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we know that thou art a teacher earthly things, and ye believe come from

God: for no one not; how will ye believe, if I can do these miracles which tell you heavenly things ? 13 thou dost, unless God be with Now no one hath ascended up him." 3 Jesus answered, and to heaven, but he who came said to him, “Verily, verily, I down from heaven, even the Son say to thee, Unless a man be of man, [who is in heaven.]+ born from above, he cannot see 14 « And as Moses lifted up the kingdom of God.”

the serpent in the desert, so 4 Nicodemus said to him, must the Son of man be lifted “ How can a man be born when up: 15 that every one who behe is old ? can he enter a se- lieveth in him may [not perish, cond time into his mother's but] have aionian life.” 16 For womb, and be born ?" 5 Jesus God so loved the world, that answered, “ Verily, verily, I say he gave his well-beloved Son, I to thee, Unless a man be born that every one who believeth in of water, and of the spirit, he him should not perish, but have cannot enter into the kingdom aionian life. 17 For God sent of God.' 6 That which is born not his Son into the world, of the flesh, is flesh; and that to condemn the world; but that which is born of the spirit, is the world, through him, might spirit. 7 Wonder not that I said be saved. to thee, Ye must be born from 18.“ He who believeth in him, above. 8 The wind bloweth shall not be condemned: but where it will, and thou hearest he who believeth not, is conits sound, but knowest not demned already, because he whence it cometh, and whither hath not believed on the name it goeth: so is every one that of the well-belovedf Son of God. is born of the spirit.'

19" And this is the condemna9 Nicodemus answered, and tion; that lightis come into the said to him, “ How can these world, and yet men have loved things be?” 10 Jesus answered, darkness rather than light: for and said to him, “ Art thou a their deeds were evil: 20 for teacher in Israel, and knowest every one who doth evil hateth not these things ? 11 Verily, the light, and cometh not to the verily, I say to thee, We speak light, lest his deeds should be that which we know, and testify discovered. 21 But he who doth that which we have seen ; and the truth cometh to the light, yet ye receive not our testi- that his deeds may be made mony. 12 If I have told you l manifest, because they are

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* Ilveuma, in this verse is rendered both wind and spirit ; literally, it signifies air in mo tion ; i. e. wind, breath, doc. but figuratively, its meaning is very extensive, and must always be determined by the nature of the subject with which it is in connexion.

Who is in heaven.] This clause is wanting in some of the best copies. If its authenticity is allowed, it is to be understood of the knowledge wbich Christ possessed of the Father's will. See Jolin i. 18." Im. Ver. note,

| See chap. i. 14, 18, note.

* wrought with confidence in God.” 33 “ He that hath received his

22 AFTER these things, Je- testimony, hath set his seal that sus and his disciples came into God is true. 34 For he whom the land of Judea ; and there God hath sent, speaketh the he tarried with them, and bap- words of God: for (God] giveth tized. 23 And John, also, was him not the spirit by measure. baptizing in Enon, near Salem; 35 « The Father loveth the because there was much water Son, and hath given all things there; and the people came, and into his hands. 36 He who be. were baptized. 24 For John had lieveth on the Son, hath aionot yet been cast into prison. nian life : and he who disbe.

25 Then a question arose be- lieveth the Son, will not see tween some of John's disciples life; but the displeasure ofGod and a Jew, about cleansing. 26 continueth towards him.”* And they came to John, and Ch. IV. 1 When, therefore, said to him, “ Rabbi, he that the Lord knew that the Phari. was with thee beyond Jordan, sees had heard that he made of whom thou bearest witness, and baptized more disciples behold, he baptizeth, and all than John; 2 (though Jesus come to him.” 27 John an- himself did not baptize, but his swered and said, “ A man can disciples); 3 he left Judea, and receive nothing, unless it be went (again) into Galilee. 4 given him from heaven. 28 Ye Now he must needs go through yourselves bear me witness, that Samaria. 5 He came, therefore, I said, 'I am not the Christ, to a city of Samaria, called but I am sent before his face.' Sychar, near to the portion of

29 “He that hath the bride, land which Jacob gave to his is the bridegroom: but the son Joseph. 6 Now Jacob's well friend of the bridegroom, who was there. And Jesus, being standeth and heareth him, re-wearied with the journey, sat joiceth greatly, because of the down by the well. (it was about bridegroom's voice. This my the sixth hour.) joy, therefore, is complete. 30 7 A woman of Samaria havHe must increase, but I de-ing come to draw water, Jecrease.

sus said to her, “Give me to 31 “ He that cometh from a- drink.” 8 (For his disciples bove, is above all: he that is were gone to the city, that they from the earth, is from the earth, might buy food.) and speaketh from the earth : 9 Then the Samaritan wohe that cometh from heaven man said to him, “Why dost [is above all; 32 and] what he thou, being a Jew, ask drink of bath seen and heard [that] he me, who am a Samaritan?" (for testifieth ; and yet no one re- the Jews have no dealings with ceiveth his testimony.

the Samaritans.) 10 Jesus an

* “ Vengeance of God,” &c. Campbell: “ the anger of God abideth on him.” Im. Ver.

swered, and said to her, “ If I“Woman, believe me, the hour thou hadst known the bounty of is coming, when ye shall worGod, and who it is that now ship the Father neither on this saith to thee, "Give me to mountain, nor at Jerusalem. 22 drink;' thou wouldst have ask- Ye worship what ye know not: ed of him, and he would have we worship what we know: for given thee living water." salvation is from the Jews. 23

11 The woman said to him, But the hour is coming, and “Sir, thou hast no vessel to now is, when the true worshipdraw with, and the well is deep: pers will worship the Father in whence then canst thou have spirit and in truth: for indeed that living water? 12 Art thou the Father seeketh such worgreater than our father Jacob, shippers of him. 24 God is a who gave us the well, and who spirit : and the worshippers of drank of it himself, and his sons, him ought to worship him in and his cattle ?" 13 Jesus an- spirit and in truth.” swered, and said to her, “Who 25 The woman said to him, soever drinketh of this water, “I know that the Messiah will thirst again : 14. but who- (which signifieth the Christ) soever shall drink of the water cometh : when he is come, he which I will give him, shall not will tell us all things.” 26 Jethirst to the age; but the water sus said to her, " ), who talk which I will give bim will be with thee, am he." in him a well of water spring 27 And, upon this, his dising up to aionian life.”

ciples came, and wondered that 15 The woman said to him, he was talking with a woman “Sir, give me of this water, that yet no one said, “ What seekest I thirst not, nor come hither to thou?" or, “Why talkest thou draw.” 16 Jesus said to her,“Go, with her ?" 28 The woman call thy husband, and come then left her bucket, and went hither." 17 The woman an- into the city, and said to the swered, and said, “I have no men, 29 “ Come, see a man husband.” Jesus said to her, who hath told me all things “Thou hast rightly said, 'I whatever I did : is not this th have no

husband : 18 for Christ?” 30 Then they went thou hast had five husbånds; out of the city, and came to and he whom thou now hast, is him. not thy husband : thou hast 31 [Now] in the mean time spoken this truly.”

his disciples besought him, say. 19 The woman said to him, ing, “ Master, eat." 32 But he “Sir, I perceive that thou art said to them, “I have food to a prophet. 20 Our fathers eat, which ye know not of.” 33 worshipped on this mountain; Then the disciples, said one to and ye say, that in Jerusalem another, “Hath any one brought is the place where men ought to him any thing to eat ?" 34 Jesus worship.” 21 Jesus said to her, I said to them, “ My food is, to

do the will of him who sent me, him, having seen all the things and to finish his work.

which he did at Jerusalem dur35 « Say ye not, • There are ing the festival: for they, also, [yet] four months, and then went up to the festival. cometh the harvest ? Lift up 46 So Jesus came again to your eyes, and look on the Cana of Galilee, where he had fields; behold, I tell you, that made the water wine. And there they are already white for har. was one of the king's housevest. 36 And he who reapeth, hold, whose son was sick, at receiveth wages, and gathereth Capernaum. 47 This man have a crop, to aionian life: that both ing heard that Jesus was come he who soweth, and he who out of Judea into Galilee, went reapeth, may rejoice together : to him, and besought him, 37 for herein is that saying true, that he would come down and • One soweth, and another reap- cure his son: for he was at the eth.' 38 I have sent you to reap point of death. that on which ye have not la 48 Then Jesus said to him, boured : others have laboured, “ Unless ye see signs and won. and ye are entered into their ders, ye will not believe.” 49 labours.”

He of the king's household said 39 And many of the Sama- to him, “ Sir, come down, beritans of that city believed in fore my child die.” 50 Jesus him, in consequence of the said to him, “Go thy way, thy words of the woman, who testi- son liveth.” [And] the man be fied, “ He told me all things lieved the words which Jesus whatever I did.”

had spoken to him, and depart40 When, therefore, the Sa- ed. 51 And now as he was maritans came to him, they going down, his servants met besought him that he would him, and told him, saying, “ Thy abide with them : and he abode son liveth.” there two days. 41 And many 52 Then he inquired of them more believed because of his the hour when he began to own words ; 42 and said to the amend. And they said to him, woman, “We no longer be "Yesterday, at the seventh hour, lieve because of thy report : the fever left him.". 53 So the for we ourselves have heard father knew that it was at the him, and know that this is in- very hour, in which Jesus had deed [the Christ,] the Saviour said to him, “ Thy son liveth.” of the world.”

And he, and his whole family, 43 NOW, after the two days, believed. 54 This second mirahe departed thence, (and went] cle Jesus did, when he had into Galilee. 44 For Jesus him come out of Judea into Galilee. self declared that a prophet hath CH. V.1 AFTER these things no honour in his own country. there was a festival of the Jews; 45 So when he had come into and Jesus went up to JerusaGalilee, the Galileans received lem. 2 Now there is at Jerusą.

lem, by the sheep-gate, a pool, 14 Afterward Jesus found which is called in the Hebrew him in the temple, and said to tongue Bethesda, having five him, “ Behold, thou art cured: porches. 3 In these lay a [great] sin no more, lest some worse number of infirm persons ; of thing befal thee.” 15 The man blind, lame, and withered, [look departed, and told the Jews ing for the moving of the water.] that it was Jesus who had cured 4 [[For at a certain season, an him. 16 And for this, the Jews angel went down into the pool, persecuted Jesus, because he and troubled the water: wh080- had done these things on the ever, therefore, went in first, af-sabbath. ter the troubling of the water, 17 But Jesus said to them; was made well, whatever disease “ My Father continually workhe had.]]

eth; and I also work." 18 5 And a certain man was Wherefore, for this, the Jews there, who had been in an infir- sought the more to kill him ; mity thirty-eight years. 6 Jesus because he had not only broken seeing him lying, and knowing the sabbath, but said also, that that he had now been diseased a God was his father, making long time, said to him, “ Dost himself like God. 19 Jesus, thou desire to be healed ?” 7 therefore, spake and said to The infirm man answered him, them, “Verily, verily, I say to “Sir, I have no man, when the you, The Son can do nothing water is troubled, to put me into of himself, but what he seeth the pool: but while I am com- the Father do : for what things ing, another goeth down before the Father doth, these the Son

8 Jesus said to him, also doth in like manner. “Arise, take up thy couch, and 20 " For the Father loveth the walk.” 9 And immediately, the Son, and showeth him all things man was healed, and took up which he himself doth : and he his couch, and walked. Now on will show him greater works that day was the sabbath. than these, so that ye will won

10 The Jews, therefore, said der. 21 For as the Father rais. to him who was cured, “ It is eth up the dead, and giveth the sabbath: it is not lawful for them life; so the Son likewise thee to take up thy couch.” 11 giveth life to whom he will. 22 He answered them, “ He who For neither doth the Father healed me, the same said to me, judge any one: but hath com• Take up thy couch, and mitted all judgment to the Son; walk."" 12 [Then] they asked | 23 that all may honour the Son, him, “ What man is that who as they honour the Father. He said to thee, • Take up thy that honoureth not the Son, hocouch, and walk ?" " 13 But he noureth not the Father who sent that was cured knew not who him. it was: for Jesus had conveyed 24 “ Verily, verily, I say to himself away, a multitude being you, He that hearkeneth to my in that place.

words, and believeth in him


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