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fit which the capital in her possession yields, 391-2—is always tend-

ing to the same common level, 393—Corn Laws, 401.
Public Debt, Table of Expenditure for 1826, 396—the field for retrench-

ment more limited than generally supposed, 397—the army, 398
-the navy, 399--might be materially reduced by an improved sys-
tem of Commercial Legislation, 400—Corn Laws, 401-3—and other
monopolies, 404-5—scheme for discharging the National Debt, 407
-difficulty of apportioning the 'assessment in this scheme, no rea-
son for not adopting it, 409—other objections considered, 410-414.

Reason and Understanding, distinction between, and province of each,

Record Commission, superiority of Mr Palgrave's collection to all

others, 475-6—variety in the composition of Parliaments, 480-2—

subsidies, 487-9.
Republican Sect in England, character of, 261.
Richter, remarks on Doering's Biography of this author, 179—sketch

of his life and character, 180-1-critique on his writings, 182-3—
his fantastic style, 185—his humour of a high order, 187—his no-

vels, 192—and philosophy, 192-3—specimen of his style, 194.
Royal Society, minor institutions, 356—controversy between the Bo-

tanists and Mathematicians, 358—influence of high rank, indepen-
dent of literary attainments, 358— disproportioned eulogy, 359—
award of the prize to Mr Arago, 363—to Mr Ivory, 366–extracts
from the President's Discourses, 364-367.

Slare Trade, the mitigation and extinction of Slavery, the only secu-

rity for the abolition of the Trade, 490-2—fluctuations in the value

of slaves, 493—advantages of free labour, 494-6.
Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, 225—origin of the So-

ciety, 235—an abortive attempt at competition, 230—Library of the
People, 235—comparative cheapness, 239—merits of the Treatise
on Animal Mechanics, 519—and the price of it contrasted with Mr

Paxton's Edition of Paley, 524.
South America, Travels in, by Captain Andrews, 497—crossing the

Pampas, 501--expiring influence of the Priesthood, 50— locusts,
502—conduct of the Spaniards, 503— Tucuman, 505—magnificent
scenery, 506—singular tract of country, 507— Potosi, 508— Bolivar,
510—view of the Pacific, 512.

Taste, in what it consists, 375—the influence of rank has no special

concern in its culture, 316—the Germans vindicated from a charge

of deficiency in it, 319–Lessing, a brilliant example of purity of, 320.
Taxation, effect of, on our cotton manufacture, 31-pernicious con-

sequences resulting from immoderate, 390 and 394-checks the pro-
gress of a country, by driving its capital and industry abroad, 392-3
-a reduction of, necessary to the prosperity of this country, 394-5
-Expenditure of the United Kingdom for 1826, 395—advantages
of an improved system of commercial legislation, 400—Corn Laws,
401-monopoly of the West India Planters, the East India Com-
pany, and the Canada merchants, 404-5—taxable income of Great
Britain, 408.

Venice, critique on Gallicioli's history, 76-origin of its inhabitants,

80-1-constitution and history, 81-106.

Wages, in France and England contrasted, 28—their effects on the

price and profits of cotton manufacture, 29-30—a tax on, has almost
invariably the effect of proportionally increasing their amount, 391

and 410.
West Indian Slavery, testimony against, by Dr Laurence, 300.
West Indian Mulattoes, the exclusion of their evidence, 219_cannot

exercise the elective franchise, 220_effect and injustice of these
disabilities, 221-4.


No. XCIII. will be published in January, 1828.






IT combines the advantage of the Stanhope forn with the fullest power that belongs to any Press now in use; it is so easily worked that a boy of fourteen years of age can bring off the heaviest impression ; and being made of wrought Iron, it is secure from breaking by the exercise of its utmost power.

In aildition to these advantages, its cheapness will secure a preference.

The Press being put together from several separate pieces, is very portable and of easy con. veyance; accurate directions are sent for the erection of them.

Mr. Hope has recently effected an important improvement at the head of the Press, by which the workman is enabled to regulate the power with the greatest facility.

Foolscap Size, including Tympans and three Friskets, Size of Plattin, 18 by 13 in. £30 Os.
Demy Size, ditto ditto........

ditto 22 by 18 in. £42 Os. Royal Size, ditto ditto........

ditto 25 by 19 in. £52 10s. Super Royal Size, ditto ditto

ditto 27 by 20 in. £55 Os. Large News Size, ditto ditto, and two Friskets.....

ditto 32 by 22 in. £65 Os. Double Demy Size, ditto ditto ditto..........................

ditto 35 by 22 in. £73 Os. Double Royal Size, ditto drtto ditto

ditto 38 by 24) in. £80 0s. PRESSES WARRANTED TWO YEDRS.

TERMS.-Acceptance at six months, payable in London, on receipt of the Press; or five per cent. discount for present casli.-- The freight of the Presses will be paid to LEITH, HULL, LIVERPOOL, or LONDON.

Manufactured by W. HOPE, JEDBURGH; Orders to be sent to BEILBY and KNOTTS, the SOLE VENDERS, BIRMINGHAM; and BRIDE COURT, New BridGE STREET, LONDON.

BEILBY and KNOTTS sell PRINTING INK of excellent quality, and which is used by the most extensive Printing Establishments in the United Kingdom.-Price 1s. 6d. ; 2s. ; 3s.; 68.; Os.; and 12s. per lb.

Andrew Spottiswoode, Esq his Ma- Mr. Baines, Leeds ;

Mr. H. Mozley, Derby ; jesty's Printing Office, London ; Mr. Patrick, Manchester ; Mr. H. Hodson, Cross-str. London; Messrs. Collingwood and Parker, Messrs. Leech & Cheetham, ditio ; Mr.T. White, Johnson's-court, ditto: the University Printing Office, Mr. George Cave, ditio ;

Mr. E. lunt, Ipswich ; Oxford ;

Messrs. Bancks and Co. ditto; Mr. A. Cockshaw, Leicester; University Printing Office, Cam-Mr. Sowler, ditto ;

Mr. R. Tibbutt, ditto; bridge ;

Mr. J. A. Robinson, ditto; Mr. J. Wilkes, Walsall ; William Waddell, Esq. his Ma. Mr. Robinson, Stockton-on-Tees ; Mr. T. Knott, jun. Birmingham ;

jesty's Printing Office, Edin. dr. P. Neil. Edinburgh ; Mrs. Turner, ditto;
Mr. Clarke, ditto;

Messrs. T. and W. Wood, ditto; University Printing Office, ditto ; Mr. Andrew Balfour, ditto;

Mr. Hudson, ditto; Messrs. J. Ballantyne & Co. ditto ; Messrs. Abernethey and Son, ditto ; Mr. James Hartley, Rochdale ; Messrs. Nevetts and Co. Liverpool; Mr. Ritchie, ditto;

Messrs. Simms & M Intyre, Belfast; Mr. John Hodgson, ditto ; Mr. Whalley, Clitheroe ; Mr. Newby, Bury St. Edmund's; Messrs. Worrall and Taylor, ditto ; Mr. John Soulby, Ulverstone; Mr. Meggy, Great Yarmouth; Mr. G. Smith, ditto ;

Mr. W. Westall, Rochdale ; Mr. Webb, Bridgnorth; Messrs. Houlston and Son, Wel-Mr. A. Foster, Kirkby Lonsdale ; Baptist Mission House, Calcutta ; lington ; Messrs. Jackson & Boad, Whitby ;


Mr. S. Y. Griffiths, Cheltenham; Mr. Thomas Kaye, ditto ;

Courant Office, Edinburgh; Mr. Fletcher, Chester;

Advertiser Office, ditto;
Mrs. Monk, ditto;

Mr. J. Dunn, Nottingham ;
Mr. E. Andrews, Warwick-square, London ; Mr. Robinson, ditto;
Mr. Yates, Bolton ;

Mr. Minshull, Lancaster;
Mr. Wilcockson, Preston ;

Messrs. Wheeler and Sons, Manchester; Mr. W. Hodgetts, Birmingham;

Mr. Sharpe, Warwick.


His Majesty's Printing Office, London,

Edinburgh, April 30, 1933
Sept. 18, 1823.

Gentlemen, Geritlenien,

I am happy to say I am fully satisfied with I am happy to be able to make a good report of Mr. Hope's Press; it answers every expectatea I La Hope's Press. It brings off a good impression, and formed of it, and the men consider it as fully eça with great ease. The men who work at it speak to the Columbian Press. highly in its favour; and I have no doubt but Mr.

I am, Gentlemen, Hope will dispose of many when its merits are ge

Your most obedient servant, Rerally known.

I am, Gentlemen,

To Messrs. Beilby and Knotts, Birmingham.
Your most obedient servant,

Liverpool, June 3, 112 To Messti. Beilby and Knotts, Birmingham.


Mr. Hope's Press, which we have now hade Birmingham, Sept. 1, 1823. months, has given us the greatest satisfactio Gentlemen,

works extremely well, with ease to the Pressme, I have for some time worked one of the first Presses brings off an excellent impression without a dne which Mr. Hope constructed, and I find the advan. | overlay. Your description of it is fully realizes: tages which he promised of power, quickness, and every respect. truth, are realized most entirely. The ease with

We are, Gentlemen, which the Press is worked, and the accuracy of the

Your's respectfully, impression, prove that the increase of power is very

J. GORE and SOS judiciously applied. The “ Graphic Illustrations To Messrs. Beilby and Knotts. of Warwickshire" are printed with Mr. Hope's Press.

Chester Courant Office, Dec. 3, !**
I remain,

Your's very truly,

Mr. Hope's Printing Press, which I ordered in THOMAS KNOTT, jun. you for the use of this office, gives perfect satisk TO Messts, Beilby and K notts, Birmingham. iion; it has now been in work nearly three month

the men who work at it speak highly in its tare Bolton, Sept. 13, 1823. the impression is even and powertul. Gentlemen,

I am, for Mrs. MONK, IN answer to your letter respecting the Printing

Your's respectfully, Press I purchased from you, made by Mr. Hope, I

T. CRANE beg to say, that it is in every respect as complete a To Messrs. Beilby and Knotts, Birmingham. Press as any I ever saw, it works easy, and the im. pression is even and powerful My opinion of it is

Manchester, Jan. 31, 1997. such, that I shall at any time feel pleasure in giving Gentlemen, my favourable testimony.

The Super-royal Press of Mr. Hope's which I ré. I am, Gentlemen,

ceived from you, I am happy to say, fully anser Your's respectfully,

every expectation, I have therefore to request ye

JOHN YATES. will forward as early as you conveniently can, we Messrs. Beilby and Knotts, Birmingham.

of his Portable Half Sheet Foolscap Presses.

Your's respectfully, Geutlemen, Rochdale, Sept. 8, 1823.

GEO, CATE. IN answer to your's, respecting my opinion of Mr. To Messrs. Beilby and Knotts, Birmingham. Hope's Press, I have the satisfaction of saying that it has far exceeded my expectations. The principle Gentlemen,

London, Feb. I, 183, of the Press is more simple than any I have seen, The Press which you sent me of Mr. Hope's 11.3and, of course, not liable to be so much out of repair nufacture has now been in use six months, and ha as the generality of Stanhope Presses ; yet the power given complete satisfaction. In simplicity and nea: gained

by the length of levers is so great, that I con- ness of structure it is perhaps superior io any otha ceive it to be the most powerful of any now in use. Press now in use, and certainly equal to any in the If by making this public you think it would be any quality of work it produces. The good properties advantage to Mr. Hope, you are at liberty, as I con. of the Press, and its moderate price, must ensure ceive it does not exceed the merit of his invention. considerable demand for it. I am, Gentlemen,

I am, Gentlemen,
Your's respectfully,

Your obedient servant,

J. MOYES Messrs. Beilby and Knotts, Birmingham.

To Messrs. Beilby and Knotts.
Printing Office, Edinburgh, April 27, 1824.

Birmingham, July 30, 1825. Gentlemen,

Gentlemen, We have now had experience of the Press con. I feel pleasure in adding my own to the respect. structed by Mr. Hope, of Jedburgh, for twelve able testimonials already given in favour of the Jedmonths, and have no hesitation in giving it as our burgh Press. The impression of the BIRMING. opinion, that it is a cheap and excellent invention, HAM JOURNAL will fully satisfy any person as 10 and may be very safely recommended by you as com- the power and regularity of impression of this mabining economy with all the qualities requisite in chine ; and I feel no hesitation in saying, that in any a Printing Press.

future arrangements I may have to make in my We are, Gentlemen,

Press-room, Mr. Hope will have the preference.
Your very obedient servants,

I am, Gentlemen,

Your's sincerely,
4. Beilby and Knotts, Birmingham.

werkDGETTS. de subsequent letter in next page.)

To Messrs. Beilby and Knotts.

3 Leicester, March 11, 1826. struction (a desideratum in many of the newly iriGentlemen,

vented presses) it is easily kept in repair. I am In reply to your's respecting the two Presses I pur- convinced that its merits only require to be known hased of you, made by Mr. Hope, it is with pleasure

to be generally appreciated. inform you, that the Royal Press has been in use

1 am, Gentlemen, ight months, and not the slightest accident has oc

Your obedient servant, urred to cause the least hinderance. It works ex

CHAS. STEWART. remely easy, and the impression it produces is both

To Messrs. Beilby and Knolts. ven and powerful; it combines portability with eatness and elegance, and is certainly cheap when ompared with others now in use. With respect to

Edinburgh Courant Office, Oct. 20, 1826. he PORTABLE PRESS,* that performs remark.

Gentlemen, bly well, and in consequence of the ease and rapi. I am favoured with your letter regarding the Pa. lity with'which it works, it will prove a valuable ac

tent Printing Presses of Mr. Hope, of Jedburgh. susition to any printing office.

The large Newspaper Press which I purchased from I am, Gentlemen,

that Gentleman last year has given me the greatest :

Your's respectfully, possible satisfaction, and the pressmen who work it

R. TIBBUTT, inform me there is not one more complete or effecTo Messrs. Beilby and Knotts, Birmingham.

tive in this city. I may add, that it has been con. • For a description of the Portable Press, vide the sions of our paper, it has never once gone out of or.

stantly in use, and notwithstanding the large impres. next page. Slater-court, Castle-street, Liverpool,

der, or required the slightest repair.
March 18, 1826.

I am, Gentlemen,

Your most obedient servant, We feel great pleasure in stating, that the im

GEORGE HOUY, proved Stanhope Super-royal Press supplied by you,

Editor of the Courant. answers our most sanguine expectations; and we

To Messrs. Beilby and K notts. iave no doubt, when the merits of Hope': Patent Presses are more generally known, they will receive decided preference from the trade in general.

Cheltenham Chronicle Office, Oct. 21, 1826.
We are, Gentlemen,

Dear Sirs,
Your obedient servants,

I feel so much satisfied with the Printing Presses WORRALL and TAYLOR. sent by you from Mr. Hope's manufactory at Jed. To Messrs. Beilby and Knotts.

burgh, that I have to thank you for your recommen

dation, for since I have experienced the improvement Ulverstone, Aug. 19, 1826. in my general printing from the facility afforded by Gentlemen,

the power and quickness of Mr. Hope's plan, I have I have for two years worked one of Mr. Hope's determined not to use any other presses, and as soon Patent Presses, and the advantages I have derived as my new offices are completed, I shall have great from it compel me to acknowledge its superiority, pleasure in giving you an order for two more on the and to recommend it as qualified to answer the most same patent principle. sanguine expectation.

I am, dear Sirs,
I am, Gentlemen,

Your's faithfully,
Your's respectfully,

JOHN SOULBY. Messrs. Beilby and Knotts, Birmingham.
To Messrs. Brilby and Knotts.

Birmingham, Oct. 23, 1826.
Clitheroe, Aug. 19, 1826. Gentlemen,

We find the Press which we had from you to With regard to Mr. Hope's Printing Press, it an. answer very well. It works easy and produces a swers my purpose extremely well, both for small as good impression; and if the addition of our recom. well as for large jobs. Its construction is very mendation should operate in its favour we shall be simple and ornamental; and its force in bringing off glad, as we think Mr. Hope's Press well worthy of an impression from any sized form is very powerful. adoption. We are, Gentlemen, I am, Gentlemen,

Your's respectfully,
Your's truly,

T. and W.WOOD.
I. WHALLEY. Messrs. Beilby and Knotts.
To Messrs. Beilby and Knotts.

Gazette Office, Lancaster, Oct. 24, 1826.
Printing Office, Edinburgh, Sept. 4, 1826. Gentlemen,

It is with much pleasure that I add my testimony state, that our opinion of Mr. Hope's Press con. of Mr. Hope's Patent Press, which I have had at tinues to be in a high degree favourable. Certainly work upwards of eight months, and has given much our prolonged experience of it has not lessened our satisfaction. The easiness with which it is worked, impression of its value.

and the even and powerful impression it gives, will, We are, Gertlemen,

I have no doubt, extend its sale.
Your very faithful servants,

I am, Gentlemen,

Your's respectfully,
To Messrs. Beilby and Knotts.


Messrs. Beilby and Knotts.
University Office, Edinburgh, Sept. 9, 1826.

Liverpool, Oct. 26, 1826. Mr. Hope's Press has been used in this office for Gentlemen, the last eighteen months, and I feel much pleasure In answer to your's of the 16th inst. respecting in stating that it exceeds the sanguine expectations Mr. Hope's Press, which I have had more than I had formed of it. Indeed I consider it to be supe. twelve months, I am happy to say that it has given rior to any press at present in use. Its impression is me complete satisfaction. It works very well, with powerful and egual; and from its simplicity of con. ease to the men, and brings off a good impression.

In answer to your inquiries, it gives us pleasure to to the many already adduced of the excellency of

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