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liberality; he who presideth, authority : for there is no powwith diligence; he who showeth er but from God; and those pity, with cheerfulness. which exist are placed under

9 Let love be without dissi- God. 2 He therefore who renulation : abhor that which is sisteth the power, resisteth the zvil; cleave to that which is appointment of God; and those good : 10 in brotherly kindness who resist will receive to themde tenderly affectioned one to selves condemnation. 3 For ruunother : in showing honour lers are not a terror to good prefer one another : 11 be not works, but to evil. Wouldst šlothful in business : be of an thou therefore not be afraid of ictive mind : rendering true the power ? do that which is service in the time : 12 rejoic- good, and thou wilt have praise ng in hope: patient in affliction: from it. 4 For he is a minister Jersevering in prayer : 13 con- of God to thee for good. But if ributing to the necessities of thou do that which is evil, be he saints: seeking occasions afraid: for he beareth not the or hospitality.

sword in vain : for he is a mi. 14 Bless those who persecute nister of God, an avenger [to lou: bless, and curse not. 15 Re-execute wrath] upon him who oice with those who rejoice, and doth evil. veep with those who weep. 16 Be 5 Wherefore it is necessary of the same mind one towards that ye be subject, not only beinother: mind not high things, cause of punishment, but also put accommodate yourselves to because of conscience. 6 For he humble. Be not wise in your on this account ye pay tribute wn conceits. 17 Recompense also: for they are God's miniso no one evil for evil. Be atten- ters, attending continually to ive to what is good in the sight this matter. 7 Render therejf all men, 18 If it be possible, fore to all their dues: tribute, to is much as lieth in you, live whom tribute is due ; custom, to peaceably with all men. 19 Be- whom custom ; fear, to whom oved, avenge not yourselves, fear; honour, to whom honour: but rather give place to the 8 Owe no one any thing, exwrath of God: for it is written, cepting this, to love one another: Vengeance is mine; I will re- for he who loveth another ful. pay," saith the Lord. 20 If filleth the law. 9 For instance, herefore thine enemy hunger, “ Thou shalt not commit adul. eed him ; if he thirst, give him tery, Thou shalt not commit drink : for in so doing thou murder, Thou shalt not steal, wilt heap coals of fire on his Thou shalt not covet;" and if head. 21 Be not overcome by there be any other commandevil; but overcome evil with ment, it is summed up in these good.

words, namely, “ Thou shalt Ch. XIII. 1 LET every man love thy neighbour as thyself.” be subject to the powers in 10 Love worketh no ill to our

neighbour: love therefore is the He who eateth, eateth to the fulfilling of the law.

Lord; for he giveth God thanks: 11 And we should do this, and he who eateth not, to the knowing the time, that already Lord he eateth not, and giveth it is the hour to awake out of God thanks. 7 For no one of us sleep: (for now our salvation is liveth to himself, and no one nearer than when we first be- dieth to himself; 8 but whether lieved : 12 the night is far spent, we live, we live to the Lord : the day approacheth :) let, us and whether we die, we die to therefore lay aside the works the Lord: whether we live, of darkness, and let us put on therefore, or die, we are the the attire of light. 13 Let us Lord's. 9 For to this end walk becomingly, as in the day; Christ [both] died, and lived not in revelings and drunken again, that he might have do ness, not in debauchery and minion both over the dead and wantonness, not in strife and the living. envying. 14 But put ye on the 10 But why dost thou conLord Jesus Christ ; and make demn thy brother? or why dost not provision for the Aesh, to thou despise thy brother? for we fulfil its desires.

shall all stand before the judgCh. XIV. I NOW receive ment seat of Christ. 11 for it to yourselves him who is weak is written, “ A: I live, saith the in the faith ; but not for doubt- Lord, every knee shall bow to ful disputings. 2 One believeth me, and every tongue shall that he may eat all things : but praise God.” 12 So then every another, who is weak, eateth one of us must give account of herbs. 3 Let not him who eateth, himself to God. 13 Let us not despise him who eateth not; and therefore condemn one another let not him who eateth not, con- any more: but judge this rather, demn him who eateth ; for God that no one put a stumbling. hath received him to himself. 4 block, or an occasion to fall, in Who art thou that condemnest a brother's way. 14 I know, the servant of another? to his and am persuaded in the Lord own master he standeth or fall- Jesus, that nothing is unclean eth. But he shall be establish- | in itself: but if any one esteem ed; for God is able to establish any thing to be unclean, to him him.

it is unclean. 15 But if thy 5 One man esteemeth one brother be disquieted becaus: day above another: while an- of thy food, thou no longer other man esteemeth every day walkest according to love. Dealike. Let every man be fully stroy not him by thy food, for persuaded in his own mind. . whom Christ died. [He who regardeth the day, re 16 Let not then your good gardeth it to the Lord; and he be evil-spoken of. 17 For the who regardeth not the day to kingdom of God is not meat the Lord he regardeth it not.] and drink; but righteousness,

and peace, and joy in a holy are strong ought to bear the spirit. 18 For he that, in these infirmities of the weak, and not things, serveth Christ, is well-to please ourselves. 2 Let every pleasing to God, and approved one of us please his neighbour by men.

for his good, to edification. 3 19 So then let us follow after For Christ also pleased not the things, which make for himself; but, as it is written, peace, and for the edifying of “ The reproaches of those who one another. 20 For the sake reproached thee fell on me.” 4 of food, destroy not the work | For whatsoever things were of God. All things indeed are formerly written, were written pure ; but it is evil in that man for our instruction ; that we, who eateth so as to cause of through the patience and comfence. 21 It is right neither to fort of the scriptures, might eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor have hope. 5 Now the God of to do any thing by which thy patience and comfort grant you brother stumbleth, (or is offend to be of the same mind amongst ed, or is made weak.] 22 Thou yourselves, according to the hast faith : have it with respect will of Jesus Christ : 6 that to thyself, in the sight of God. with one consent, and with one Happy is he who condemneth mouth, ye may glorify the God not himself, in that which he and Father of our Lord Jesus alloweth himself to do. 23 But Christ. 7 Wherefore receive to he who doubteth is condemned yourselves one another; if he eat, because he eateth not Christ also hath received you from faith: for whatsoever is to himself for the glory of God. not from faith is sin.

8 Now I say, that (Jesus) Ch. XVI. 25* Now to him Christ became a minister of who is able to establish you, the circumcision, for the truth (according to my gospel, even of God, to confirm the prothe preaching of Jesus Christ, mises made to the fathers : 9 according to the revealed mys- and that the gentiles might tery, which was kept secret in glorify God for his mercy ; as former ages, 26 but hath now it is written, “ For this cause I been made manifest, and, by will praise thee among the genthe writings of the prophets, tiles, and sing to thy name." according to the commandment 10 And again it is said, “ Reof the aionian God, hath been joice, ye gentiles, together with made known to all the gentiles his people.” 11 And again, for their obedience to the faith;)“ Praise the Lord, all ye gen27 to God, only wise, be glory tiles; and laud him, all ye peothrough Jesus Christ, to the ple." 12 And again Isaiah saith,

There shall be a root of Jesse: CH. XV. 1 NOW we who I and he who shall rise to reign

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ages. Amen.

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“ In the common copies this doxology is inserted at the conclusion of ch. xvi. but the Alexandrian and most of the other manuscripts introduce it here." Im. Ver. note.

over the nations, in him the 22 On which account also, nations shall hope." 13 Now I have been often prevented the God of hope fill you with from coming to you: 23 but all joy and peace, in believing; now, having no longer place that ye may abound in hope, for preaching, in these parts, through the power of a holy and having a great desire, for spirit.

these many years, to come to 14 And I myself also am per- you ; 24 whensoever I go into suaded concerning you, my Spain I trust to see you, as I brethren, that ye also are full of pass on, and to be conducted goodness, filled with all know by you on my way thitherward, ledge, able also to admonish one when I have been first partly another. 15 Nevertheless, breth- filled with your company. ren, I have written to you some 25 But now I am going to ! what boldly in part, as putting Jerusalem, that I may minister you in mind, on account of to the saints : 26 for it hath the favour which God hath be pleased those of Macedonia and stowed on me; 16 that I should Achaia to make some contribube a minister of Jesus Christ to tion for the poor saints who the gentiles, ministering the are in Jerusalem. 27 It bath gospel of God, that the offering pleased them indeed, and they up of the gentiles might be are debtors to the Jews : for if well accepted, being sanctified they have made the gentiles by a holy spirit.

partakers of their spiritual 17 I have, therefore, whereof things, the gentiles ought also I may glory, through Jesus to minister to them in worldly Christ, in things relating to things. 28 When, therefore, I God; 18 (for I will not dare to have performed this, and have speak of any of those things set the seal to this fruit of their which Christ hath not wrought liberality, I will come by you by me;) concerning the obe into Spain. 29 And I know dience of the gentiles in word that, when I come to you, I and deed, 19 through mighty shall come in the fulness of the signs and wonders, through the blessing of Christ. power of a (holy] spirit; so 30 Now I beseech you, breththat from Jerusalem, and round ren, by the Lord Jesus Christ, about, to Illyricum, I have fully and by the love which is the preached the gospel of Christ: fruit of the spirit, that ye strive, 20 earnestly striving, however, together with me, in your pray, to preach the gospel in this ers to God for me ; 31 that I manner; not where Christ was may be delivered from those named, lest I should build upon in Judea who believe not; and another man's foundation; 21 but [that] my ministry at Jerusalem as it is written, “ Those to whom may be well-accepted by the he had not been spoken of, shall saints ; 32 that I may come to see: and those who had not you with joy, by the will of heard, shall understand.” God; [and may be refreshed to

gether with you.] 33 Now the mother and mine. 14 Salute God of peace be with you all. Asyncritus, Phlegon, Hermas, [Amen.

Patrobas, Hermes,

and the Ch. XVI. 1 [NOW] I com- brethren who are with them. 15 mend to you, Phebè, our sister, Salute Philologus and Julia, who is a deaconness of the Nereus and his sister, and church at Cenchrea: 2 that Olympas, and all the saints ye receive her in the Lord, as who are with them. 16 Salute is worthy of saints, and that one another with a holy kiss. ye help her in whatsoever busi. All the churches of Christ ness she hath need of you : for salute you. she hath been an assistant of 17 Now I beseech you, brethmany, and of myself also. 3 ren, to mark those who raise Salute Priscas and Aquila, my divisions and causes of stumbfellow-labourers in Christ Jesus: ling, contrary to the doctrine 4 (who, for my life, have laid which ye have learned; and down their own necks: to whom avoid them. 18 For those who not I only give thanks, but all are such, serve not our Lord the churches also of the gen-Christ, but their own belly; tiles :) 5 salute likewise the and by good words, and fair church in their house. Salute speeches, deceive the hearts of my well-beloved Epænetus, who the innocent. 19 For your obeis the first-fruits of Asia to dience hath come abroad to all Christ. 6 Salute Mary, who men. I rejoice therefore on hath laboured much for you. 7 your account : but yet I would Salute Andronicus and Junias, have you to be wise [indeed] my kinsmen and my fellow- concerning that which is good, prisoners, who are well known and simple, concerning that among the apostles, who also which is evil. 20 Now the God were in Christ before me. 8 of peace will quickly bruise Salute Amplias, my beloved in the adversary under your feet. the Lord. 9 Salute Urbanus, The favour of our Lord Je. our fellow-labourer in Christ; sus Christ be with you. and Stachys, my beloved. 10 21 TIMOTHY, my fellow-laSalute Apelles, who is approved bourer, and Lucius and Jason in Christ. Salute those that are and Sosipater, my kinsmen, saof Aristobulus's household. 11 lute you. 22 Tertius, the Salute Herodian, my kinsman. scribe of this epistle, salute you Salute those of Narcissus's in the Lord. 23 Gaius, my host, household, who are in the Lord. and the host of the whole church, 12 Salute Tryphena, and Try- saluteth you. Erastus, the treaphosa, who labour in the Lord. surer of the city, and Quartus, Salute the beloved Persis, who a brother, salute you. hath laboured much in the 24 The favour of our Lord Lord. 13 Salute Rufus, who is Jesus Christ be with you all. chosen in the Lord; and his Amen.*

• See Note, p. 269.

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