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a year and six months ; teach- | And he sailed from Ephesus. ing the word of God among And he landed at Cæsarea, and them.

having gone up and saluted 12 But when Gallio was de- the church, he went down to puty of Achaia, the Jews rose, Antioch. 23 And having passed with one consent, against Paul, some time there, he departed, and br

ght him to the judg and went over all the country ment-seat; 13 sayin”, “This man of Galatia and Phrygia, in persuadeth the people to wor-order; strengthening all the ship God contrary to the Law.” disciples. 14 And Paul being about to 24 And a certain Jew, named speak, Gallio said to the Jews Apollos, born at Alexandria, “ If it were a matter of injus- an eloquent man, and versed tice, or of wicked mischief, ye in the scriptures, came to Jews, I might reasonably bear Ephesus. 25 This man was in. with you ; 15 but if it be a structed in the doctrine of the question of doctrine, and of Lord: and, being fervent in names, and of your law, look ye spirit, he spake and taught to it yourselves : [for] I will exactly the things of the Lord, not be judge of such matters.” | knowing only the baptism of 16 And he removed them from John: 26 and he began to speak the judgment-seat. 17 Then all freely in the synagogue. But (the Greeks] took Sosthenes, when Aquila and Priscilla had the ruler of a synagogue, and heard him, they took him to beat him before the judgment. them, and explained to him seat. But Gallio cared for none more accurately the way [of of those things.

God). 27 And as he was de18 And l'aul, after he had sirous to pass into Achaia, the still remained there many days, brethren exhorted him, and bade farewel to the brethren, wrote to the disciples to receive and sailed from thence into him: who, when he had come Syria, and Priscilla and Aquila among them, helped those much with him ; having shorn his that had believed, through the head at Cenchrea : for he had favour bestowed on him, 28 For

19 And he came to he earnestly confuted the Jews, Ephesus, and left them there : and that publicly ; proving by and he himself entered into the scriptures that Jesus was the synagogue, and discoursed the Christ. to the Jews. 20 And when they

Ch. XIX. 1 And it came to desired him to remain with pass that, while Apollos was at them for a longer time, he con- Corinth, Paul, having passed sented not; 21 but bade them through the upper parts, came farewel, and said, “ [I must by to Ephesus: and having met all means keep the añproaching with some disciples, 2 he said feast, in Jerusalem ; but] I will to them, “ Have ye received return to you, God willing.” 22 the holy spirit since ye belier

a vow.

d?" And they said] to him, from them, and the evil spirits · We have not even heard were expelled. whether there be a holy spirit.” 13 Then some of the Jews · And he said [to them,] “ Into who went about as exorcists, what then were ye baptized ?” took upon them to call, over And they said, “Into John's those that had evil spirits, the aptism.” 4 Then Paul said, name of the Lord Jesus, saying,

John baptized with the bap- "I adjure you, by Jesus, whom ism of reformation ; saying to Paul preacheth.” 14 And there he people, that they should were seven sons of one Sceva a believe in him who was to come Jew, and a chief of the priests, ifter him, that is, in Jesus.” 5 who did so. 15 And the evil And having heard this, they spirit answering, said, “ Jesus yere baptized into the name of I know, and I have some knowhe Lord Jesus. 6 And Paul ledge of Paul: but who are ye?" laving put his hands upon 16 And the man, in whom the hem, the holy spirit came on evil spirit was, leaped on them, hem; and they spake in differ. [and] overcame them, and preint languages, and prophesied. vailed against them, so that

Now all the men were about they fled out of that house welve.

naked and wounded. 17 And 8 NOW Paul spake freely this was known to all, both n the synagogue, for three Jews and Greeks, dwelling at nonths, reasoning and recom- Ephesus: and fear fell on them nending the things concerning all, and the name of the Lord he kingdom of God. 9 But as Jesus was magnified. 18 And some were hardened, and would many who believed came, conaot believe, but spake evil of fessing and declaring their he way before the multitude, deeds. 19 Many of those also le withdrew from them, and who had used magical arts, separated the disciples ; dis- brought their books together, coursing daily in the school of and burned them in the sight of

De Tyrannus. 10 And this he all; and the value of them was continued to do for the space of computed, and found to be fifty two years; so that all those who thousand pieces of silver. 20 So dwelt in Asia heard the word mightily did the word of God of the Lord, both Jews and grow and prevail. Greeks.

21 NOW after these things 11 And God wrought no were ended, Paul pui common miracles by the hands his mind, after passing through of Paul: 12 so that, from his Macedonia and Achaia, to go body, even handkerchiefs or to Jerusalem, saying, “ After I aprons* were brought to the have been there, I must also sick; and the diseases departed I see Rome.” 22 So he sent into

The original words are from the Latin sudaria and semicinctia; and, from the use of these Fords, Mr. Evanson infers that this sentence is spurious. Disson. p. 45.

sed in

Macedonia two of those who who were his friends, sent to ministered to him, Timothy him, advising him not to venand Erastus; but he himself | ture into the theatre. 32 Some continued a while in Asia. therefore cried one thing, and

23 Now at this time, there some another: for the assembly arose no small disturbance con was confused, and the greater cerning this way. 24 For a part knew not why they were certain man, named Demetrius, come together. 33 Then Alexa silver-smith, who made silver ander was advanced out of the models of Diana's temple, fur. crowd, the Jews pushing him nished no small gain to the forward. And Alexander wavworkmen; 25 whom he called ing his hand, would have made together, with those of like oc a defence to the people: 34 but cupation, and said, “Sirs, ye they knowing him to be a Jew, know that by this employment all with one voice, for about we have our wealth : 26 more two hours, cried out, “ Great is over, ye see and hear that this Diana of the Ephesians." Paul hath persuaded, and turn 35 At length the recorder ed aside, no small multitude, having stilled the crowd, said, not only of Ephesus but almost “ Men of Ephesus, what many of all Asia; saying, that they is there, who knoweth not are not gods which are made that the city of the Ephesians with hands : 27 so there is not is a worshipper of the great only danger that this our occu- Diana, and of the image which pation should come into con- fell down from Jupiter ? 36 tempt, but also that the temple Since therefore these things of the great goddess Diana cannot be spoken against, ye should be despised, and that ought to be quiet, and to do her magnificence should be nothing rashly: 37 for ye have soon destroyed, whom all Asia, brought hither these men, who and the world worshippetli.” are neither robbers of temples, 28 And having heard this, they nor blasphemers of your godwere full of wrath, and cried dess. 38 Wherefore if Deme. out, saying, “Great is Diana trius, and the workmen who of the Ephesians.”

are with him, have a matter 29 And the whole city was against any one, court-days are filled with confusion; and hav. kept, and there are deputies to ing seized Gaius and Aristar- give judgment : let them sumchus, men of Macedonia, Paul's mon one another. 39 But if ye fellow-travellers, they rushed inquire any thing concerning with one consent into the thea- other matters, it should be in a tre. 30 Upon this Paul had a lawful assembly. 40 For we mind to go to the people, but are in danger of being called in the disciples did not permit question for this day's disturbhim. 31 And even some of the ance : there being no cause by chief magistrates of Asia, which we may justify this con

course.” 41 And having thus was taken up dead. 10 Then spoken, he dismissed the as. Paul went down, and fell on sembly.

him, and embraced him, and Ch. XX. 1 NOW this tumult said, “ Trouble not yourselves; being over, Paul sent for the for his life is in him.” 11 And disciples, and took leave of having come up again, and them, and departed to go into broken bread, and eaten, and Macedonia. 2 And having gone conversed a long time, even till over those parts, and given break of day, he then departed. them much exhortation, he 12 Now when they brought came into Greece. 3 And after up the young man alive; and he had continued three months, were not a little comforted, 13 the Jews having lain in wait we went before, to the ship, and for him, as he was about to sail sailed to Assos, there intending into Syria, he determined to to take in Paul : for so he had 'eturn through Macedonia. 4 appointed, intending himself to And Sopater, the son of Pyrr- go by land. 14 And, having ius, a Berean, accompanied come up with us, at Assos, we iim as far as Asia ; but Aris- took him in, and came to Miarchus and Secundus, of the tylenè. 15 And we sailed Thessalonians, and Gaius, of thence, and arrived the next day Derbè, and Timothy, and Ty- over against Chios; and the hicus and Trophimus of Asia, following day we touched at

these went before, and waited Samos, and, having remained or us at Troas. 6 And we sail- at Trogyllium, on the day after d away from Philippi after the we came to Miletus. 16 For Paul ays of unleavened bread, and had determined to sail by Ephe. le came to them at Troas in sus, that he might not pass ve days; where we abode much time in Asia ; for he haseven days.

tened, if it were possible for 7 And on the first day of the him, to be at Jerusalem on the cek, the disciples having as- day of Pentecost. embled to break bread, Paul 17 AND from Miletus Paul iscoursed to them, being about sent to Ephesus, and called' to

depart on the morrow; and him the elders of the church. ontinued his discourse until 18 And having come to him, he idnight. 8 And there were said to them, “ Ye know, from any lamps in the upper room, the first day since I came into here we were assembled. 9 Asia, in what manner I have low certain young man, conducted myself with you the imed Eutychus, sat in a win-whole time; 19 serving the w; and having fallen into a Lord with all humility of mind, eep sleep, as Paul discoursed and with tears, and trials which

long time, he sunk down befel me by the lyings in wait ith sleer, and fell to the of the Jews: 20 and that I have round from the third story, and I not kept back any thing, which


was profitable to you ; but have to draw away disciples after shown it to you, and have them. 31 Watch therefore, and taught you, publicly and from remember, that for three years, house to house ; 21 announcing night and day, I ceased not to both to Jews and Greeks re- admonish every one with tears. pentance towards God, and 32 “And now, [brethren,] I faith towards our Lord Jesus commend you to God, and to Christ.

the word of his favour, which is 22 “ And now, behold, I am able to edify you, and to give strongly impressed in mind to you an inheritance among all go to Jerusalem; not knowing those that are sanctified. 33 the things which will befal me I have coveted no one's silver, there, 23 except that the holy nor gold, nor apparel. 34 Ye spirit witnesseth to me in every yourselves know that these city, saying that bonds and hands have ministered to my afflictions await me. 24 But I necessities, and to those who make no account of any thing, were with me. 35 I have shown nor do I regard (my) life, as dear you in all things, that by so to myself, so that I may finish labouring ye ought to assist my course (with joy], and the the infirm, and to remember ministry which I have received the words of the Lord Jesus, from the Lord Jesus, to declare that he said, It is more happy the gracious gospel of God. 25 to give than to receive.' " And now, behold, I know that 36 And when he had thus ye all, among whom I have spoken, he kneeled down, and gone preaching the reign of prayed with them all. 37 And God], will see my face no more. they all wept much, and fell on 26 Wherefore I declare to you Paul's neck, and kissed him this day, that I am pure from 38 sorrowing most for the the blood of all men ; 27 for I words which he had spoken have kept nothing back, but that they were to see his face have declared to you the whole no more. And they conducted counsel of God.

him on his way to the ship. 28 « Take heed therefore to CH. XXI. 1 And it came to yourselves, and to all the flock; pass that, after we had separate among whom the holy spirit ed ourselves from them, and hath made you overseers, to had sailed, we

came with feed the church of the Lord, straight course to Coos, and which he hath purchased with the day following to Rhodes his own blood. 29 [For] I and thence to Patara. 2 And know [this], that after my de- having found a ship sailing, parture, grievous. wolves will over to Phenicia, we went on enter in among you, not spar. board, and loosed. 3 Now hav ing the ftock. 30 From among ing discovered Cyprus, and your own selves also, will men passed by it on the left hand arise, speaking perverse things, we sailed into Syria, and land

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