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14 When she had said this, of any, they are remitted to she turned back, and saw Jesus them; if ye retain them, they standing; but knew not that it are retained.” was Jesus. 15 Jesus said to her, 24 Bur Thomas, called Didy“ Woman, why weepest thou ? | mus, one of the twelve, was not whom seekest thou ?” She sup- with them when Jesus came. posing him to be the keeper of 25 Then, the other disciple, the garden, said to nim, Sir, said to him, We have seen if thou hast carried him hence, our Master.” But he said to tell me where thou hast laid them, “ Unless I shall see in him, and I will take him away." his hands the print of the nails, 16 Jesus said to her, “ Mary,” and put my finger into the print She turned, and said to him, of the nails, and put my hand " Rabboni.” Which signifieth, into his side, I will not beMy Teacher. 17 Jesus said to lieve.” her, • Embrace me not: for I 26 And, within eight days, do not yet ascend to my Father: his disciples were again withbut go to my brethren, and say in, and Thomas with them : to them, I ascend to my Fathen Jesus came, the doors hav

ther and your Father, and to my ing been shut, and stood in the : God and your God.'” 18 Mary midst, and said, “ Peace be to

Magdalene came and told the you." 27 Then he said to Tho. disciples that she had seen the mas, “ Reach hither thy finger, Lord, and that he had said these and behold my hands; and reach things to her.

hither thy hand, and put it into 19 Then, in the evening of my side; and be not faithless, that day, being the first day of but believing." 28 Thomas anthe week, the doors where the swered, and said to him, “ My disciples were [assembled] hav- Lord, and my God!"* 29 Jesus ing been shut for fear of the said to him, “ Because thou hast Jews, Jesus came and stood in , seen me, thou hast believed ; the midst; and said to them, happy are they that have not “ Peace be to you.” 20 And seen, and yet have believed.” when he had said this, he show 30 NOW Jesus did many ed them his hands and his side. other signs in the presence of Then the disciples were glad, his disciples, which are not when they saw the Lord. 21 written in this book : 31 but Then Jesus said to them again, these are written, that ye may “ Peace be to you: as the Fa- believe that Jesus is the Christ, ther sent me, so I send you.” the Son of God; and that, be22 And when he had said this, lieving, ye may have life through he breathed on them, and said his name. to them, “Receive ye the holy Ch. XXI. 1 AFTER these spirit. 23 If ye remit the sins I things, Jesus showed himself

*“ These words are usually understood as a confession. Beza says that they are an exclamation : q. d. 'My Lord ! and my God!' how great is thy power! Eph. i. 19, 20. 'Whitby's Last Thoughts, 2d ed. p. 78.” Newcome.

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again to the disciples at the sea 11 Simon Peter went into the of Tiberias : and in this man- vessel, and drew the net to land, ner he showed himself. 2 There full of great fishes, a hundred were together, Simon Peter, and and fifty-three : and although Thomas called Didymus, and there were so many, yet the net Nathanael of Cana in Galilee, was not broken. 12 Jesus said to and the sons of Zebedee, and two them,“ Come and dine." Now others of his disciples. 3 Simon none of the disciples durst inPeter said to them, “ I am going quire of him, “Who art thou ?" to fish.” They said to him, knowing that it was their Mas“ We also will go with thee.” ter. 13 Jesus (then] came, and They departed, and went [im- took bread, and gave to them, mediately] into a ship; and on and fish in like manner. 14 This that night they caught nothing. I was the third time that Jesus

4 But when morning was now had already showed himself to come, Jesus stood on the shore: his disciples, after he was raisthe disciples, however, knew ed from the dead. not that it was Jesus.

15 SO when they had dined, 5 Then Jesus said to them, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Sie

Young men, have ye any | mon son of Jonah, lovest thou food ?" They answered him, me more than these ?"*

He “ No.” 6 And he said to them, said to him, “ Yes, Master: “ Cast the net on the right side thou knowest that I love thee." of the ship, and ye will get He said to him, “ Feed my some." They cast it, therefore: lambs.” 16 He said to him again and now they were not able to a second time, “Simon son of draw it, for the multitude of Jonah, lovest thou me?" He fishes. 7 Wherefore that disci- said to him, “ Yes, Master: thou ple whom Jesus loved said to knowest that I love thee.” He Peter, “It is our Master." said to him, “ Tend my sheep."

Now, when Simon Peter 17 He said to him the third heard that it was their Master, time, “ Simon son of Jonah, he girt on his upper garment, lovest thou me?” Peter grieved (for he was naked), and cast that he said to him the third himself into the sea. 8 And the time, “ Lovest thou me?" and other disciples came in the ves- he said to him, “ Master, thou sel, (for they were not far from knowest all things; thou knowland, but as it were two hun-est that I love thee.” Jesus said dred cubits), dragging the net to him, “Feed my sheep. full of fishes. 9 As soon as they 18 “Verily, verily, I say to landed, they saw a fire of coals thee, When thou wast young, lying, and fish laid thereon; and thou didst gird thyself and walk bread. 10 Jesus said to them, whither thou wouldst: but when “ Bring of the fishes which ye thou shalt be old, thou wilt have now caught.”

stretch forth thy hands, and

Or, more than thou lovest these things? See Bishop Pearce. The original is ambiguous.


another will gird thee, and car- thee? Follow thou me.” 23 ry thee whither thou wouldst This report therefore went a

broad among the brethren, that 19 Now he spake this, signi- this disciple was not to die; yet fying by what death he should Jesus said not to him, “ He glorify God. And when he had shall not die;" but, “ If I will spoken this, he said to him, that he remain till I come, what “ Follow me.”

is that to thee?" 20 Then Peter turned about, and saw the disciple whom Je 24 This is the disciple who sus loved following; who had testified of these things, and leaned on his breast also at sup- wrote these things : and we per, and had said, “ Master, know that his testimony is which is he who delivereth thee true.* 25 And there are many up ?" 21 When Peter saw him, other things also that Jesus did, he said to Jesus,“Lord, and what which if they were written, every shall this man do?" 22 Jesus said one, I think that even the world to him, “If I will that he re- itself could not contain the main till I come, what is that to books which might be written.t



for forty days, and speaking of 1 THE former treatise, o the things concerning the kingTheophilus, which I compiled, dom of God. 4 And then, ascontained an ačcount of all which sembling them together, he Jesus began both to perform commanded them not to depart and teach, 2 until the day in from Jerusalem, but to wait which he was taken up, after for the promise of the Father; having by a holy spirit, instruct “ which," said he, “ye have ed the apostles whom he had heard from me. 5 For John inchosen : 3 whom, also, he con. deed baptized in water; but ye vinced of his being alive, after shall be baptized in a holy spirit, his suffering, by many infalli not many days hence." ble proofs; appearing to them 6 When, therefore, they were

" These words are an early testimony of eye-witnesses to the truth of St. John's gospel : they may have been admitted from the margin into the text." Newcome.

† Grotius and Le Clerc reject this whole chapter: but Welstein admits it.

“ Hammond considers the two last verses as the attestation of the Asiatic bishops; at whose request Erisebius affirms that John wrote his gospel.

“ Dr. Owen thinks that from *.Oct oldapev, in ver. 24, to the end of ver. 25, is an early addi." tion, perhaps a very early one, by another hand. Buwyer, 4to.” Newcowie.


convened together, they asked, consent in prayer, with certain him, saying, “ Master, wilt thou women, and Mary the mother at this time restore the kingdom of Jesus, and [with] his brethto Israel?" 7 But he said to them,

“ It is not for you to 15 And in those days Peter know the times or seasons, stood up in the midst of the which the Father, by his own disciples, (whose number then authority, hath appointed. 8 But present was about a hundred ye shall receive power, by the and twenty,) 16 and said “Men, coming of the holy spirit upon Brethren, it was necessary for you: and ye shall be witnesses [that] scripture to be fulfiiled, to me, both in Jerusalem, and which the holy spirit spake by in all Judea, and in Samaria, the mouth of David, concerning and to the uttermost part of the Judas, who was guide to those earth.” 9 And when he had that seized Jesus; 17 inasmuch spoken these things, while they as he was numbered among us, beheld him, he was lifted up; and had his part allotted him in and a cloud received him out of this ministry.” 18 (Now this their sight. 10 And on his being man, as we may say, bought a taken up, as they were looking field with the reward of this inearnestly toward heaven, be- iquity; and falling down, he hold, two men stood by them burst in the midst, so that all in white apparel; 11 who also his bowels gushed out:* 19 and said, “ Ye men of Galilee, why it was known to all who dwelt stand ye looking toward hea in Jerusalem ; so that the field ven? this Jesus, who is taken was called, in their own dia. up from you into heaven, will lect, Aceldama, that is, The come again in the same manner field of blood. 20 “ For it is as ye have seen him go into written in the book of Psalms, heaven."

• Let his habitation be desolate; 12 Then they returned to Je- and let no one dwell therein.' rusalem from the mount called And, · Let another take his of. Olivet, which is near Jerusa- fice.' 21 Out of those men, lem, a sabbath-day's journey. therefore, who have been with 13 And when they were come, us all the time that the Lord they went into an upper room, Jesus was amongst us,t 22 from where they usually abode; both the time when he was baptized Peter and James and John and by John, to the day of his being Andrew, Philip and Thomas, taken up from us, one should Bartholomew and Matthew, be appointed with us for a witJames the son of Alpheus, and ness of his resurrection." 23 Simon Zelotes, and Judas the Then they set apart two; Jobrother of James. 14 All these seph, called Barsabas, who was stedfastly continued with one surnamed Justusgand Matthias.

18, 19." These verses may be considered as the words of St. Luke, the historian: and from the phrase in their own dialett, compared with Col. iv. 11, 14, some infer that Luke was a gentile." + Gr. weut in and out among us.


24 And they prayed, saying, , dialect, in which we were born? “ Thou Lord, who knowest the 9 Parthians, and Medes, and hearts of all men, appoint one Elamites, and dwellers in Meof these two, whom thou hast sopotamia, and in Judeat and chosen for thyself, 25 to take Cappadocia, in Pontus and Asia, the allotment of this ministry, 10 in Phrygia and Pamphylia, and apostleship, from which Ju- in Egypt and in the parts of das separated himself, that he Libya about Cyrene, and strangmight go to his own place."* ers from Rome, both Jews and 26 And their lots were cast : proselytes. 11 Cretans also and and the lot fell upon Matthias ; Arabians; we hear them speak. and he was numbered with the ing in our own tongues the eleven apostles.

wonderful works of God." 12 Ch. II. 1 NOW when the And they were all amazed, and day of Pentecost was come, they doubted; saying one to anowere all, with one consent, in ther, “ What can this mean?" the same place, 2 and sudden-13_But others, scoffing, said, ly, there came from heaven a 66 These men are full of new sound, as of a rushing mighty wine.” wind; and it filled all the house 14 But when Peter and the where they were sitting. 3 And eleven had stood up, he lifted they saw, as it were, tongues of up his voice, and said to them, fire, distributing themselves, “Ye Jews, and all ye who dwell and sitting upon each of them. in Jerusalem, be this known to 4 And they were all filled with you, and hearken to my words. a holy spirit: and began to 15 For these are not drunken, speak in different languages, as ye suppose; since it is but as the spirit gave them utter. the third hour of the day. 16 ance. 5 Now there were dwell. But this is what was spoken by ing at Jerusalem, Jews, religi- the prophet Joel, 17 " And it ous men, out of every nation shall come to pass in the latter under heaven. 6 And when this days, saith God, that I will report was spread abroad, the pour out my spirit upon all multitude came together, and flesh: and your sons and your were perplexed, because every daughters shall prophesy, and one heard them speaking in his your young men shall see viown dialect. 7 And they were sions, and your old men shall Tall] amazed, and wondered, dream dreams: 18 and on my saying one to another, “Be- men-servants, and on my maid. hold, are not all these who servants I will pour out my speak Galileans ? 8 How then spirit in those days; and they hear we every man in our own I shall prophesy : 191 and I will * The Syriac, according to the Latin of Tremellius, runs thus; " à quo separavit se lihudah,

This sense of the word is justified by the LXX Exod. xxxii. 8, wbere it is rendered turned aside; "they have turned aside out of the way which," &c.—“from which Judas turned aside, that,” &c. † " India, Idumea, Cilicia, Bithynia, Lydia; are different conjectures.” Newcome.. | 19, 20. “These verses refer to the destruction of Jerusalem.” Newcome.

ut abiret in locum suum.'

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