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62 NOW on the morrow, , he is risen, as he said: come, being the day after the prepara- see the place where the Lord tion, the chief-priests and the lay,* 7 and depart quickly, and Pharisees came together to Pi- tell his disciples that he is risen late, 63 saying, Sir, we re- from the dead: and, lo! he will I go member that this deceiver said, before you into Galilee ; there while he was yet alive, “Within ye shall see him. Lo ! I have three days I will rise again. 64 | told you.” 8 And they went Command therefore that the out in haste from the tomb tomb be made secure, till the with fear and great joy; and third day ; lest his disciples ran to tell his disciples. 9 And come and steal him away, and (as they went to tell his disciples], say to the people, · He is risen lo ! Jesus met them, saying, from the dead :' for this last“ Peace be to you.” And they imposture would be worse than came near, and taking hold of the first.”_65 Pilate said to his feet, they did him obeisance. them, • Take a guard : go, 10 Then Jesus said to them, secure it as well as ye can. “Fear not: go, tell my brethren 66 So they went and secured the that they may go into Galilee; tomb; sealing the stone, and and there they shall see me.” posting the guard.

11 NOW, as they were going, Ch. XXVIII. 1 But after the lo! some of the guard came into sabbath, as it began to dawn, the city, and told the chieftoward the first day of the week, priests all the things which had came Mary Magdalene, and the been done. 12 These having asother Mary, to view the tomb. sembled with the elders, and 2 And, lo! there had been a taking counsel, gave much great disturbance: for a mes- money to the soldiers, 13 saysenger of the Lord, having de- ing, “ Tell the people, His disscended from heaven, came ciples came by night, and stole and rolled back the stone (from him away while we were asleep." the entrance], and was sitting 14 And if this be heard of by

the governor, we will appease 3 Now his appearance was as him, and indemnify you.” 15 lightning, and his raiment white So they took the money, and as snow : 4 and for fear of him, did as they were taught : and the keepers trembled, and be- this report is spread abroad came as dead men. 5 But the an- among the Jews to this day. gel speaking to the women,

16 NOW the eleven disciples said, « Fear not: for I know went into Galilee, to a mounthat ye seek Jesus, who was tain which Jesus had appointed crucified. 6 He is not here: for to them. 17 And on seeing him,

upon it.

* The reading of the Vat. MS. and of the Ethiopic and some other ancient versions, is 66 where he lay."

they did him obeisance : but baptizing them into the name some doubted.

of the Father, and of the Son, 18 And Jesus came, and and of the holy spirit ; 20 teachspake to them, saying, “ Alling them to observe all things power is given to me in heaven whatsoever I have commanded and on earth. 19 Go ye and you: and lo! I am with you almake disciples of all nations, I ways, to the end of the age.



down and unloose. 8 I indeed 1 THE beginning of the gos- have baptized you in water: pel of Jesus Christ, the Son of but he will baptize you in a God.

holy spirit.” 2 As it is written, in the pro

9 And it came to pass in phet Isaiah, “Behold, I send those days that Jesus came from my messenger before thy face, Nazareth of Galilee, and was who will prepare thy way : 3 baptized by John, in Jordan. 10 The voice of one crying in the And immediately going up, out desert, •Prepare ye the way of of the water, he saw the heavens the Lord, make his paths part asunder, and the spirit, as straight;' 4 thus John came bap- a dove, descending upon him. tizing in the desert, and pro- | 11 And a voice came from heaclaiming the baptism of refor- ven, saying, Thou art my bemation, for the remission of sins. loved son, in whom I am well 5 And all the country of Judea, pleased." and all they of Jerusalem, went 12 AND immediately the out to him, and were baptized spirit sendeth him forth into by him, in the river Jordan, con- the desert. 13 And he was fessing their sins.

tempted by the adversary forty 6 Now John was clothed with days ;* and was with the wild camel's hair, and with a leath- beasts; and the angels minisem girdle about his loins; and tered to him. he ate locusts and wild honey. 14 NOW after John had been 7 And he proclaimed, saying, delivered up to prison, Jesus "One mightier than I cometh came into Galilee, proclaiming after me; the latchet of whose the glad tidings (of the reign] sandals I am not worthy to stoop of God, 15 [and] saying, “ The

"i.e. he was exposed to various trials for the discipline of his mind. See note on Matt. iv. 1.

time is fulfilled and the reign “ What is this? what new of God approacheth: reform, doctrine is this? for with au. and believe the good tidings.” thority he commandeth even

16 Now, walking by the sea the impure spirits, and they of Galilee, he saw Simon, and obey him.” 28 And his fame Andrew his brother, casting a soon spread abroad through net into the sea : for they were the whole country of Galilee. fishers. 17 And Jesus said to 29 And going immediately them, “ Come, follow me, and out of the synagogue, they I will make you fishers of went, with James and John, into men." 18 And immediately, the house of Simon and Anleaving [their] nets, they fol- drew. '30 Now the mother of lowed him.

Simon's wife lay sick of a fever; 19 Passing on a little further and immediately they told him [thence], and seeing James the of her. 31 And approaching, son of Zebedee, and John his he took her by the hand, and brother, who also were in a raised her up: and immediateship, mending their nets, ly the fever left her, and she 20 he immediately called them: ministered to them. whereupon, leaving their father 32 Now in the evening, about Zebedee in the ship, with the sunset, they brought to him, all hired servants, they followed that were sick, and the demohim.

niacs. 33 And the whole city was 21 And they went to Caper assembled at the door. 34 And naum; and (going] directly to he cured many that were sick the synagogue, on the sabbath, of various diseases, and cast he taught the people. 22 And out many demons: and sufferthey were amazed at his doc- ed not the demons to say that trine: for he taught them as they knew him. having authority, and not as 35 And in the morning, havthe scribes. 23 And there was in ing risen before day, he went their synagogue a man with an out, and departed into a desert impure spirit; and he cried place, and there prayed. 36 out, saying, 24" [Ah !] Jesus! And Simon, and his company, Nazarene! what hast thou to do went in search of him. 37 And with us ? art thou come to having found him, they said to destroy us? I know who thou him, “ They all seek thee.” 38 art, the holy one of God.” 25 And he said to them, “Let us And Jesus rebuked him, saying, go into the neighbouring towns, a Be silent, and come out of that I may preach there, also : of him.” 26 And the impure for I came forth with this despirit, having convulsed him and sign.” 39 And he preached in having cried with a loud voice, their synagogues, throughout came out of him. 27 And all were all Galilee; and cast out deamazed, so that they reasoned mons. amongst themselves, saying, 40 And a leper came to him,

beseeching him, and kneeling who were present, reasoned down to him, saying, “ If thou thus in their hearts, 7 “ How wilt, thou canst cleanse me.” 41 doth he speak such blaspheAnd Jesus, being moved with mies? who can forgive sins, but compassion, extended his hand, God alone ?” 8 Now Jesus, imtouched him, and said, “I will; mediately perceiving, in his be thou cleansed.” 42 And (on spirit, that they reasoned thus his speaking], the leprosy, im- within themselves, said to them, mediately departed from him, “Why reason ye thus in your and he was cleansed. 43 And hearts ? 9 Which is easier ? to having strictly charged him, say to the paralytic, · Thy sins he immediately sent him away; are forgiven thee?' or, to say, 44 and said to him, “See thou Arise, take up thy couch, and tell no one any thing : but go, walk ?? 10 But that ye may show thyself to the priest, and know that the Son of man hath offer for thy cleansing what power, on earth, to forgive sins, Moses commanded; for a tes- (he said to the paralytic,) I say timony to them.” 45 But going to thee, 11 · Arise, take up thy out, he began to publish much, couch, and go home. and to spread abroad the re- ) 12 And immediately he arose, port; so that Jesus could no took up his couch, and went more, openly, enter into the out before them all; so that all city, but was without, in desert were amazed, and glorified God, places : and they came to him saying,

“ We never

saw it from all parts.

thus !) Ch. II. 1 AND after some 13 And he went out again, days, he again entered into Ca- towards the sea and all the pernaum ; and it was known multitude came to him, and he that he was in a house. 2 And taught them. immediately, many were as 14 And passing on, he saw sembled; so that not even the Levi, the son of Alpheus, sitting parts about the door could any at the toll-office, and said to longer contain them: and he him, “ Follow me.” And rising preached to them the word. up, he followed him.

S And they came to him, 15 And it came to pass, that, bringing a paralytic, carried by as he was eating in this man's four. 4 And not being able to house, many publicans and sinapproach him, because of the ners placed themselves at tacrowd, they removed the cover-ble, with Jesus and his disciing where he was: and through ples : for many of these people the opening, let down the couch followed him. 16 And the on which the paralytic lay. 5 scribes and the Pharisees seeNow Jesus perceiving their ing him eating with the publifaith, said to the paralytic,"Son, cans and sinners, said to his thy sins are forgiven thee.”

disciples, “ Wherefore doth he 6 But some of the scribes, I eat and drink with the publicans

and a

and sinners ?" 17But on hearing entered the house of God, this Jesus said to them, “ The [in the days of Abiathar the whole need not a physician, but high-priest,] and ate the loaves the sick; I came not to call the of the presence, which none righteous, but sinners." but the priests could lawfully

18 NOW the disciples of eat, and gave, also, to those John, and the Pharisees, were with him ?" 27 And he said to accustomed to fast: and they them, “ The sabbath was made came and said to him, Why for man; not man for the saldo the disciples of John, and of bath. 28 So that the Son of man the Pharisees fast, but thy dis- is lord even of the sabbath.” ciples fast not ?" 19 And Jesus Ch. III. 1 AND he entered said to them, “ Can the com- again into the synagogue; panions of the bridegroom fast, man was there who had a withwhile the bridegroom is with ered hand. 2 And they watchthem? [As long as they have ed him, whether he would cure the bridegroom with them, they on the sabbath; that they might cannot fast.] 20 But the days accuse him. 3 And he said to will come, when the bridegroom the man who had the withered will be taken from them; and hand, “ Stand up in the midst." then, in that day, they will fast. 4 Then he said to them, “ Is it 21 No one seweth a piece of un- lawful to do good on the sab. dressed cloth upon an old gar- bath, or to do evil ? to save ment: otherwise, the new piece life, or to kill ?" But they kept which filleth it up, taketh from silent. 5 And looking round the old, and a worse rent is on them, with anger, being made. 22And no one putteth new grieved at the hardness of their wine into old leathern bottles: hearts, he said to the man, otherwise, the [new] wine Stretch forth thy hand.” And bursteth the bottles, and the he stretched it forth: and his wine is spilled, and the bottles hand was restored. 6 And the are destroyed: but new wine Pharisees, with the Herodians, must be put into new bottles.” going immediately out, conspir

23 And it came to pass, thated against him, how they might he went through the corn-fields destroy him. on the sabbath ; and his disci. 7 But Jesus with his disciples began, as they went, to ples, withdrew to the sea : and pluck the ears of corn. 24 And a great multitude [followed] the Pharisees said to him, [him] from Galilee, and from “See, why do they, [on] the Judea, and from Jerusalem,

8 sabbath, that which is not law and from Idumea, and from sul ?" 25 And he said to them, beyond Jord:ın; they also about “ Have ye never read what Tyre and Sidon, even a great David did, when he had need, multitude, having heard what when both he himself, and those great things he did, came to with him, hungered ? 26 how he him. 9 And he spake to his

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