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him, and, bowing their knees, believe.” And those who were did him obeisance. . 20 And crucified with him reproached having derided him, they strip- him. ped him of the purple, and put 33 And the sixth hour being [his own] clothes on him; and come, there was darkness over led him out to crucify him. the whole land, till the ninth

21 AND they constrained one hour. 34 And at the ninth hour Simon, a Cyrenian, (the father Jesus cried with a loud voice, of Alexander and Rufus,) who saying, “ Eloi, Eloi, lama sapassed by, coming from the bachthani ?” which is, being country, to bear his cross. 22 interpreted, My God, My God, And they brought him to a place wherefore hast thou forsaken called Golgotha; which is, being me ? 35 And some of those who interpreted, A place of sculls. stood by, hearing it, said, “ Be ! 23 And they gave him to drink, hold he calleth for Elijah.” 36 wine mingled with myrrh : but And one ran, and filled a sponge he received it not.

with vinegar, and put it on a 24 And having crucified him, reed, and gave him to drink, they parted among them his saying, “ Forbear; let us see garments; casting lots for them, whether - Elijah will come to what every man should take. take him down." 25 And it was the third hour, 37 THEN Jesus, sending forth when they crucified him. 26 a loud cry, expired. And the inscription of his ac 38 And the veil of the temple cusation was written over; THE was rent in two, from the top to KING OF THE JEWs. 27 And the bottom. 39 And the centu. with him they crucified two rion, who stood by over against robbers ; one on his right hand, him, observing that he thus and another on his left. 28 [.And cried out, and expired, said, the scripture was fulfilled, which Truly this man was the son saith, "And he

was numbered of a god." among transgressors."]

40 And there were also WO29 And those who passed by men, beholding at a distance; reviled him, shaking their among whom were Mary Magheads, and saying, “ Ah, thou dalene, and Mary the mother that destroyest the temple, and of James the younger, and of buildest it in three days, 30 save Joses, and Salomé; 41 (now thyself, and come down from these, when he was in Galilee, the cross.” 31 In like manner followed him also, and minisalso, the chief-priests, and the tered unto him ;) and many scribes, amongst themselves,de other women, who came up riding him, said, “ He saved with him to Jerusalem. others; himself he cannot save. 42 AND evening being now 32 Let the Christ, the king of come, (because it was the day Israel, come down now from of preparation, that is, the day the cross, that we may see and before the sabbath) 43 Joseph

of Arimathea, a senator of rank, l. 6 And he said to them, “ Be and who also, himself, expected not terrified : ye seek Jesus of the reign of God, came, and Nazareth, who was crucified : courageously went in to Pilate, he is risen; he is not here; see and asked for the body of Jesus. the place where they laid him. 44 And Pilate wondered that 7 But go, tell his disciples, and he was already dead : and he Peter, that he will go before called to him the centurion, you into Galilee: there ye shall and asked him whether he had see him, as he said to you." 8 been dead any time.

And they went out, and fled 45 And being informed by from the tomb ; for trembling the centurion, he gave the body and consternation had seized to Joseph : 46 who bought linen, them; but said nothing to any and took him down, and wrap- one; for they were afraid. ped him in the linen, and laid 9 *[NOW Jesus having ahim in a tomb which had been | risen early on the first day of hewn out of a rock, and rolled the week, appeared first to a stone to the entrance of the Mary Magdalene, out of whom tomb. 47 And Mary Magdalene, he had cast seven demons. 10 She and Mary the mother of Joses, went and told those that had been beheld where he was laid. with him, as they mourned and

CH. XVI. 1 AND the sab- wept. 11 But hearing that he bath being past, Mary Magda- was alive, and had been seen by lene, and Mary the mother of her, they did not believe it. James, and Salomé, bought

12 And after that, he appear. sweet spices, that they might ed in another form, unto two of go and embalm him.

them, as they were walking, and 2 And very early in the going into the country. 13 But morning of the first day of the on their returning and telling i week, they came to the tomb at it to the rest : neither did they

the rising of the sun. 3 And believe them. they said amongst themselves, 14 Afterwards he appeared to "Who shall roll away the stone the eleven themselves, as they for us, from the entrance of the were eating, and upbraided them tomb?"_ 4 (For it was very with their incredulity and obstilarge.) But looking, they saw nacy, because they believed not that the stone was rolled away. those who had seen him, after he 5 And they entered into the was risen. tomb, and saw a young man sit

15 And he said to them, Go ting on the right side, clothed ye into all the world, and proclaim in a white robe; and they were the good tidings to the whole terrified.

creation. 16 He who believeth,

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Many copies omit the twelve last verses of this chapter; probably, as Jerom says, be sause they were thought to be irreconcileable with the other accounts of our Lord's resur rection,

and is baptized, shall be saved ;* | by laying their hande upon them." but he who believeth not shall be 19 SO then, after the Lord had condemned. 17 And these signs spoken to them, he was taken up shall follow those who believe: In into heaven, and sat on the right my name they shall cast out de hand of God. 20 And as for them, mons ; they shall speak in new they went forth, and proclaimed languages ; 18 they shall take up the tidings every where ; the serpents ; and if they drink any | Lord working with them, and deadly thing, it shall not hurt confirming the word by signs folthem : they shall cure the sick, I lowing.]



wife was of the daughters of 1 SINCE many have under- Aaron, and her name was Elizataken to prepare an account of beth. 6 And they were both rightthose things which are fully be- eous in the sight of God, walking lieved amongst us; 2 according in all the commandments and as those delivered them to us, ordinances of the Lord without who from the beginning were blame. 7 And they had no child, eye-witnesses, and ministers of because Elizabeth was barren; the Word; 3 it hath seemed and they were both far advanced good to me also, having gained in years. exact knowledge of all things 8 And it came to pass that, from the first, to write them to while he executed the priest's ofthee in order, most excellent fice before God in the order of his Theophilus; 4 that thou mayest course, 9 according to the cusknow the certainty of those tom of the priesthood, his lot was things, in which thou hast been to go into the temple of the Lord instructed.

and to burn incense. 10 And the 5 IN the days of Herod, the whole multitude of the people king of Judea, there was a cer were praying without, at the time tain priest named Zachariah, of of incense. 11 And there appear. the course of Abijah: and his led to him an angel of the Lord,

** He, who professes faith

in me, shall be admitted to the privileges of the christian community: he, who does not believe, shall remain under all the disadvantages of a heathen state." Im. Ver. Note.

7. " It appears from a comparison of 1 Chron. xxiv. 19, with chap. ix. 27, and with 2 Chron. xxiii. 8, and 2 Kings, xi. 6—7, that these courses of the Priests were weekly, or of seven

days each, and began and ended on the Sabbath." Parkhurst.

randing on the right hand of the temple. 22 And on his coming altar of incense. 12 And Zacha. out, he could not speak to them : riah war troubled at the sight, and they perceived that he had and fear fell upon him.

seen a vision in the temple : for 13 But the angel said to kim, he made signs to them, and re* Fear not, Zachariah: for thy mained speechless. 23 And it prayer hath been heard ; and thy came to pass as soon as the days wife Elizabeth shall bear thee a of his ministration were accomson, and thou shalt call his name plished, he returned home. John. 14 And thou shalt have joy 24 And after those days his and gladnes8 ; and many shall re- wife Elizabeth conceived, and she joice at his birth, 15 For he concealed herself five months, thall be great in the sight of the saying, 25 The Lord hath thus Lord, and shall drink neither dealt with me, in the days wherewine nor strong drink; and he in he hath looked on me, to take shall be filled with a holy spirit, away my reproach among men.” even from his birth, 16 And many 26 And in the sixth month, the of the sons of Israel he shall turn angel Gabriel was sent from God, to the Lord their God. 17 More. to a city of Galilee, named Naover he shall go before them, in zareth, 27 to a virgin espoused the sight of God, * with the spirit to a man named Joseph, of the ind power of Elijah, to turn the house of David; and the virgin's hearts of the fathers to their chilo name was Mary. 28 And the andren, and the disobedient by the gel coming to her, said, Hail, wisdom of the righteous; to make highly favoured virgin: the Lord ready for the Lord a prepared be with thee : [blessed art thou heople.

among women.") 18 And Zachariah said to the

29 And she was much troubled ingel, By what shall I know at his saying, and considered what this ? for I am an old man, and kind of salutation this could be. my wife is far advanced in 30 And the angel said to her, years," 19 And the angel an

" Fear not, Mary : for thou hast swering, said to him, I am Gas found favour with God. 31 And briel, who attend in the presence behold, thou shalt conceive and of God; and I am sent to speak bring forth a son, and shalt to thee, and to tell thee these glad call his name Jesus. 32 He shall tidings. 20 And, behold, thou shalt be great, and shall be called a be dumb, and not able to speak, Son of the Most High : and the until the day in which these things | Lord God shall give to him the will be performed ; because thou throne of his father David : 33 hast not believed my words; which and he shall reign over the house shall be fulfilled in their season.

"1 of Jacob to the ages; and of his 21 Now the people were ex-reign there shall be no end.pecting Zachariah, and wonder. 34 Then said Mary to the aned that he tarried 80 long in the l gel, How can this be, since I

* Gr. " And be shall proceed in his sight." See ver. 6, 15, 19, and 75.

know not a man 29 35 And the forth all generations will pros angel answering, said to her, Anounce me happy. 49 For he that holy spirit shall come upon thee, is mighty hath done to me great and a power of the Most High things ; and holy is his name; shalt overshadow thee : and 50 and his mercy is on those who therefore thy offspring will be fear him, to all generations. 51 holy, and shall be called a son of He showeth strength with his God. 36 And, behold, thy king, arm: he scattereth those who are woman Elizabeth, she also hath proud in the imagination of their conceived a son, in her old age :hearts. 5% He putteth down the and this is the sixth month with mighty from their thrones ; and, her that was called barren. 37 For exalteth those of humble state. 53 with God nothing is impossible." He filleth the hungry with good 38 Then Mary said, " Behold the things ; and the rich he senderi servant of the Lord; be it unto away empty. 54 He supportet me according to thy word." And Israel his servant, remembering the angel departed from her. mercy, 55 (as he promised to our

39 And Mary arose in those fathers,) towards Abraham, and days, and went into the mountain. his race to the age." 56 And our country with haste, to a city | Mary abode with Elizabeth about of Judea: 40 and entered into the three months, and returned home. house of Zachariah, and greeted 57 NOW Elizabeth's full time Elizabeth. 41 And it came to pass came, that she should be delivered; that, when Elizabeth heard the and she brought forth a son. 58 greeting of Mary, the babe leaped And her neighbours and her kin. in her womb : and Elizabeth was dred heard that the Lord had filled with a holy spirit, 42 and shown her great kindness ; and spake out with a loud voice, and they rejoiced with her. 59 And it said, Blessed art thou among came to pass, on the eighth day, women ; and blessed is the fruit that they came to circumcise the of thy womb. 43 And whence is child ; and would have called hin this to me, that the mother of my Zachariah, after the name of his Lord should come to me ? 44 For, father. 60 But his mother speak lo, as soon as the voice of thy ing, said, Not so; but he shall greeting sounded in mine ears, be called John." 61 And they said the babe leaped in my womb for to her, There is no one among joy. 45 And happy is she who thy kindred called by this name.' believed that there would be a 62 Then they made signs 10 fulfilment of those things which his father, how he would have were told her from the Lord." him named. 63 And he beckoned

46 Then Mary said, My soul for a writing-tablet, and wrote, magnifieth the Lord ; 47 and my saying, His name is John." And spirit rejoiceth greatly in God, all wondered. 64 And forthwith my Saviour. 48 For he hath re- his mouth was opened, and his garded the humble state of his tongue loosed, and he spake, and servant : for, behold, hence blessed God. 65 And fear came

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