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ciples 2 And it being the sabbath, part from that place. 11 And he began to teach in the syna- whosoever shall not receive gogue: and many hearing, were you, nor hear you, when ye deastonished, saying “ Whence part from that place, shake off hath this man these things ? and the dust under your feet, for a what wisdom is this which hath testimony against them.” 12And been given to him? and how is it, having departed, they preacher that such miracles are wrought to the ricople, that they should by his hands ? 3 Is not this the reform : 13 and they cast out carpenter, the son of Mary; many demons, and also cured and the brother of James, and of many that were sick, anointing Joses, and of Judah, and of Si- them with oil. mon ? and are not his sisters 14 And king Herod heard of here with us?” And they were him, (for his name had become confounded* at him.

famous,) and said, “ John the 4 But Jesus said to them, Baptist is risen from the dead; A prophet is not without hon- and, therefore, miracles our, except in his own country, wrought by him.” 15 Others and among his own kindred, said, “ He is Elijah.” And and in his own house." 5 And others said, “ He is a prophet, he could do no miracle there, or as one of the prophets." except curing a few sick, by 16 But Herod hearing it, said, laying his hands upon them. 6" It is (John] whom I beheadAnd he wondered at their un-ed: he is risen from the dead." belief.

17 For this Herod had sent and 7 And he went through the seized John, and had bound him neighbouring villages, teaching in prison, because of Herodias, And having called to him the his brother Philip's wife, whom twelve, he began to send them he had married. 18 For John forth, by two and two ; and gave had said to Herod, “ It is not them power over impure spirits; lawful for thee to have thy bro8 and commanded them, that ther's wife.” 19 Herodias they should take nothing for therefore, was greatly incensed their journey, except only, a against him, and would have staff; no bag, no bread, no killed him ; but could not. 20 money in their girdle; 9 but to For Herod respected John, be shod with sandals : and not knowing him to be a righteous to put on two coats.

and holy man, and protected 10 And he said to them, “In him; and having heard him, did what place soever ye enter into many things, and heard him a house, there remain, till ye de- with pleasure.

* Gr. “scandalized." Thomson, " stumbled.” Wakefield,“ revolted.” Scarlett, “ took offence,” &c. q. d. “ they were prejudiced against him.” The Greek word oxavdania, is from oxavdanov, which signifies, “properly, that piece of wood in mouse trap, or pit for wild beasts, which, being trodden upon by them, makes them fall into the trap or pit. » In the N. T. these words are used only figuratively. See Parkhurst,

21 And a fit day having arri- | desert place, and rest a short ved, when Herod, on his birth- time:" for many were coming day, made a supper for his great and going, and they had not leimen, and commanders, and sure even to eat. 32 And they chiefs of Galilee; 22 and the returned to a solitary place, by daughter of this Herodias hav- ship, privately. 33 But many ing entered in, and danced, and saw them departing, and knew pleased Herod and his guests; him; and they ran by land out the king said to the damsel, of all the cities, and came thi“Ask of me whatsoever thou ther. wilt, and I will give it thee." 34 And Jesus went out of the 23 And he sware unto her, ship, and saw a great multitude, “ Whatsoever thou shalt ask and was moved with compas[of me,] I will give it thee, to sion towards them, because they the half of my kingdom.” 24 were as sheep not having a And she went out, and said to shepherd; and he began to teach her mother, “ What shall I them many things. 35 And the ask ?" And she said, “ The day being now far spent, his head of John the Baptist.” 25 disciples came to him, saying, And coming in [immediately] “This is a desert place, and with haste, to the king, she ask- the day is now far spent. 36 Send ed, saying, “I will that thou them away, that they may go straightway give me, in a basin, into the country and villages the head of John the Baptist." round about, and buy for them

26 And the king was much selves bread: for they have grieved; yet, because of his nothing to eat.” 37 But he anoaths, and of his guests, he swering, said to them, “ Give would not reject her. 27 And ye them to eat."

And they immediately, the king sent an said to him, “Shall we go and executioner, and commanded give two hundred denarii for his head to be brought : accord-bread, and give them to eat ?" ingly, he went and beheaded him 38 Then he said to them, in the prison, 28 and brought" How many loaves have ye? his head in a basin, and gave it go [and] see.” And having asto the damsel: and the damsel certained, they said, “ Five, and gave it to her mother. 29 And two fishes." 39 And he comhis disciples hearing of this, | manded them to make all the came and took up his corpse, multitude place themselves in and laid it in a tomb.

divisions, upon the green grass. 30 Now the apostles assem- 40 And they placed themselves bled themselves together ac in rows; by hundreds and by round Jesus; and told him all fifties. 41 And taking the five things, [both] what they had loaves and the two fishes, he done, and what they had taught. I looked up to heaven, blessed 31 And he said to them, “Come God, and brake the loaves, and ye yourselves, privately, to a gave them to his disciples that


they might set before them ; ately knew him again, 55 and and the two fishes he parted ran through all the country among them all. 42 And they round about, and began to carry all ate, and were filled. 43 And about on couches those who they took up twelve panniers were diseased, to every place full of the fragments, and of the where they heard he was. 56 fishes. 44 Now those that ate of And whithersoever he entered, the loaves were five thousand into villages, or cities, or coun

try, they laid the sick in the 45 And immediately, he com- market-places, and these bepelled his disciples to embark sought him that they might and pass over before, towards touch, if it were but the tuft Bethsaida, while he dismissed of his mantle : and whosoever the people. 46 And having dis- touched him was cured. missed them, he retired to a CH. VII. 1 THEN the Pharimountain to pray. 47 And the sees, and some of the scribes, evening coming, the ship was in who had come from Jerusalem, the midst of the sea, and he resorted to him. 2 And they was alone, on the land.

saw some of his disciples eating 48 And he saw them toiling bread with defiled (that is, with at the oar; for the wind was unwashed) hands. 3 (For the against them: and about the Pharisees, and all the Jews, eat fourth watch of the night, he not until they have poured a came to them, walking on the little water on their hands; sea, and would have passed by holding the tradition of the el. them. 49 But when they saw ders. 4 And coming from the him, walking on the sea, they market-place, unless they dip supposed it was an apparition, their hands in water they eat not

. and cried out. 50 (For they all And there are saw him, and were troubled.) things, which they have received And immediately, he talked with to hold, as the dipping of cups them, and said to them, “ Take and of pots, and of brazen vescourage: it is I; be not afraid.” sels, and of couches.) 5 Then 51 And he went up to them, in the Pharisees and the scribes to the ship: and the wind ceas- asked him, “Why walk not thy ed: and they were [greatly] disciples according to the traamazed in themselves (beyond dition of the elders; but eat measure] [and wondered.) 52 bread with defiled hands ?” But they considered not the 6 And he answering, said to miracle of the loaves : for their them. “ Well hath Isaiah prohearts were hardened. 53 And phesied of you, hypocrites, as it passing over, they came to is written, This people honour. the country of Gennesaret, and eth me with their lips, but their brought the ship te land. heart is far from me. But in

54 And on their coming out vain do they worship me, teachof the ship, the people immedi- ing for doctrines the command

many other

1. ments of men.' 8 For laying into the belly ; and passeth out

aside the commandments of into the vault, cleansing all

God, ye hold the tradition of food.” 20 And he said. “That : men; as the dipping of pots which proceedeth out of a man, and of cups : and many other that defileth a man. 21 For things, similar, ye do.” 9 He from within, out of the heart of said also to them, “Well do ye men, proceed evil thoughts, make void the commandment adulteries, fornications, murof God, that ye may keep your ders, thefts, 22 covetousness, own tradition. 10 For Moses maliciousness, deceit, impurity, said, Honour thy father and an evil eye, calumny, pride, fol. thy mother:' and “He who ly. 23 All these evil things come curseth father or mother, let from within, and defile a man." him surely die.' 11 But ye say, 24 AND arising, he departed • If a man shall say to his father from thence, into the confines of or mother, It is Corban, (that Tyre [and Sidon;] and enteris, devoted) “whatever of mine ing into a house, was desirous might profit thee; it is well.' 12 that no one should know it: but And

ye suffer him not thence- he could not be concealed. 25 forth to do aught for his fa- For a woman, whose young ther or his mother; 13 making daughter had an impure spirit, the word of God of none effect, heard of him, and came and fell through your tradition, which at his feet; 26 (now the woman ye deliver : and many like was a gentile, a Syrophenician things ye do.”

by birth;) and she besought 14 And when he had called him that he would cast the deto him all the multitude, he said mon out of her daughter. to them,“ Hearken to me, every

27 But Jesus said to her, one of you, and understand. 15 “ Let the children be filled first: There is nothing from without for it is not right to take the a man which, entering into children's bread, and cast it to

defile him : but the the dogs." 28 And she answerthings which proceed out of ing, said to him, “True, Sir: him, are they which defile a and yet the dogs, under the taman. 16 If any man have ears ble,

eat of the children's to hear, let him hear.”

crumbs.” 29 Then he said to 17 And having entered into a her, “ For this answer, go : the house, from the crowd, his dis- demon is gone out of thy daughciples asked him concerning ter.” 30 And having returned to this saying. 18 And he said to her house, she found the demon them, “ Are ye, also, thus with- gone out, and her daughter ly.. out understanding? Do ye not ing on the bed. perceive that whatsoever from 31 And he departed from the without, entereth into a man, borders of Tyre and Sidon, and cannot defile him? 19 because came again to the sea of Galilee, it entereth not into the heart, but through the borders of Decapo

him, can

lis. 32 And they brought to him, seven loaves, and gave thanks, one that was deaf, and had and brake, and gave to his disan impediment in his speech, ciples, that they might distriand entreated him to lay his tribute; and they distributed to hand

upon him. 33 And taking the multitude. 7 And they had a him aside from the crowd, he few small fishes; and he blessed put his fingers into his ears ; God,and commanded them to disand spitting, touched his tongue; tribute [those also.] 8 So they 43 and looking up to heaven, he ate, and were satisfied : and they sighed, and said to him took up the remains of the frag“ Ephphatha :" (that is, “Be ments, seven baskets. 9 Now opened.") 35 And immediately (those that had eaten] were about his ears were opened, and the four thousand : and he sent string of his tongue was loosed, them away. and he spake plainly.

10 And immediately entering 36 And he charged them into a ship, with his disciples, that they should tell no one : he came into the parts of Dalbut the more he charged them, manutha. 11 And the Pharisees so much the more abundantly came forth, and began to dis. they published it ; 37 and were pute with him, seeking of him beyond measure astonished, say- a sign from heaven, trying him. ing, “He doth all things well ; 12 And sighing deeply in his he maketh both the deaf to hear, spirit, he said, “Why doth this and the dumb to speak.” generation seek after a sign?

CH. VIII. 1 In those days, the verily I tell you, No sign shall multitude being very great, be given to this generation." and having nothing to eat, he 13 And leaving them, he entercalled to him [his] disciples, ed again [into the ship] and deand said to them, 2“I have parted to the other side. compassion on the multitude, 14 NOW the disciples had because they have now continu- forgotten to take bread ; nor ed with me three days, and have had they with them, in the ship, nothing to eat. § And if I more than one loaf. 15 And he send them home fasting, their charged them saying, “ Take strength will fail them by the heed and beware of the leaven way: for some of them have of the Pharisees, and the leacome from a great distance." ven of Herod.” 16 And they rea

4 And his disciples answered soned among themselves, say, him, • Whence can any one ing, " It is because we have no satisfy these with bread here in bread.” the desert?” 5 And he asked 17 And Jesus perceiving it, them, “ How many loaves have said to them, “Why reason ye ye?" And they said, “ Seven." because ye have no bread? per6 And he commanded the mul- ceive ye not yet, nor understand? titude to place themselves on have ye your heart (still] hardthe ground: and he took the ened ? 18 Having eyes, see ye

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