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there till the death of Herod : 80 | proacheth.” 3 For this is he that the word of the Lord by the that was spoken of by the proprophet was fulfilled, saying, phet Isaiah, saying, “The voice “ Out of Egynt I recalled my of one crying in the desert,

• Prepare ye the way of the Lord, 16 Then Herod finding that make his paths straight.'” 4 he had been deceived by the Ma. Now this John had his raiment gians, was greatly enraged ; and of camel's hair, and a leathern sent and slew all the male children girdle about his loins : and his that were in Bethlehem, and in food was locusts and wild hoall its borders, from two years ney. old and under, according to the 5 Then went out unto him time which he had learnt exactly Jerusalem, and all Judea, and from the Magians. 17 Then was all the country about Jordan ; fulfilled the word by the prophet 6 and were baptized by him in · Jeremiah, saying, 18"A voice was Jordan, confessing their sins.

heard in Ramah, [wailing, and] |7 But seeing many of the Phaweeping, and great lamentation; risees coming to his baptism, Rachel weeping for her children, he said to them, 10 brood of and refusing to be comforted, be- vipers! who hath prompted you cause they were not."

to flee from the impending ven19 But, when Herod was dead, geance? 8 Produce then the prolog a messenger of the Lord an- per fruit of reformation ; 9 and peared in a dream to Joseph in presume not to say within your Egypt, 20 saying, Arise, take selves, “We have Abraham for: the child and his mother, and go our father :' for I assure you, to the land of Israel : for they that of these stones God is able are dead who sought the child's to raise up children to Abraham. life." 21 Accordingly, he rose, 10 And already the axe [also] took the child and his mother, and lieth at the root of the trees : came to the land of Israel. 22

every tree therefore which proBut hearing that Archelaus reign- duceth not good fruit is cut ed Cover] Judea, instead of his fa- down, and cast into the fire. 11 ther Herod, he was afraid to go I indeed baptize you in water thither : but, having been warn. to a reformation : but he who ed of God in a dream, he with-cometh afterme is mightier than drew into the parts of Galilee ; I, whose sandals I am not wor23 And came and dwelt in a city thy to carry : he will baptize called Nazareth : thus was ful- you in a holy spirit, [and fire:] filled the word by the prophets, 12 whose winnowing-shovel is “ He shall be called a Nazarene." in his hand, and he will tho

Ca. III. 1 [NOW] in those roughly cleanse his floor, and days came John the Baptist, gather (his] wheat into the grapreaching in the desert of Ju- nary ; but he will consume the dea, 2 and saying, “ Reform : chaff in unquenchable fire.” for the reign of heaven ap 13 Then came Jesus from

Galilee to Jordan unto John to is written, · He shall give his be baptized by him. 14 But John angels charge concerning thee: excused himself, saying, “I have and on their hands they shall need to be baptized by thee, and support thee, lest thou strike thy comest thou to me?" 15 Jesus foot against a stone." 7 Je. answering, said to him, “Suffer sus said to him, “ It is also writit now: for thus it becometh us ten, Thou shalt not tempt the to fulfil all righteousness." Then Lord thy God.'” 8 Again the he suffered him. 16 Now Jesus impostor conveyed him up a being baptized, arose immedi- very high mountain, and showed ately out of the water; and, lo, him all the kingdoms of the the heavens were opened to him, world, and the glory of them; and the spirit of God appeared, 9 and he said to him, “ All descending like a dove, and these things will I give thee, if lighting upon him. 17 And, lo, a thou wilt fall down and worship voice from heaven, saying,“This me.” 10 Then said Jesus to is my beloved Son, in whom I him, “ Get thee hence, adveram well pleased.”

sary : for it is written, · Thou CH. IV. 1 THEN was Jesus shalt worship the Lord thy God, led up by the spirit into the de- and thou shalt serve him only."" sert,* to be tempted by an im- 11 Then the impostor left him : posior. 2 And after fasting forty and, lo, angels came and minisdays and forty nights, he became tered to him. hungry. 3 And the tempter 12 NOW [Jesus] hearing that coming to him, said, " If thou John was imprisoned, retired be a son of God, command that into Galilee. 13 And, having these stones become loaves." left Nazareth, he came and dwelt 4 But he answering, said, “ It in Capernaum, which is on the is written, 'Man liveth not by side of the sea, in the borders of bread alone, but by every thing Zebulon and Naphtali : 14 and which God is pleased to ap- thus was fulfilled the word of point.'”+ 5 Then the impostor the prophet Isaiah ; saying, conveyed him into the holy city, 15 The land of Zebulon, and and placed him upon the battle- the land of Naphtali, toward the ment of the temple, 6 and said way of the sea, by the side of to him, “ If thou be a son of Jordan, in Galilee of the genGod, cast thyself down : for it tiles; 16 the people who sat in

* Jesus was led up by the spirit into the desert. This form of expression denotes that the historian is about to describe a visionary scene, and not a real event. See Rev. i. 10. Acts xi. 5. Our Lord was intrusted with the power of working, miracles at pleasure, John iii. 34, 5; and by the visionary scene presented to his mind upon this occasion, he was instructed that he was not to exert his miraculous powers for his own personal advantage or aggrandizement, but solely in subservience to the great design of his mission and ministry. See Farmer on Christ's Temptation. Some have thought that the account of the temptation is a figurative description of the train of thoughts which passed through the mind of Jesus. See Cappe's Dissertations. The introduction of the impostor, or devil, into this scenical representation, no more proves the real existence of such a bejng, than the introduction of the lamb, or the red dragon, in the apocalyptic vision, is a proof of the real existence of those symbolical agents. See Improved Version, note on the place.

+ So Campbell. Whatever God is pleased to appoint.-Thomson. Every word which goeth forth out of the mouth of God.-Gr. and Im. Ver.

darkness have seen a great light; from Jerusalem, and from Judea, and to those who sat in the re. and from beyond Jordan. gion and shadow of death, light Ch. V. 1 AND seeing the hath sprung up.”

multitudes, he repaired to a 17 From that time Jesus be- mountain : and having sat down, gan to preach, and to say, “Re- his disciples came to him. 2 form : for the reign of heaven Then opening his mouth, he approacheth.”

taught them, saying, 18 Then walking by the sea 3 “ Happy are the poor in of Galilee, he saw two brethren, spirit: for theirs is the kingdom Simon called Peter, and Andrew of heaven. 4 Happy are those his brother, casting a net into who mourn: for they shall be the sea : for they were fishers. comforted. 5 Happy are the 19 And he said to them, meek: for they shall inherit the “ Come, follow me, and I will earth. 6 Happy are those that make you fishers of men. 20 hunger and thirst, after rightAnd immediately they left their cousness: for they shall be filled. nets, and followed him. 21 And |7 Happy are the compassionate : he went on thence, and saw two for they shall obtain compassion. other brethren, James the son of 8 Happy are the pure in heart : Zebedee, and John his brother, for they shall see God. 9 Hapin a ship with Zebedee their fa- py are the peace-makers : for ther, mending their nets: and they shall be called the sons of he called them. 22 And they God. 10 Happy are those that immediately, leaving the ship are persecuted on account of and their father, followed him. righteousness : for theirs is the

23 And Jesus went about all kingdom of heaven. 11 Happy Galilee, teaching in their syna- are ye when men shall reproach gogues, and preaching the glad you, and persecute you, and tidings of the reign, and curing speak all kind of evil against every disease, and every malady, you [falsely], on my account. among the people. 24 And his 12 “Rejoice, and be exceedfame spread through all Syria : ingly glad : for great is your reand they brought to him all their ward in heaven: for thus were sick, seized and tormented with the prophets persecuted who various diseases, demoniacs,* were before you. lunatics, and paralytics, and he 13 “ Ye are the salt of the cured them. 25 And great mul-earth: but if the salt become intitudes followed him from Gali. sipid, in what way shall its saltlee, and from Decapolis, and ness be restored it is thence

• Insane and epileptic persons were snpposed to be possessed by demons, or the ghosts of wick ed men, who were thought to have the power of entering into the bodies of living men, and of tormenting them at pleasure. And the cure of these diseases is described as the casting out of the demons. The account which the gospel reveals of the state of the dead is so inconsistent with this hypothesis, that it was soon exploded among Christians. But, that lunatics and epi. leptics were possessed by devils, or fallen angels, though it is an opinion which prevailed early, is no where asserted, nor even hinted at, in the New Testament, and is totally destitute

of foundation both in reason and revelation. See Farmer's Essay on the Demoniacs of the New Testamert:

forth good for nothing, but to be apostate wretch ! shall be liable cast out, and to be trodden un to the burning of Gehenna. der foot of men. 14 Ye are the 23 “If therefore thou bring thy light of the world. A city placed gift to the altar, and there reon a mountain cannot be con-member that thy brother hath a cealed. 15 Nor do men light a complaint against thee; 24 leave lamp, and put it under a mea- there thy gift before the altar, sure, but on a light-stand: and and go, first be reconciled to thy it shineth to all in the house. brother, and then come and of. 16 In like manner let your light fer thy gift. 25 Agree with shine before men, that they may thine adversary quickly, while see your good works, and glori- thou art in the way with him; fy your Father in heaven. lest the adversary deliver thee to

17 “ Think not that I came to the judge, and the judge deliver destroy the law or the prophets : thee to the officer, and thou be I came not to destroy but to ful- cast into prison. 26 Verily I fil. 18 For verily I tell you, tell thee, Thou wilt by no Till heaven and earth pass, one means be released, till thou hast jotor one tittle shall by no means paid the last farthing. pass from the law, till all be 27 6 Ye have heard that it accomplished. 19 Whosoever hath been said, “Thou shalt not therefore shall break one of the commit adultery.' 28 But I tell least of these commandments, you, that whosoever looketh on and shall teach men so, shall be a woman so as to cherish imcalled least in the reign of hea- pure desire towards her, hath ven; but whosoever shall per already committed adultery, form and teach them, shall be with her in his heart. 29 Now called great in the reign of hea- if thy right eye insnare thee, ven. 20 For I tell you, that pluck it out, and cast it from unless your righteousness excel thee: for it is better for thee to that of the Scribes and Phari- lose one of thy members, than sees, ye shall by no means enter that thy whole body should be into the kingdom of heaven. cast into Gehenna. 30 And if

21 “ Ye have heard that it thy right hand insnare thee, cut hath been said to those of old it off, and cast it from thee : for time, Thou shalt not commit it is better for thee to lose one of murder;'and • Whosoever shall thy members, than that

thy commit murder shall be liable whole body should be cast into to the judgment.' 22 But I tell Gehenna. you, that whosoever is angry 31 “ Now it hath been said, with his brother without a cause,

"Whosoever shall put away his shall be liable to the judgment: wife, let him give her a bill of and whosoever shall say to his divorcement.' 32 But I tell brother, Thou vile man,' you, that whosoever shall put shall be liable to the council : away his wife, except on account but whosoever shall say, 'Thou I of whoredom, causeth her to


commit adultery: and whoso-1 ye may be sons of your Father ever shall marry her that is put in heaven: for he maketh his away, committeth adultery. sun arise on bad and good, and

33 " Again, ye have heard sendeth rain on just and unjust. that it hath been said, to those 46 For if ye love those only who of old time, Thou shalt not love you, what reward have ye? forswear thyself, but shalt per- do not even the publicans the form unto the Lord thine oaths.' same? 47 And if ye salute 34 But I say to you, Swear not your brethren only, wherein do at all, neither by heaven, for it ye excel ? do not even the genis God's throne ; 35 nor by the tiles in like manner? 48 Be ye earth, for it is his footstool ; nor therefore perfect, as your Fathby Jerusalem, for it is the city er in heaven is perfect. of the great king. 36 Neither Ch. VI. 1 “ Take heed that shalt thou swear by thy head; ye do not your acts of rightebecause thou canst not make ousness before men, in order to one hair white or black. 37 But be observed by them: otherwise, let discourse be, Yes, yes; ye have no reward with your No, no: for whatsoever is more Father in heaven. than these, proceedeth from 2 " When therefore thou givevil.

est alms, sound not a trumpet 38 “ Ye have heard that it before thee, as the hypocrites hath been said, “ An eye for an do in the synagogues and in the eye, and a tooth for a tooth.' 39 streets, that they may be exBut I say to you, that ye resist tolled by men. Verily I tell not evil: but whosoever shall you, they have their reward. 3 strike thee on thy right cheek, But when thou givest alms, let turn to him the other also. 40 not thy left hand know what thy And if any man would sue thee right hand doth : 4 that thine at law, and take away thy coat, alms may be in secret : and thy let him have thy mantle also. 41 Father that seeth in secret And whosoever shall compel [himself] will reward thee thee to go one mile, go with him (openly.] two. 42 Give to him that ask 5“ And when thou prayest, be eth thee; and from him that not like the hypocrites : for would borrow of thee, turn not they love to pray standing in the away.

synagogues and in the corners 43 “Ye have heard that it of the streets, so as to be obhath been said, Thou shalt love served by men. Verily I tell thy neighbour, and hate thine you, that they have their reenemy. 44 But I say to you, ward. Love your enemies, [bless those 6 « But thou, when thou praythat curse you, do good to those est, enter into thy closet, and that hate you,] and pray for when thou hast shut thy door, those that (injuriously treat you, pray to thy Father that is in seand] persecute you : 45. that cret: and thy Father, that seeth

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