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WEDNESDAY, April 6th, 1864. On motion of Mr. Montamat, the proceedThis day being fixed by the General Or- ings were opened with prayer by the Rev. der of Maj

. Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks, com- Dr. Newman, of the Methodist Church. manding the United States forces in the A communication from the secretary of Department of the Gulf, by virtue of the state, enclosed the general order of Major authority invested in him by the president General Nathaniel P. Banks, under which of the United States, and also agreeably the election for delegates was held, as well with the proclamation of his excellency as the proclamation of his excellency Michael Hahn, governor of the State of Michael Hahn, governor of the State of Louisiana, ordering this Convention to as- Louisiana, which were ordered to be semble for the purpose of revising and read. amending the constitution of the State, the

Also, the returns from the various districts delegates from the several Representative and parishes in this city and State, of the Districts met in Liberty Hall, which had eléction held for delegates. been prepared for their reception, in the A motion was made that the roll be called Executive Building, New Orleans, at the to ascertain the number of members present. hour of 12 o'clock M. The Hall was filled The secretary read the names and the folwith delegates, and the lobbies and galleries lowing gentlemen were present : overflowing with spectators.

Joseph Gorlinski, John Stumpf, R. B. Bell, Col. T. B. Thorpe, of Orleans, took the J. B. Schroeder, Geo. F. Brott, E: Murphy, stand and said :

W. T. Stocker, Terrance Cook, Alfred C. “I have been requested to call this Con- Hills, Joseph H. Wilson, T. B. Thorpe, John

Henderson, Jr., J. J. Healy, J. H. Stiner, vention to order.”

Geo. A. Fosdick, M. W. Murphy, W. H. Hire, MR. TERRY, of Orleans--I nominate Al- P. K. O'Conner, Jno. W. Thomas, Jno. fred Shaw, Esq., as temporary president Foley, James Fuller, George Howes, John

Sullivan, H. W. Waters, J. R. Terry, P. Harof the Convention.

nan, O. W. Austin, Alfred Shaw, E. J. Wenck , Mr. Thorpe put the nomination to the R. King Cutler, Louis Gastinel, Judge E. H. House, and Mr. Shaw was declared unani- Durell, Edmund Abell, J. B. Montamat, mously chosen as temporary president, and John Buckley, Jr., A. Mendiverri, Xavier

Maurer, J. V. Bofill, Dr. M. F. Bonzano, F. took his seat. Mr. Fish, of Orleans, then nominated ell, M. Spellicy, J. K. Cook, Ö. H. Poynot,

M. Crozat, Adolphe Bailey, Judge R. K. HowAlfred C. Hills as secretary pro tem., and he H. Maas, Edward Hart, E. Goldman, John was unanimously elected, and took his seat. Purcell, Geo. W. Geier, C. W. Stauffer, W.

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R. Fish, James Duane, Benj. Campbell, Mr. Shaw, chairman, decided that it would
Edmund Flood, J. E. Davies, J. T. Barrett, be better to wait until the supposed fact was
J. H. Flagg, W. H. Seymour, Joseph Dupaty, announced by the secretary of state, when
James Ennis, H. J. Heard, P. A. Kugler,
Martin Schnurr, Robert Morris, Samuel Mr. Thomas informed the chair that a com-
Pursell, Christian Roselius, John Payne, munication from the secretary was upon the
J. B. Bromley, E. H. Knobloch, C. H. Grune- speaker's desk, but upon search it was not
berg, Lewis Lombard, Thos. J. Decker, to be found.
Thomas Ong, R. Beauvais, Young Burke,
Charles Smith, R. W. Bennie, Adolphe Gai-

The Rev. Mr. Potter, at the request of dry.

the president, opened the proceedings with It was moved and seconded that a com- prayer. mittee of three be appointed by the chair The secretary then read the minutes of the to examine credentials, which, after being preceding meeting, and no amendments beamended by striking out “ three" and sub- ing proposed, they were accepted. Atituting “five,” was carried. The chair ap

MR. KAVANAGH-I would ask if the Compointed the following gentlemen, with J. P. mittee on Credentials have made any reMontamat, Esq., chairman: Messrs. Thomas, port. Gruneberg, Bennie, Brott and S. Pursell. MR. MONTAMAT-In its behalf, I submit

Motions regarding the appointment of a the following statement : committee to report rules and regulations To the honorable the chairman and members for the government of the Convention, and

of the Constitutional Convention :

The undersigned, Committee on Credento suggest officers for carrying out its busi- tials, beg leave to submit the following ness, were then offered ;. but these, as well report. Having examined the returns of as a resolution that all motions and resolu- election from the parishes hereinafter named, tions be committed to writing and handed your committee find that the following

named gentlemen were duly elected : to the secretary, were considered premature, and lost, on the ground that no business

First Representative District Joseph could be transacted until the Committee on Gorlinski, R. B. Bell, Geo. F. Brott, W. T. Credentials had made their report.

Stocker, John Stumpf, J. B. Schroeder, E. It was stated that the committee would

Murphy. require considerable time to make their re- Cook, Joseph H. Wilson, John Henderson,

Second Representative District--Terrance port; and accordingly a motion was made Jr., J. H. Stiner, M. W. Murphy, P. K. and carried that the meeting adjourn until O'Conner, Alfred C. Hills, T. B. Thorpe, J. to-morrow at 12 o'clock.

J. Healy, Geo. A. Fosdick, W. H. Hire.

Third Representative District-John W. Thomas, James Fuller, John Sullivan, J. R.

Terry, Ó. W. Austin, John Foley, George THURSDAY, April 7, 1864. Howes, H. W. Waters, P. Harnan. At the appointed hour, 12 o'clock M., the Fourth Representative District Alfred president called the Convention to order, Shaw, R. King Cutler, Judge E. H. Durell,

E. J. Wenck, Louis Gastinel. and decided that a quorum would consist of

Fifth Representative District--Edmund seventy-six members, for the purposes of Abell, John Buckley, Jr., Xavier Maurer, organization.

J. P. Montamat, A. Mendiverri. The secretary was directed to call the roll, F. M. Crozat, Dr. M. F. Bonzano, Adolphe

Sixth Representative District--J. V. Bofill, and it was announced that there was a quo- Bailey. rum present, and the Convention then pro

Seventh Representative District--Judge R. ceeded to business.

K. Howell, J. J. Baum, M. D. Kavanagla, H. Mr. Montamat, chairman of the Committee Millspaugh. on Credentials, rose and said that the Com- licy, 0. H. Poynot, J. K. Cook.

Eighth Representative District-J. A. Spelinittee on Credentials would report, but that

Ninth Representative District--H. Maas, there were certain members claiming to be E. Goldman, Edward Hart. elected, in regard to whose merits no report

Tenth Representative District_eJohn Purcould be made, inasmuch as no returns of cell, C. W. Stauffer, W. R. Fish, Benjamin

Campbell, J. T. Barrett, Geo. W. Geier, R. their election had been received from the S. Abbott, James Duane, Edmond Flood, secretary of state.

J. L. Davies.

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