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the law by the ministry of an over him. 3 But Saul laid waste gels, and have not kept it.” the church, entering into every

54 And as they heard these house; and, dragging out men things, they were cut to their and women, he committed them hearts; and gnashed on him to prison. with their teeth. 55 But he, 4 NOW, therefore, the discibeing full of a holy spirit, look-ples being scattered abroad, ed up stedfastly into heaven, they went through the country and saw the glory of God, and preaching the glad tidings of Jesus standing on the right the word. hand of God; 56 and said, 5 Then Philip went down to “ Behold, I see the heavens a city of Samaria, preaching to opened, and the Son of man them the Christ. 6 And the standing on the right hand of multitudes attended, with one God.” 57 Then they cried out consent, to the things spoken with a loud voice, and stopped by Philip, when they heard and their ears, and ran upon him with saw the miracles which he did. one consent; and, casting him 7 For impure spirits, crying out of the city, they stoned him. with a loud voice, came out of 58 And the witnesses laid down many that had them : and many their mantles at a young man's that were sick of the palsy, and feet, whose name was Saul: 59 that were lame, were cured. and so they stoned Stephen, in- And there was great joy in that voking, and saying, “Lord Je-city. sus, receive my spirit.”* 60 9 But there had been before, And he kneeled down, and cried in that city, a certain man callout with a loud voice, “ Lord, ed Simon, using magic, and lay not this sin to their charge.” amazing the people of Samaria, And, having said this, he fell saying that he himself was some asleep.

great one.

10 To whom [all] CH. VIII. 1 Now Saul was attended, from the least to the gladly consenting to his death. greatest, saying, “This man is

And on that day there was a the power of God, which is calle great persecution against the ed great." 11 And they attende church, in Jerusalem: and ed to him, because for a long they were all scattered abroad time he had amazed them by throughout the regions of Judea magical arts. 12 But, when they and Samaria, except the apos- believed Philip who preached tles. 2 Now some devout men the glad tidings concerning the prepared Stephen for his burial, kingdom of God and the name and made great lamentation of Jesus Christ, they were bap

• "He called on the Lord Jesus ; the vision of whom, ver. 56, seems to have been renewed for the purpose of giving this first martyr comfort and support." Newcome. 6 This address of Stephen to Jesus when he actually saw

him, does vot authorize us to offer prayers to him, non he is invisible. See Lindsey's Ans. to Robinson, p. 86–89.” Im. Ver. Note.

+" Probably by a superior acquaintance with the powers of nature and the efficacy of me dicines." New come.

tized, both men and women. 13 | the Lord for me, that none of Then even Simon bimself be- these things which ye have lieved: and when he was baptiz- spoken come upon me.” 25 So ed, he continued stedfastly with these, when they had borne Philip; and, beholding the signs witness to and declared the and [great] miracles which were word of the Lord, returned to done, he was amazed.

Jerusalem, and preached the 14 Now when the apostles gospel in many villages of the that were at Jerusalem heard Samaritans. that Samaria had received the 26 NOW an angel of the word of God, they sent to them Lord spake to Philip, saying, Peter and John: 15 who when“ Arise, and go towards the they came down, prayed for south, to the road which goeth them that they might receive a down from Jerusalem to Gaza; holy spirit : for as yet it had which is a desert way.27 And fallen on none of them ; 16 (but he arose and went: and bethey had only been baptized hold a eunuch of Ethiopia of into the name of the Lord Je. great authority under Candace sus.) 17 Then the apostles put queen of the Ethiopians, and entheir hands on them, and they trusted with all her treasure,who received a holy spirit.

had been to worship at Jeru. 18 And when Simon saw that salem,28 was on his way home, by the putting on of the apos. and was sitting in his chariot, tles' hands the holy spirit was reading the prophet Isaiah. 29 given, he offered them money, Then the spirit said to Philip, 19 saying, “ Give me also this “ Go near, and join thyself power, that, on whomsoever I to that chariot.” 30 And Philip put my hands, he may receive ran thither, and heard him i holy spirit.” 20 But Peter reading the prophet Isaiah, said to him, " Thy money per. and said, “ Understandest thou sh with thee; because thou what thou readest ?" 31 And nast thought to purchase the he said, “ How can I, unless gift of God with money. 21 some one guide me?" And he Chou hast no part or lot in this desired Philip to get up, and natter: for thy heart is not sit with him, ight before God. 22 Repent 32 Now the place of the herefore of this thy wicked scripture which he was read. less; and pray God, if perhaps ing was this. “He was led as a he thought of thy heart may sheep to the slaughter; and, as je forgiven thee: 23 for I per a lamb is dumb before his eive that thou art in the gall shearer, so he openeth not his f bitterness, and in the bond mouth. 33 In his humiliation, I iniquity." 24 Then Simon his condemnation was extortnswering, said, “ Pray ye toed;* and who can describe the

* See Dodson's Isaiah in loc.

wickedness of his generation ?*|“Saul, Saul, why persecutest for his life is taken from the thou me?5 And he said, earth." 34 And the eunuch “ Who art thou, Sir?” And speaking to Philip, said, “I [the Lord said, “I am Jesus pray thee, of whom speaketh whom thou persecutest. 6 But the prophet this? of himself, rise up, and go into the city; or of some other man?" 35 and it shall be told thee what Then Philip opened his mouth, thou must do." 7 And the men and began from this part of who journeyed with him re. scripture, and preached to him mained mute, hearing a sound, the glad tidings of Jesus. 36 but seeing no one. 8 And Saul And as they were going on their arose from the ground; and way, they came to some water: opening his eyes, he saw no and the eunuch said, “See, here one: but, leading him by the is water; what hindereth my hand, they brought him into being baptized ?” 38 Then he Damascus. 9 And he was three commanded that the chariot days without sight; and neither should stand still: and they two ate nor drank. went down into the water, both 10 Now there was a certain Philip and the eunuch; and disciple at Damascus, named Philip baptized him. 39 And Ananias; and the Lord said to when they were come up out him, in a vision, “ Ananias." of the water, the spirit of the And he said, “ Behold, Lord, Lord caught away Philip; and here am I.” 11 And the Lord said the eunuch saw him no more: to him, “ Arise, and go into the for he went on his way rejoicing street which is called Straight, 40 But Philip was found at Azo- and inquire in the house of Ju. tus: and, passing through, he das for one named Saul, of Tarpreached the gospel in all the sus; for, behold, he prayeth; cities, till he came to Cesarea. 12 and hath seen in a vision a

CH. IX. 1 NOW Saul, still man named Ananias; who came breathing out threats and slaugh-in, and put his hand on him. ter against the disciples of the that he might recover his sight." Lord, went to the high-priest, 13 Then Ananias answered, 2 and desired of him letters to “Lord, I have heard from many the synagogues at Damascus; of this man, how much evil he that if he found any of this re- hath done to thy saints in Jeligion, whether they were men rusalem: 14 and here he hath or women, he might bring them authority from the chief-priests bound to Jerusalem. 3 And, as to bind all who call themselves he journeyed, he came near Da- by thy name.” 15 But the Lord mascus: and suddenly a light said to him, “ Go : for he is to from heaven shone round about me a chosen vessel, to bear him:4 and falling upon the earth, my name before the gentiles he heard a voice saying to him, and kings, and the sons of Is*". So yEVER ch. xiji. 36, is used for the race of men with whom David lived." Newcome.

rael; 16 for I will show him tempted to join himself to the what things he must suffer on disciples : but they were all account of my name.” 17 Then, afraid of him, not believing Ananias departed, and entered that he was a disciple. 27 Then into the house ; and having put Barnabas took him and brought his hands on him, he said, “Bro- him to the apostles; and relatther Saul, the Lord hath sented to them how he had seen me, (even (Jesus,] who appeared the Lord on the road, who had to thee on the road as thou cam- spoken to him; and how he est,) that thou mightest recover had spoken freely at Damasthy sight, and be filled with a cus in the name of Jesus. 28 holy spirit.” 18 And immediate- And he consorted with them at ly, there fell from his eyes, as Jerusalem ; 29 [and] spake it were, scales; and he recover- freely, in the name of the Lord ed his sight, and arose, and was Jesus. And he talked and disbaptized. 19 And taking food, puted with the Hellenists; but he was strengthened.

they tried to kill him : 80 which Now he was some days with when the brethren knew, they the disciples, that were at Da- brought him down to Cesarea, mascus. 20 And immediately and sent him away to Tarsus. he preached Jesus in the syna 31 Then the churches had gogues, that he is the son of quiet throughout all Judea and God. 21 But all that heard him Galilee and Samaria, being ediwere amazed, and said, " Is not fied, and walking in the fear of the this he who destroyed those Lord; and they were filled with who call themselves after this the comfort of the holy spirit. name, in Jerusalem, and came 32 And it came to pass that, hither for this purpose, that he as Peter went through all parts, might carry them bound to the he came down to the saints also chief-priests?” 22 But Saul in- who dwelt at Lydda. 33 And creased more in strength, and there he met with a certain man perplexed the Jews who dwelt named Eneas, who was sick at Damascus, proving that this with the palsy, and had kept man is the Christ.

his bed eight years. 34 And Pe23 And after many days were ter said to him, “Eneas, Jesus fulfilled, the Jews took counsel the Christ, cureth thee: arise, to kill him : 24 (but their lying and make thy bed.” And he in wait was known by Saul:) arose immediately. 35 And all and they watched the gates day who dwelt at Lydda and Saron and night, that they might kill saw him, and turned to the Lord. him. 25 Then the disciples took

36 NOW there was at Joppa him by night, and let him down a certain disciple named Ta. by the wall, in a basket. 26 And bitha, which, being interpreted coming to Jerusalem, he at-l into Greek, signifieth Dorcas,* Tabitha is a Syriac word, and Dorcas a Greek word, both signifying an antelope. The name liere is expressive of beauty; 'as " antelopes are particularly remarkable for their beautiful eyes.'

See Parkhurst.

this woman abounded in good, the day, an angel of God, who works and in deeds of charity came in unto him, and said to which she performed. 37 And him, “ Cornelius." 4 Then he, it came to pass, in those days, looking stedfastly at him, and that she was sick and died : so being afraid, said,. What is it, when they had washed her, they Sir?” And he said to him, laid her in an upper room, 38 “ Thy prayers and thine alms And as Lydda was near Joppa, are come up for a memorial the disciples, who had heard before God. 5 And now send that Peter was there, sent to men to Joppa, and send for Sihim [two men]; desiring him mon, whose surname is Peter : that he would not delay coming 6 he lodgeth with one Simon a to them. 39 Then Peter arose, tanner, whose house is by, the and went with them. And when sea-side.7 And when the anhe was come, they brought him gel who had spoken to him was into the upper room: and all gone, he called two of [his] the widows stood by him weep-household servants, and a de. ing, and showing the vests and vout soldier of those who atmantles which Dorcas made tended him; 8 and, having told while she was with them. 40 them the whole matter, he sent But Peter, having sent them all them to Joppa. out, kneeled down, and prayed ; 9 Now on the morrow, as and turning to the body, he they journeyed, and drew near said, “Tabitha, arise.” And to the city, Peter went up on she opened her eyes : and, be- the house-top to pray, about the holding Peter, she sat up. 41 sixth hour. 10 And he became And he gave her his hand, and very hungry, and wished to eat: raised her up; and, having cal- but while they were making led the saints and widows, he ready, he fell into a trance; 11 presented her alive. 42 And it and saw heaven open, and somewas known throughout all Jop: what descending like a great pa; and many believed in the sheet, [bound together] by the Lord. 43 And it came to pass four corners, [and] let down to that he remained many days in the earth : 12 in which were all Joppa with one Simon a tan- kinds of four-footed beasts of

the earth,] [and wild beasts,] Ch. X. 1 NOW there was a and creeping things, and fowls certain man in Cesarea, named of the air. is And there came Cornelius, a centurion of the a voice to him, “ Arise, Peter; band called Italian ; 2 a devout slay and eat." 14 But Peter man, and one who feared God said, “ By no means, Lord: for with all his household; who I have never eaten any thing likewise gave much alms to the common or unclean." 15 And people, and prayed to God con- the voice spake to him again a tinually : 3 he saw in a vision second time, “ What God hath clearly, about the ninth hour of cleansed, that regard thou not


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