, are too much neglected from the pulpit and the press, and it is, the with the greater pleasure that we apprise our readers, that Dr Belfrage bas devoted a rousse as courses to them. His Sacramental Addresses, his Family Monitor, and his Guide to the Lord's in will sufficiently prepare the Christian Church for a due estimate of the seasonable work befes ! which it is but justice to state, that it surpasses his former productions in the very qualities ar they are so justly celebrated, viz. pathos and melting devotion.”—Evangelical Magasine.

" While we consider all the works of our author as valuable, we would especially record Sermons to the Young, his Family Monitor, and these Discourses to the Aged, as on the who cellent economy of the Christian life, from childhood and youth to old age and death. -Esberg Christian Instructor.

"On all topics of a devotional nature, the author displays a richness and a fertility of expresa > culiarly his own."-Edinburgh Theological Magasine.

" This volume is the production of a clear head and an amiable heart, and every pege of k ses with good sense and unaffected piety.”—Literary Chronicle.

Also, by the same author, uniformly printed with the above,

A MONITOR to FAMILIES; or, Discourses on some of the

Duties and Scenes of Domestic Life; SECOND EDITION ; 7s.6d. boards.

PRACTICAL DISCOURSES, intended to promote the Inprovement and Happiness of the Young; THIRD EDITION, enlarged ; 78. 6d boards.

This edition contains four additional Discourses, a limited number of which has been pre separately, for the accommodation of those who possess the former editions, under the title of EXAMPLES and COUNSELS for the MORAL GUIDANCE

of YOUTH; 12mo, Is. 6d. stitched.

A GUIDE to the LORD'S TABLE, in the Catechetical Form;

to which are added, AN Address to Applicants for Admission to it, and some Meditatips to aid their Devotions : Second Edition, improved ; 18mo, price only 6d.


TUTION, with its Untransferrable Obligations and Peculiar Advantages. By the Bes.

CHRISTOPHER ANDERSON, post 8vo, 10s. 6d. boards. “This book deserves a careful perusal, and an extensive circulation. It presents to the reader SE tural principles, striking exemplifications, and judicious advices, on a subject of vital importance de church and to the world."-Evangelical Magazine.

“ There is so much that is calculated to be useful to Christian parents, that we beg leave to rese mend it very strongly to their consideration."--Congregational Magasine.

“To the heads of all Christian families, as well as to adult children and servants, it may safely be recommended as the best

manual extant in the English language on domestic duties." —Methodist Vargas zine.

“ 'The sketches of Scripture characters are drawn by a master's hand, and the biographical notices et celebrated men and women in modern times are admirable."-Baptist Magazine.

XX. A TREATISE on the SABBATH; or, Illustrations of the

Nature, Obligations, Change, Proper Observance, and Spiritual Advantages of that Holy Day. By the Rev. John Glen, Minister of the Chapel in Portobello ; 12mo, 5s. boards.

" Mr Glen has presented the public with a very excellent work on a most important subject. This small volume possesses no ordinary merit. It obviously comes from the hand of a master, wbo las thought much and correctly

on the subject which he discusses, and who has written upon it in a styk plain, perspicuous, and unaffected. Our author does not confine himself to the illustration of practical topics, but argues the doctrine of the Sabbath with great energy and propriety, in a manner, we think, calculated to make a very favourable impression on the mind of every candid and Intelligent reader, Christian Recorder.

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