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ed in, and took her by the hand, | few. 38 Pray ye therefore the and the damsel arose. 26 And Lord of the harvest, that he the fame of this action spread would send forth labourers into through all that country. his harvest."

27 And as Jesus departed Ch. X. 1 And having called thence, two blind men followed to him his twelve disciples, he him, crying out, and saying, gave them power over im“Son of David, have pity on pure spirits, to cast them out, us.” 28 And being come into and to cure every disease and the house, the blind men ap- every malady. 2 Now these proached him : and Jesus said are the names of the twelve to them, “Do ye believe that I apostles: First, Simon who can do this? They answered, is called Peter, and Andrew “ Yes Master.” 29 Then he his brother; James the son of touched their eyes, saying, "Ac- Zebedee, and John his brother ; cording to your faith be it unto Philip and Bartholomew ; Tho

30 And their eyes were mas, and Matthew the publican; opened; and Jesus strictly charg- James the son of Alpheus, and ed them, saying, “See that no Lebbeus (surnamed Thaddeone know it." 31 But being us ;] 4 Simon the Canaanite, departed, they spread his fame and Judas Iscariot, who also through all that country.

delivered him up. 32 And as they went out, lo, 5 These twelve Jesus sent there was brought to him a forth, and commanded them, dumb demoniac. 33 And the saying, “Go not into the way demon being cast out, the dumb of the gentiles, and into any city spake; and the multitude won- of the Samaritans enter ye not. dered, saying, “It was never 6 But go rather to the lost seen thus in Israel.” 34 But sheep of the house of Israel. 7 the Pharisees said, “ He casteth And as ye go, preach, saying, out demons by the prince of the • The reign of Heaven apdemons.

proacheth.' 8 Cure the sick, 35 And Jesus went about all [raise the dead,] cleanse the lethe cities and villages, teaching pers, cast out demons: freely in their synagogues, and preach- ye have received, freely give. ing the glad tidings of the reign, 9 Provide neither gold, nor siland curing every disease and ver, nor brass in your purses ; every malady.

10 nor bag for your journey, 36 And seeing the multi- nor two coats, nor sandals, nor tudes, he had compassion on

staves : for the labourer is worthem, because they were wea- thy of his sustenance. 11 And ried, and scattered abroad, as into whatsoever city or village sheep having no shepherd. 37 ye enter, inquire who in it is Then he said to his disciples, worthy; and there remain, till "The harvest indeed is plen- ye depart. 12 And when ye teous; but the labourers are lenter into a house, salute it

13 And if the house be worthy, tell you, Ye shall not have fiyour peace shall come upon it : nished the cities of Israel, till but if it be not worthy, your the Son of man come. peace shall return to yourselves. 24“A disciple is not above his 10 And whosoever shall not re- teacher, nor a servant above his ceive you, nor hear your words, master. 25 It is enough for in departing out of that house, the disciple that he be as his or city, shake off the dust of teacher, and the servant as his your feet. 15 Verily I tell you, master. If they have called the It will be more tolerable for the master of the house Beelzebub, land of Sodom and Gomorrah how much more will they call in a day of judgment, than for those of his household ! 26 Fear that city

them not therefore : for there 16 “ Behold, I send you forth is nothing covered, which shall as sheep amidst wolves : be ye not be revealed ; and nothing therefore wise as serpents, and hidden, which shall not be harmless as doves. 17 And known : 27 what I tell you in beware of men : for they will darkness, that speak ye in light: deliver you up to councils, and and what ye hear in the ear, they will scourge you in their that proclaim ye upon the house synagogues. 18 And ye will tops: 28 and fear not those be brought before governors who kill the body, but are and kings on my account; for not able to kill the soul : but a testimony to them and to the rather fear him that is able to gentiles. 19 But when they destroy both soul and body in deliver you up, take no anxious Gehenna. 29 Are not two spar. thought how or what ye shall rows sold for a penny ? and yet speak: [for it shall be given not one of them falleth [to the you at the time what ye shall ground] without your Father. speak.] 20 For it is not ye 30 And even the hairs of your who speak, but the spirit of head are all numbered. 31 your Father which speaketh in Fear not therefore: ye are of you. 21 Now the brother will more value than many spardeliver


the brother to death, rows. and the father the child; and 32 " Whosoever therefore the children will rise up against shall confess me before men, I their parents, and cause them to also will confess him before my be put to death. 22 And ye Father in heaven. 33 But whowill be hated by all men on ac soever shall deny me before count of my name: but he who men, I also will deny him beendureth to the end, shall be fore my Father in heaven. preserved. 23 But when they 34 « Think not that I am persecute you in one city, flee come to bring peace on earth : ye into another; and if they I came, not to bring peace, but persecute you out of this, ftee a sword. 35 For I am come to ye into another. [For] verily I set a man at variance against his


revealed; and is

which shall not own: 27 what I tell

okness, that speak yerine and he who receiveth me, re

: But what went yes out to see?

ad what ye hear in the zat proclaim ye upon the

bar ops: 28 and fear not vho kill the body, but not able to kill the soul: rather fear him that is alle destroy both soul and boè rows sold for a penny?

not one of them falleth B 1 (ground] without your Fas e 30 And even the hairs of of) head

are all numbered in Fear not therefore: ye af vil) more value than many ath, ( rows. and S2 « Whosoever there inst shall confess me before 16

to also will confess him befor ac soever shall deny mebel homen, I also will deny

be fore my Father in heaven. ley

34 Think not that I lee come to bring peace one ey (I came, not to bring peace

, tee a sword. 35 For I

thing covered, which is worthy of me. 39 He who gain- see? 8 A reed shaken by the Gehenna. 29 Are not ITO. man's reward. 42 And whoso- those that are born of women, ye) Father in heaven. 33 Burl in their cities. set a man at variance again relate to John what ye hear | panions, 17 and saying, "We

father, and the daughter against and see: 5 the blind receive

her mother, and the daughter- sight, and the lame walk; the coe.

in-law against her mother-in- lepers are cleansed, and the deaf eis not above

law. 36 And a man's enemies hear; the dead are raised, and

will be of his own family. 37 to the poor glad tidings are It is enough

He who loveth father or mo- preached. 6 And happy is he ther more than me, is not wor- who shall not see

cause of and the servant as If they have called thy of me: and he who loveth offence in me.o

7 And as these departed, Jeof the house Beebis son or daughter more than me,

is not worthy of me. 38 And sus began to say to the multi

will they auch more

he who taketh not his cross, tudes concerning John, “ What and followeth after me, is not went ye out into the desert to

eth his life, shall lose it: and wind? But what went ye out to be

he who loseth his life on my ac- see ? A man clothed in soft rai

count shall gain it. 40 He who ment? Lo, those that wear soft den,

receiveth you,

receiveth me; raiment are in kings' houses. 9

41 A prophet ? Yes, I tell you, and He who receiveth a prophet in much more than a prophet. 10 the name of a prophet, shall re- For this is he of whom it is ceive a prophet's reward ; and written, · Behold I send my meshe who receiveth a righteous senger before thy face, who shall man in the name of a righteous prepare thy way before thee.? man, shall I tell you, Among ever shall give one of these there hath not risen a greater lowly ones, were it only a cup than John the Baptist; but of cold water to drink, on the he that is least in the reign account of his being a disciple, of heaven is greater than verily I tell you, he shall by no he. 12 And from the days of means lose his reward.”

John the Baptist until now, the Ch. XI. 1 And it came to kingdom of heaven suffereth vipass that, when Jesus had made olence, and the violent take it an end of commanding his by force. 13 For all the protwelve disciples, he departed phets and the law prophesied thence to teach and to preach until John. 14 And if ye be

willing to receive it, this is Eli2 NOW John having heard jah who was to come. 15 He in prison of the works of Christ, that hath ears to hear, let him sent two of his disciples, 3 who hear. said to him, “ Art thou he that 16 “ But to what shall I liken was to come, or do we look for this generation? It is like chilanother ?” 4 Then Jesus an- dren sitting in the market

said to them, “Go places, and to

have piped to you, and ye have to me by my Father: and no not danced; we have mourned one knoweth the Son, but the to you, and

ye have not lament. Father; neither knoweth any ed.' 18 For John came nei- one the Father but the Son, and ther eating nor drinking; and he to whom the Son will reveal they say, "He hath a demon.' him. 28 Come unto me all ye 19 The Son of man came eat that are wearied and heavily ing and drinking; and they say, laden; and I will give you rest. · Behold a glutton and a wine- 29 Take my yoke upon you, bibber, a friend of publicans and and learn from me; for I am sinners.' And yet wisdom is meek and humble in heart: and justified by her children.”

ye shall find rest to your souls. 20 Then he began to reprove 30 For my yoke is easy, and the cities in which most of his my burden is light.” mighty works had been done, Ch. XII. 1 At that time, as because they repented not. 21 Jesus was walking on the sab• Alas for thee, Chorazin ! alas bath through the corn-fields, for thee, Bethsaida! For if the his disciples being hungry, bemighty works, which have been gan to pluck the ears of corn done in you, had been done in and to eat. 2 But the PhariTyre and Sidon, they would sees observing this, said to him, have repented long ago in sack- "Lo, thy disciples are doing cloth and ashes. 22 But I tell what it is not lawful to do on you, It shall be more tolerable the sabbath.” 3 But he said to for Tyre and Sidon in a day of them, “ Have ye not read what judgment, than for you. 23 David did, when he hungered, And thou Capernaum, which and those with him ? 4 how he art exalted to heaven, shalt be entered into the house of God, brought down to hades : for if and ate the shew-bread, which the mighty works, which have it was not lawful for him to eat, been done in thee, had been nor for those with him ; but done in Sodom, it might have solely for the priests? 5 Or remained until this day. 24 have ye not read in the law, But I tell you, that it shall be that on the sabbaths the priests more tolerable for the land of in the temple profane the sabSodom in a day of judgment, bath, and yet are blameless ? 6 than for thee.”

But I tell you, that one greater 25 At that time Jesus further than the temple is here. 7 But said, “I adore thee, O Father, if ye had known what this meanLord of Heaven and earth, that eth, I will have mercy and not having hidden these things from sacrifice,' ye would not have judges and wise men, thou hast condemned the blameless. 8 revealed them to babes. 20 For the Son of man is master Yes, Father; for so it hath of the sabbath." seemed good in thy sight. 27 9 And passing on thence, he All things have been delivered I went into their synagogue. 10


And lo, [there was] a man hav- in his name the nations shall · ing a withered hand. And they hope.” asked him, saying, “Is it law. 22 THEN was brought to ful to heal on the sabbath ?” him a demoniac, blind and that they might accuse him. 11 dumb : and he cured him, so And he said to them, “ What that the blind and dumb both man is there, amongst you, who spake and saw. 23 And all the having one sheep, if it fall into people were astonished, and a pit on the sabbath, will not said, “Is this the son of David?" lay hold on it, and lift it out? | 24 But the Pharisees hearing 12 How much then doth a man them, said, “This man doth not excel a sheep! Wherefore it is cast out demons, but by Beellawful to do good even on the zebub prince of the demons."* sabbath.” 13 Then said he to 25 And Jesus knowing their the man, “Stretch forth thy thoughts, said to them, "Every hand.” And he stretched it kingdom divided against itself forth; and it restored is brought to desolation; and sound, as the other. 14 Then every city or house divided the Pharisees went out, and against itself cannot stand. 26 took counsel against him, how And if the adversary cast out they might destroy him. the adversary, he is divided

15 But Jesus' knowing it against himself: how then can withdrew from thence: and his kingdom stand ? 27 And if great multitudes followed him, I by Beelzebub cast out demons, and he cured them all; 16 and by whom do your sons cast strictly charged them that they them out? wherefore they shall should not make him known : be your judges. 28 But if I 17 thus was fulfilled the word by the spirit of God cast out spoken by the prophet Isaiah, demons, then the reign of God saying, 18 “ Behold my ser- hath overtaken you. vant, whom I have chosen ; my 29 “ How can any one enter beloved, in whom my soul is into a strong man's house, and well pleased : I will put my plunder his goods, unless he spirit upon him, and he shall pro- first bind the strong man? and claim judgment to the nations. then he may plunder his house. 19 He will not strive, nor cry 50 He that is not with me, is out; nor will any one hear his against me; and he that gavoice in the streets. 20 The thereth not with me, scattereth. bruised reed he will not break,

31 « Wherefore I assure you, and the smoking taper he will all sin and blasphemy will be not quench, until he send forth forgiven to men; but the blasjudgment to victory. 21 And phemy against the spirit will not

* Beelzebub, a heathen god, worshipped at Ekron. 2 Kings i. 2, the chief of possessing demans, or human ghosts : probably the same as Pluto, and a supposed human spirit. He is never called a devil, or represented as á fallen angel. Farmer on Demon. p. 30.

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