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"I must say that the story of Operation Anaconda is fascinating to me. I have read Sean Naylor's Not a Good Day to Die, Pete Blaber The Men, The Mission, and Me and now Nate Self's Two Wars. It is amazing to see the different perspectives of the mission and how the men acted. Nate Self is a true American. He is through and through a United States soldier, one of the best this country has ever had.
His story is incredible and well worth reading about. He brings forth a different perspective of Operation Anaconda being the Platoon Commander of the QRF supporting TF 11. Unfortunately his mission was doomed before he ever took off from Kandahar.
His accomplishments, his failures, his triumphs and heartbreaks all resonate with anyone who has ever worn the uniform, yet at the same time none of us can put ourselves in his shoes being on that mountain top in the Shah-i-kot valley. Nate Self is the picture to show the rest of the world what these men go through and why they do it. Reading his book you will find yourself with an overwhelming sense of pride cheering the men on during their firefight then on the next paragraph on the verge of tears as Nate puts you their on the mountain with him to relive his journey.

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