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who sent me, hath aionian life, given me to perform, these and shall not come into con- works which I do, bear witness dempation; but passeth from of me, that the Father hath death to life.

sent me. 37 And the father him. 25 “Verily, verily, I say to you, self, who sent me, hath borne The hour is coming, and now is, witness of me. Ye have neither when the dead shall hear the listened to his voice at any time, voice of the Son of God; and nor seen his m; 38 nor have they that hear shall live. 26 For ye his word abiding in you; beas the Father hath life in him-cause ye believe not in him self, so hath he given to the whom he hath sent. 39 Ye Son, also, to have life in him- search the scriptures, because self: 27 and he hath given him in them ye think ye have aioauthority to exercise judgment nian life; and, though they tesalso, because he is the Son of tify of me, 40 yet ye are not man.

willing to come to me, that 28 “ Wonder not at this : for may have life. the hour is coming in which all 41 “I receive not honour that are in the tombs shall hear from men: but I know you, his voice, and shall come forth; that ye have not the love of God 29 they that have done good to in you. 42 I am come in my Fathe resurrection of life; and they ther's name, and yet ye receive that have done evil, to the re not: 43 if another shall surrection of condemnation. come in his own name, him ye

30 « Of myself, I can do no- will receive. 44 How can ye bething : as I hear, I judge: and lieve, who receive honour from my judgment is just; because one another, while ye seek not I seek not mine own will, but the honour which cometh from the will of him who sent me. God only? 31 “If I bear witness of my

45 « Think not that I will acself, my witness is not true. 32 cuse you to the Father: there There is another who beareth is one that accuseth you, even witness of me; and I know that Moses, in whom ye trust. 46 the witness which he witnesseth For if ye had believed Moses, of me is true. 33 Ye sent to ye would have believed me: John, and he bare witness to for he wrote of me. 47. But if the truth. 34 Yet I receive not ye believe not his writings, how witness from man : but I say will ye believe my words ?" these things, that ye may be CH.VI. 1 AFTER these things saved. 35 He was that burning Jesus went over the sea of Gaand shining lamp: but ye chose lilee, which is the sea of Tiberias. to rejoice for a short time only 2 And a great multitude followin his light.

ed him, because they saw the 36 “But I have greater wit- miracles which he had done on ness than that of John: for the those who were diseased. 3 works which the Father hath And Jesus went up a mountain,

and sat there with his disciples., did, said, “This is in trath

4 Now the passover (a festival that prophet who was to come of the Jews) was nigh. 5 When into the world.” 15 Jesus, Jesus, therefore, lifted up his therefore, perceiving that they eyes, and saw that a great mul. were about to come and take titude was coming to him, he him by force, to make him a said to Philip, “Whence shall king, (again withdrew himwe buy bread, that these may self, alone, to a mountain. eat?” 6 (Now he said this to 16 And in the evening, his try him: for he himself knew disciples went down to the sea; what he was about to perform.) 7 17 and having embarked, were Philip answered him, “ Two passing by sea, to Capernaum. hundred denarii would not pur. And it was now dark; and Jechase bread sufficient for them, sus had not come to them. 18 so that every one of them may And the sea arose, because of a take a little.”

great wind which blew. 19 So 8 One of his disciples, An. having rowed about twenty-five drew, Simon Peter's brother, or thirty furlongs, they saw Jesaid to him, 9 “ There is a lad sus walking on the sea, and here, who hath five barley. drawing near the vessel : and loaves, and two small fishes : they were afraid. 20 But he said but what are they among so to them, " It is l: be not many ?" 10 [And Jesus said, afraid." 21 Then they were “ Make the men place them- glad to receive him into the selves on the ground.” (Now vessel ; and immediately the there was much grass in the vessel was at the land whither place.). [SO] the men placed they were going. themselves on the ground, in 22 The day following, the number about five thousand. multitude, who had been by the

11 And Jesus took the loaves; sea-side, having seen that no and, having given thanks, he other boat was there, save that distributed to the disciples, and one, and that Jesus had not the disciples] to those on the gone with his disciples into the ground: and in like manner of vessel, but that his disciples had the fishes, as much as they de- departed alone; 23 (however, sired. 12 And when they were there came other boats from filled, he said to his disciples, Tiberias, near the place where "Gather up the fragments which they ate bread, [after the Lord remain, that nothing be lost.” had given thanks;]) 24 when 13 They therefore gathered the multitude therefore, saw, them, and filled twelve panniers that neither Jesus was there, with the fragments of the five nor his disciples, they took barley-loaves, which remained shipping, and came to Caperto those that had eaten.

naum, seeking Jesus. 14 Then those men, having 25 And when they had found seen the miracle which Jesus him, on the other side of the

sea, they said to him, “ Rabbi, (ver hunger; and he who beI when camest thou hither ?" 26 lieveth in me, shall never thirst. has Jesus answered them, and said, 36 But I have said to you, that

“Verily, verily, I say to you, ye have both seen me and be.

Ye seek me, not because ye lieve not. Ś have seen miracles, but because 37 “All whom the Father giv

ye ate of the loaves and were eth me, will come to me; and j filled.

him who cometh to me, I will 2 27 « Labour to obtain not the in no wise cast out. 38 For I

food which perisheth, but the am come down from heaven, : food which endureth to aionian not to do mine own will, but the - life, which the Son of man will will of him who sent me.

give you, for to him the Father, 39 "And this is the will of him even God, hath set his seal." who sent me, that of all which

28 They said therefore, to he hath given me, I should lose him, “ What shall we do, that none of it, but should raise it we may work the works of up, at the last day. 40 For this God?” 29 Jesus answered, and is the will of him who sent me, said to them, “ This is the work that every one who seeth the of God, that ye believe on him Son, and believeth in him, shall whom he hath sent.” 30 Then have aionian life: and I will they said to him, “What mi- raise him up, at the last day.” racle, therefore, dost thou, that 41 The Jews then murmurwe may see, and believe thee? ed at him, because he said, “I what dost thou work ? 31 Our am the bread which came down fathers ate manna in the desert: from heaven:' 42 and said, “Is as it is written, "He gave them not this Jesus, the son of Joseph, bread from heaven to eat.' " whose father and mother we

32 Jesus (therefore], said to know ? how, therefore, doth he them, “ Verily, verily, I say to say [this], “I came down from you, Moses gave you not the heaven?""+ bread from heaven; but my 43 Jesus answered and said Father is giving you the true to them, “Murmur not amongst bread from heaven *; 33 for the yourselves. 44 No one bread of God is that which come to me, unless the Father, cometh down from heaven, and who sent me, draw him : and giveth life to the world.” 34 I will raise him up, at the last Then they said to him, “ Mas- day. 45 It is written in the proter, always give us this bread.”phets, ‘And all shall be taught

35 [Now] Jesus said to of God.' Every one who hath them, “I am the bread of life: heard and learned from the Fahe who cometh to me, shall ne- I ther, cometh to me. 46 Not that

* The bread from heaven clearly signifies the doctrine, not the person, of Christ. 7" The Jews, like many modern expositors, mistook our Lord's meaning. They understood that of his person, which he intended of his doctrine; and took that in a literal sense, which he meant figuratively. Observe, that the Jews call Jesus the son of Joseph, without being contradicted by the Evangelist.” Im. Ver. note.


any one hath seen the Father, not as [your] fathers ate manna but he that is from God; he and died. He that eateth of this hath seen the Father.

bread, shall live to the age." 47 “ Verily, verily, I say to 59 He said these things, in a you, He who believeth in me, synagogue, as he taught in Cahath aionian life. 48 I am the pernaum. bread of life. 49 Your fathers ate 60 Many, therefore, of his manna in the desert, and died. disciples, hearing this, said, 50 This is the bread which “ This is hard doctrine: who cometh down from heaven, that can understand it?” 61 But a man may eat of it, and not Jesus, knowing, in himself, that die. 51 I am the living bread his disciples murmured at this, which came down from heaven: said to them, Do ye revolt at if any one eat of this bread, he this ? 62 What then if


shall shall live to the age: and the see the Son of man going up bread which I will give, is my where he was beforet? 63 It is flesh (which I will give] for the the spirit that giveth life; the life of the world.”

flesh profiteth nothing: the 52 The Jews, therefore, con- words which I speak to you, tended

amongst themselves, they are spirit, and they are life. saying,

“ How can this man But there are some of you that give us his flesh to eat?” 53 believe not.” 64 (For Jesus Jesus therefore said to them, knew, from the beginning, who “ Verily, verily, I say to you, they were that believed not, and Unless ye eat the flesh * of the who was to deliver him up.) 65 Son of man, and drink his And he said, “ For this cause I blood, ye have not life in you. said to you, that no one can 54 He that eateth my flesh, and come to me, unless it be given drinketh my blood, hath aionian to him by [my] Father." life; and I will raise him up at 66 From that time, many of the last day. 55 For my ftesh is his disciples went back, and truly food, and my blood is truly walked no more with him. 67 drink.

Jesus therefore said to the 56 “ He that eateth my flesh, twelve, " Will ye also depart ?" and drinketh my blood, abideth 68 Simon Peter answered him, in me, and I in him. 57 As the “ Master, to whom shall we go? living Father hath sent me, and thou hast the words of aionian I live by the Father ; so he like. life : 69 and we believe, and wise that eateth me, shall live know, that thou art the Holy by me. 58 This is the bread One of God.” 70 [Jesus] anwhich came down from heaven: 'swered them, « Have not I * Unless ye eat the flesh, ctc.] Unless ye receive and observe my doctrine. See ver. 35. 40.

It is not necessary to suppose that our Lord here has any allusion to his own death : though that is not improbable.

+ The proper meaning of this passage seems to be this : Do ye revolt at what I have now said? What then would you do if I should advance still further into the subject of my mission; and reveal truths which would be still mort remote from your apprehension, and more offensive to your prejudices? See eh. xvi. 12. See also, Im. Ver. vote.

47. Newcome.


chosen you twelve? and yet she deceiveth the people.” 13 one of you is an impostor.” | However, no one spake openly 71 Now he spake of Judas Is- of him, for fear of the Jews. cariot, the son of Simon: for 14 But it being already about he was about to deliver him up, the middle of the festival, Jesus [being] one of the twelve.

went up into the temple, and CH. VII. 1 And after these taught. 15 And the Jews wonthings, Jesus travelled about in dered, saying, “ How hath this Galilee : for he did not choose man learning, having bever been to walk in Judea because the taught ?" 16 Jesus answered Jews sought to kill him. them, and said, “My doctrine

2 Now the Jews' feast of ta- is not mine, but his who sent bernacles, was

3 His me. 17 If any one desire to do brethren, therefore, said to him, his will, he shall know concern

Depart hence, and go into ing the doctrine, whether it be Judea ; that thy disciples, also, from God, or whether I speak may see the works which thou of myself. dost. 4 For no one who seeketh 18 « Whoever speaketh of to be known publicly, doth any himself, seeketh to promote his thing in secret. If thou do these own glory: but whoever seekthings, show thyself to the eth to promote the glory of him world." 5 (For neither did his who sent him, the same is true, brethren believe in him.) and unrighteousness is not in

6 [Then] Jesus said to them, him. 19 Did not Moses give My time is not yet come: you the law; and yet no one of but your time is always ready. you keepeth the law? Why 7 The world cannot hate you; seek ye to kill me?” 20 The but me it hateth, because I tes multitude answered and said, tify of it that its works are evil. “ Thou hast a demon: Who 8 Go ye up to [this] festival : seeketh to kill thee?" I am not going up to this festi 21 Jesus answered, and said val, at present ; for my time is to them, “ I have done one not yet fully come.” 9 Having work, and ye all wonder at it. said this to them, he remained 22 Moses gave you circumcistill in Galilee. 10 But when sion; (not that it is from Moses, his brethren had gone up, then but from the fathers ;) and ye, he also went up to the festival; on the sabbath, circumcise a not openly, but as it were in se

23 If a man on the sabcret.

bath receive circumcision, that 11 Then the Jews sought him the law of Moses may not be at the festival and said, “Where broken, are ye angry with me, is he?" 12 And there was much because I made a man entirely murmuring among the multi- well on the sabbath ? 24 Judge tudes concerning him: and not according to appearance ; some said, “He is a good but judge righteous judgment.” man :” others said, “ No: but 25 Then some inhabitants of


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