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is commanded, Thou shalt not Is not this the son of Joseph?" tempt the Lord thy God.'” 13 23 And he said to them, “ Ye And the impostor having ended will surely say to me this proall his temptations, departed verb, Physician, heal thyself:' from him for a time.

whatsoever things we have 14 And Jesus returned, with heard done in Capernaum, do the power of the spirit, into here also in thine own country.” Galilee; and there went out a 24 He said also, “Verily, fame of him through all the I tell you, No prophet is accountry round about. 15 And ceptable in his own country. he taught in their synagogues, 25 But I tell you of a truth, being glorified by all.

There were many widows in 16 And he came to Nazareth, Israel, in the days of Elijah; where he had been brought up: when the heaven was shut up and, as his custom was, he en- for three years and six months, tered into the synagogue on when there was a great famine the sabbath ; and stood up to throughout all the land; 26 but read. 17 And the book of the to none of them was Elijah prophet Isaiah was delivered to sent, except to a widow woman him. And, having opened the at Serepta, a city of Sidon. 27 book, he found the place where and there were many lepers in it was written, 18 « The spirit Israel, in the time of the proof the Lord is upon me, inas- phet Elisha; and none of them much as he hath anointed me was cleansed, except Naaman to publish glad tidings to the the Syrian." poor ; he hath sent me to pro

28 And all in the synagogue, claim deliverance to the cap- having heard these things, were tives, and recovery of sight to filled with wrath ; 29 and rose the blind, to set at liberty those up, and drove him out of the that are bruised, 19 to proclaim city, and led him to the brow of the acceptable year of the the hill on which their city was Lord.”

built, that they might cast him 20 And he closed the book, down headlong. 30 But he pasand gave it again to the atten- sed through the midst of them, dant, and sat down. And the and departed. eyes of all those who were in ) 31 AND he went down to the synagogue were fastened on Capernaum, a city of Galilee; him. 21 Then he began to say and taught them on the sabbath. to them, “ To-day this scripture 32 And they were amazed at is fulfilled in your ears.

22 his doctrine : for his word was And all gave him their testi- with authority. 33 And there mony, and wondered at the was a man in the synagogue who gracious words which proceed- had a spirit of an impure deed out of his mouth, and said, mon;* 34 and he cried out with a

* He was raving mad, and fancied himself possessed by a demon; which was the current opinion of the age. He believed, as many then did, that Jesus was the Messiah, or a great prophet; and addresses him as such : and Jesus replies to him in the popular language, in conformity to the ideas and feelings of the maniac. See Farmer on Demon. c. ii, sec, de

loud voice, saying, “Ah! Jesús ! going out, he retired into a de# Nazarene! what hast thou to do sert place; and the multitudes

with us? Art thou come to de- sought him and came to him, stroy us? I know thee, who and urged him not to depart thou art; the holy one of God." from them. 43 But he said to

35 Then Jesus rebuked him, them, " I must publish the saying, “Be silent, and come good tidings of the reign of God out of him.” And the demon to other cities also: because for : having thrown him in the midst, this purpose I am sent." 44 came out of him, and hurt him And accordingly he preached not. 36 And all were struck in the synagogues of Galilee. with astonishment, and spake Ch. V. 1. NOW it came among themselves, saying, to pass when the multitude “What word is this? for with pressed on him to hear the word authority and power he com- of God, he stood by the lake mandeth the impure spirits, and of Gennesaret, 2 and saw two they come out.” 37 And a re- ships standing by the lake: but port went abroad into every the fishermen were gone out of place of the country round them, and were washing their about.

nets. 38 And he arose out of the 3 And he entered into one of synagogue, and entered into the ships, which was Simon's, Simon's house. Now the mother and besought him that he would of Simon's wife was seized with launch out a little from the a great fever ; and they be- land. And sitting down, he sought him for her. 39 And he taught the multitudes out of stood over her, and rebuked * the ship. 4 And having ceased the fever; and it left her: and speaking, he said to Simon, forthwith she arose and minis- "Launch out into the deep, tered to them.

and let down your nets for a 40 Now at the setting of the draught.” 5 And Simon answersun, all those who had any sick ing, said to him, “ Master, we of whatsoever disease, brought have laboured during all the them to him: and he laid his night, and have taken nothing: hands on every one of them, nevertheless, at thy word I will and cured them. 41 And de- let down the net." mons also came out of many, 6 And having done this, they crying out, and saying, “ Thou enclosed such a multitude of art the Son of God.” But he re- fish, that the net began to break. buked them, and suffered them 7 And they beckoned to their not to say that they knew he partners in the other ship to was the Christ.

come and help them. And they 42 And when it was day, came, and laded both the ships,

* It is here said that Christ" rebuked the fever;" but no one ever supposed a fever an in. telligent agent; be also“ rebuked them,” the demons, but, unless we include the person of the demoniac, we have no more reason to snppose them to be intelligent than the fever.


so that they were near sinking. I every village of Galilee, and 8 Now when Simon Peter saw from Judea, and Jerusalem; and it, he fell down at the knees of the power of the Lord was preJesus, saying, “ Depart from sent to heal them. 18 And, beme, Master, for I am a sinful hold, there were men bringing man."

on a bed a man who was sick 9 For the draught of fish with the palsy : and they which they had taken, had filled sought how to bring him in, him and all that were with him, and to place him in his sight. with astonishment; 10 particu- 19 But finding no way to bring larly James and John, the sons him in, because of the crowd, of Zebedee, who were partners they went up to the roof, and with Simon. And Jesus said to let him down through the til. Simon “ Fear not; henceforth ing, with his couch, into the thou shalt catch men.” 11 And midst, before Jesus. 20 And seehaving brought their ships to ing their faith, he said, “ Man, land, they left all, and followed thy sins are forgiven thee.' him.

21 Then the scribes and the 12 And it being near one of Pharisees began to reason, say. their cities, lo, a man full of le- ing, “ Who is this that speak. prosy, on his seeing Jesus, fell eth blasphemies? Who on his face, and entreated him, forgive sins, but God alone ?" saying, “Master, if thou wilt, 22 But when Jesus perceived thou canst cleanse me.” 13 And their reasonings, he addressed Jesus extending his hand, touch- them and said, “Why reason ye ed him, saying, “I will : Be in your hearts? 23 Which is thou cleansed." And immedi- easier ? to say, 'Thy sins are ately the leprosy departed from forgiven thee?' or to say, 'Arise him. 14 And he commanded and walk ?" 24 But that ye may him to tell no one: but, said he, know that the Son of man hath

go and show thyself to the power on earth to forgive sins, priest,

and offer for thy cleans. (he said to the paralytic,) I say ing as Moses commanded ; for to thee, Arise, and take up thy a testimony to them.” 15 But couch, and go

home.' 25 And the report concerning him went rising up instantly before them, abroad so much the more : and he took up that whereon he lay, great multitudes came together and departed to his house, glori. to hear, and be cured [by him] fying God. 26 And amazement of their infirmities. 16 But he struck all, and they glorified withdrew into desert places, God, and were filled with fear, and prayed.

saying, “We have seen strange 17 And it came to pass, on things to-day.” one of these days, as he was 27 And after these things teaching, that there were Phari- Jesus went forth and saw a pubsees and teachers of the law lican, named Levi, sitting at sitting by, who had come from the toll-office: and he said to

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him, “ Follow me.” 28 And ed. 38 But new wine must be forsaking all, he rose up, and put into new bottles ; [and both followed him.

will be preserved.) 39 No one 29 And Levi made him a also, having drunk old wine, great feast, in his own house : immediately desireth new : for and there was a great multi- he saith • The old is better.'tude of publicans, and of others, Ch. VI. 1 And it came to who were at meat with them. pass on the first sabbath* after 30 But the scribes and the Pha- the second day of unleavened risees among them murmured bread, that he went through the against his disciples, saying, corn-fields: and his disciples

Why do you eat and drink plucked the ears of corn, and with the publicans and sinners?” ate, rubbing them with their 31 And Jesus answering, said hands. 2 But some of the Phato them, “The whole need not risees said [to them,] Why a physician; but the sick. 32 Ido ye that which it is not lawcame not to call the righteous ful to do on the sabbath ?" 3 to a reformation, but sinners.” And Jesus answering, said to

35 And some said to him, them, “ Have ye not even read "Why do the disciples of John what David did, when both he fast often, and make prayers ; himself and those that were and in like manner the disciples with him hungered : 4 How he of the Pharisees : but thine eat entered into the house of God, and drink ?" 34 And he said to and (took, and] ate the loaves them, “ Can ye make the com- of the presence, and gave also panions of the bridegroom to fast to those that were with him : while the bridegroom is with which it is not lawful for any them? 35 But the days will come to eat, except the priests ?” 5 when the bridegroom shall be And he said to them, “The taken from them : then they Son of man is Lord even of the will fast in those days.”

sabbath.” 36 And he spake also a para

6 " And it came to pass, on ble to them : « No one putteth another sabbath also, that he a piece of a new garment upon entered into the synagogue and an old one: otherwise, both the taught: and a man was there, new maketh a rent, and (the whose right hand was withered; piece] that was taken from the 7 and the scribes and the new agreeth not with the old Pharisees watched him, to see 37 And no one putteth new whether he would heal on the wine into old leathern bottles : sabbath ; that they might find otherwise, the new wine will an accusation against him. 8 burst the bottles, and be spilled, But he knew their thoughts, and and the bottles will be destroy- said to the man that had the

On the sabbath called second-prime, Campbell. The sense of the original is very obscure Some good copies omit the word deutigongwtw first after the second.

withered hand, “ Arise, and a power went out from him, stand in the midst." And he and healed them all. arose, and stood.

20 Then lifting up his eyes 9 Then Jesus said to them, on his disciples, he said, 21 I will ask you

What is law-" Happy ye poor; for yours is ful on the sabbath ? to do good the kingdom of God. 22 Happy or to do evil ? to save life, or to ye that hunger now; for ye kill ?' 10 And having looked shall be filled. Happy ye that round about on them all, he weep now ; for ye shall laugh. said to him, “ Stretch forth thy Happy are ye, when men shall hand.” And he did 80: and his hate you, and when they shall hand was restored [as the separate you from them, and other]. 11 And they were filled shall reproach and defame you, with madness; and consulted for the sake of the Son of man. with one another what they 23 Rejoice ye in that day, and should do to Jesus.

leap for joy: for, behold, your 12 And it came to pass, in reward is great in heaven; for those days, that he retired to as in like manner did their fathers mountain to pray ; and continu-treat the prophets. ed all night in prayer to God. 24 “ But alas for you that are 13 And when it was day, he rich ! for ye have received your called to him his disciples: and comfort. 25 Alas for you that from them he chose "twelve, are full! for ye shall hunger. whom he also named apostles : Alas (for you] that laugh now! 14 (Simon whom he had also for ye shall mourn and weep. named Peter, and Andrew his 26 Alas for you, when men shall brother; James and John ; speak well of you! for in like Philip and Bartholomew; 15 manner did their fathers to the Matthew and Thomas; James false prophets. the son of Alpheus, and Simon 27 « But I say to you that called Zelotes; 16 Judas the hear ; Love your enemies; do brother of James, and Judas Is. good to those that hate you, 28 cariot, who also was a traitor;) bless those that curse you, and 17 and he came down with pray for those that injuriously them, and stood in the plain; treat you. 29 To him who and there was a multitude of smiteth thee on the one cheek, his disciples, and a great num- offer the other also : and from ber of the people, from all Ju- him who taketh away thy mandea, and Jerusalem, and the tle, withhold not thy coat also. sea-coast of Tyre and Sidon, 30 And give to every one who who came to hear him, and to asketh of thee; and of him that be cured of their diseases ; 18 taketh away what is thine, ask and those that were troubled by it not again. 31 And as ye would impure spirits : and they were that men should do to you, do healed. 19 And the whole mul- ye also to them, in like manner. titude sought to touch him : for 32 “ And if ye love those.

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