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known thee: but I have known seek me, let these depart." 9 thee, and these have known that (That the words might be fulthou hast sent me. 26 And I Ålled, which he spake, “ Of have made known to them thy those whom thou hast given me, name, and will make it known: I have lost none.") that the love, with which thou 10 Then Simon Peter, have hast loved me, may be in them; ing a sword, drew it, and struck and I in them.”

servant of the high-priest, Ch. XVIII. 1 When Jesus and cut off his right ear. Now had spoken these words, he the servant's name was Malwent forth, with his disciples, chus. 11 Then said Jesus, to over the brook Kedron, where Peter, “ Put up the sword into there was a garden, into which the sheath: the cup which my he, and his disciples, entered. Father hath given me, shall I 2 And Judas, also, who deliver- not drink it? ed him up, knew the place : 12 THEN the band, and the for Jesus often resorted thither, commander, and the officers of with his disciples. 3 Judas the Jews, took Jesus, and bound then, having received a band him, 13 and led him away, to of soldiers, and officers from Annas first ; for he was father the chief-priests and Pharisees, in-law to Caiaphas, who was came thither, with lanterns, and high-priest that year. 14 Now lamps, and weapons.

Caiaphas was he who had given 4 Upon this Jesus, knowing counsel to the Jews, that it was all things which were to befal expedient that one man should him,* went forth, and said to die for the people. them, “ Whom seek ye?" 5 15 And Simon Peter followThey answered him, “Jesus of ed Jesus, and so did another dis. Nazareth.” Jesus said to them, ciple; and that disciple was “ I am he." And Judas, also, known to the high-priest, and who delivered him up, stood entered with Jesus into the pawith them. 6 As soon then as lace of the high-priest. he had said to them, I am he,' 16 But Peter stood at the door they went backward, and fell on without. Then that other discithe ground.

ple, who was known to the high7 Then he asked them again, priest, went out, and spake to “ Whom seek ye?” And they her who kept the door; and said, “ Jesus of Nazareth." 8 brought in Peter. Jesus answered, “I told you 17 Then the maid servant that I am he: if therefore yel who kept the door said to Peter,

*“Nothing more beautifully illustrates the dignity of our Lord's character, than this distinct foreknowledge of every circumstance of his approaching sufferings. This distinguishes Christ from all other martyrs and confessors, and fully accounts for his agony in the garden, and the horror which he often expresses at the prospect of what was to happen. It likewise enhances the moral value of his resignation to the divine will, and exhibits his fortitude in a striking light, after his mind had been tranquillized and fortified by his prayer in the garden. See Heb. v. 7. He was heard, so as to be delivered from his fear.” Im. Ver. note.

“Art not thou also one of this garden with him ?" 27 Peter man's disciples ?” He said, “I then denied it again ; and imam not.” 18 And the servants mediately the cock crew.* and officers stood and warmed 28 [Then] the Jews brought themselves, having made a fire Jesus from Caiaphas, to the of coals; for it was cold. And judgment-hall; and it was earPeter stood with them, and ly: and they themselves went warmed himself.

not into the judgment-hall, lest 19 Now the high-priest ask- they should be defiled; but that cd Jesus concerning his disci- they might eat the passover. 29 ples, and concerning his doc- Pilate, therefore, went out to trine. 20 Jesus answered him, them, and said, “ What accusa“I spoke openly to the world; tion bring ye against this man?" I have always taught in the sy- 30 They answered, and said to nagogue, and in the temple, him, “If he were not a malewhither all the Jews resort; and factor, we would not have dein secret I spoke nothing. 21 livered him up to thee.” Why asketh" thou me? Ask 31 Then Pilate said to them, those that heard me, what I " Take ye him, and judge him have spoken to them : behold, according to your law. The they know what I said.” Jews, therefore, said to him,

22 And when he had said “ We are not allowed to put these words, one of the officers, any man to death.” + 32 (So that who stood by, struck Jesus with the words of Jesus were fulfilled, the palm of his hand, and said, which he spake, signifying what "Answerest thou the high- death he was to die.) 33 Then priest thus ?" 23 Jesus answer- Pilate entered again into the ed him, “ If I have spoken evil, judgment-hall, and called Jesus, bear witness of the evil : but if and said to him, “ Art thou the well, why dost thou smite me?" king of the Jews ??? 24 (Now Annas had sent him 34 Jesus answered [him], bound to Caiaphas the high- “ Sayest thou this of thyself; priest.)

or have others told it thee of 25 And Simon Peter stood me?" 35 Pilate answered, “Am and warmed himself. Then they I a Jew? Thine own nation, and said to him, “ Art not thou the chief-priests, have delivered also one of his disciples ” He thee up to me. What hast thou denied it, and said, “ I am not.” done ? 36 Jesus answered,

One of the servants of the " My kingdom is not of this high-priest, being the kinsman world. If my kingdom had been of him whose ear Peter cut off, of this world, then my adhesaid, “ Did not I see thee in the rents would have contended, * The trumpet sounded at the beginning of the third watch, called the cock-crowing: this was at midnight.

† Meaning such a death as they wished Jesus to suffer, i. e. crucifixion which was a pun. ishment of the Romans, not of the Jews. But they might have stoned him, as they afterwards

stowed Stephen.

that I might not be delivered man.” 6 When, therefore, the up to the Jews: but indeed my chief-priests and the officers kingdom is not from hence.” saw him, they cried out, saying,

37 Pilate, therefore, said to “ Crucify, crucify him.” Pilate him, “ Art thou a king then?" said to them, “ Take ye him, Jesus answered, “ Thou sayest and crucify him : for I find no truly; for I am a king. For this fault in him.” 7 The Jews anI was born, and for this I came! swered him, “ We have a law, into the world, that I might bear and by our law he ought to die, witness to the truth. Every one because he made himself a son that is of the truth, hearkeneth of God.” to my voice.”

8 When Pilate, therefore, 38 Pilate said to him, “What heard these words, he was the is truth?" And when he had more afraid ; 9 and went again said this, he went out again to into the judgment-hall, and said the Jews, and said to them, “ I to Jesus, “ Whence art thou?" find no fault in him. 39 But ye But Jesus gave him no answer. have a custom, that I should 10 llate, [therefore], said to release to you one, at the pass- him, • Speakest thou not to over: will ye, therefore, that I me? knowest thou not that I release to you the King of the have authority to crucify thee, Jews ?" 40 Then all cried out, and have authority to release saying, “ Not this man, but thee?” 11 Jesus answered, Barabbas.” Now Barabbas was « Thou couldst have no autho. a robber.

rity against me, unless it had Ch. XIX. 1 Then Pilate, been given thee from above : upon this, took Jesus, and for this reason, he that deliverscourged him. 2 And the soled me up to thee hath greater diers platted a crown of thorns,* sin." 12 Thenceforth, Pilate and put it on bis head; and they sought to release him : but the clothed him with a purple gar- Jews cried out, saying, “ If thou ment, 3 and said, “ Hail, King release this man, thou art not of the Jews.” 3 And they struck Cæsar's friend. Whosoever him with the palms of their maketh himself a king, speak. hands. 4 Then Pilate went out eth against Cæsar.' again, and said to them, “See, 13 When Pilate, therefore, I bring him out to you, that heard these words, he brought ye may know that I find no Jesus out; and sat down on [the] fault in him.”

judgmentseat, in a place which 5 Then Jesus came out, is called the Pavement, but in wearing the crown of thorns, the Hebrew, Gabbatha: and the purple garment. And (Now it was the preparationPilate said to them, “ See, the day of the passover, and about

*" Most probably of acanthus or bearsfoot; a soft and flexible herb, which grew in abundance in the vicinity of Jerusalem. The design of the Roman soldiers was not so much to torme u Jesus, as to insult him, and to deride his pretensions to royalty. Pilate still wished to release hich See ver. 4. Bishop Pearce on Matt. xxvii. 29.” Im. Ver. note.


the third hour): and he said to fulfilled, which saith, “They the Jews, “See, your king.” 15 divided my garments among But they cried out, “ Away, them, and for my vesture they away with him, crucify him.” cast lots." These things, therePilate said to them, “ Shall I fore, the soldiers did. crucify your King ?" The chief

25 Now, there stood by the priests answered, “ We have cross of Jesus, his mother, and no king but Cæsar.” 16 Then, his mother's sister, Mary the upon this, Pilate delivered him wife of Clopas, and Mary Magup to them to be crucified. [And dalene. 26 When Jesus, therethey took Jesus, and led him fore, saw his mother, and the away.]

disciple standing by, whom he 17 And he, carrying his cross, loved, he said to his mother, went out to a place called The “ Woman, behold, thy son.” place of skulls; which is called | 27 Then he said to the disciin the Hebrew, Golgotha; 18 ple, “ Behold, thy mother." where they crucified him, and And from that hour the discitwo others with him,one on each ple took her to his own home. side, and Jesus in the middle. 28 After this, Jesus, knowing

19 And Pilate wrote a title also, that all things were now finishand put it on the cross: and the ed, that the scripture might writing was JESUS OF NAZARETH, be fulfilled, said, “I thirst.” 29 THE KING OF THE JEWS.

Now a vessel was set there, full 20 And many of the Jews of vinegar. And some filled a read this title ; for the place sponge with vinegar, and put it where Jesus was crucified' was upon hyssop, and raised it to near the city : and it was writ- his mouth. 30 When Jesus, ten in Hebrew, Greek, and La- therefore, had received the vitin. 21 Upon this, the chief- negar, he said, “It is finished;" priests of the Jews said to Pi. and he bowed his head, and exlate,

not, • The king pired. of the Jews; but that he said I

31 The Jews, therefore, beam king of the Jews.'" 22 Pilate cause it was the day of prepaanswered, " What I have writ-ration, that the bodies might ten, I have written."

not remain upon the cross on 23 Then the soldiers, when the sabbath, (for that sabbath they had crucified Jesus, took was a great day,) besought Pihis mantle, (and made four late that their legs might be parts, to every soldier a part,) broken, and that they might be and his coat also: now the coat taken away. 32 Then the solwas without seam, woven from diers came, and brake the legs the top throughout. 24 They of the first, and of the other said, therefore, among them that was crucified with him : selves, “Let us not rend it, but 33 but when they came to Jecast lots for it, whose it shall sus, and saw that he was already be.” So that the scripture was dead, they brake not his legs :

• Write

34 but one of the soldiers pierc- , removed from the tomb. 2 She ed his side with a spear, and, ran, therefore, and came to Si. immediately there came out mon Peter, and to the other disblood and water.

ciple whom Jesus loved : and 35 And he who saw these said to them, “they have taken things beareth witness; (and his away our Master out of the testimony is true: he even tomb; and we know not where knoweth that he saith truly;) they have laid him.” 3 Peter, that ye also may believe, 36 therefore, went out, and that For these things were done, so other disciple; and they came that the scripture was fulfilled, to the tomb. “A bone of it shall not be brok 4 Now they both ran togeen." S7 And again another part ther: but the other disciple outof scripture saith, “ They shall ran Peter, and came first to the looked on him whom they pierc- tomb. 5 And when he had ed.”

stooped down, to look in, he 38 [Now] after this, Joseph saw the linen bands lying; but of Arimathea (being a disciple he went not in. 6 Then came of Jesus, but à concealed one Simon Peter, following him ; for fear of the Jews,) besought and he went into the tomb, and Pilate, that he might take away saw the linen bands lying ; .7 the body of Jesus: and Pilate and the napkin, which had been gave him leave. He came, there about his head, not lying with fore, and took the body of Jesus. the linen bands, but wrapped 39 And Nicodemus also came, up, apart in another place. (he that at first had come to Je. 8 Then went in that other sus by night,) bringing a mix- disciple also, who came first to ture of myrrh and aloes, about the tomb; and he saw and bethe weight of a hundred pounds. lieved not. 9 For as yet they did

40 Then they took the body not understand by the scripture, of Jesus, and wound it in linen that he must rise from the dead. bands with the spices, as the 10 Then the disciples went manner of the Jews is to em- home again. balm. 41 Now, in the place 11 But Mary stood without, where he was crucified was a at the tomb, weeping; and, as garden ; and in the garden a she wept, she stooped down, to new tomb, in which no one had look into the tomb ; 12 and saw ever been laid. 42 There they two angels in white, sitting, one laid Jesus, therefore, on account at the head and the other at the of the preparation-day of the feet, where the body of Jesus Jews; for the tomb was near. had lain. 13 And they said to

CH. XX. 1 But on the first her, « Woman, why weepest day of the week, Mary Magda- thou ?” She said to them, “Belene came to the tomb in the cause they have taken away my morning, when it was yet dark, Master, and I know not where and saw that the stone had been they have laid him."

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