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The matter of this Volume and the arrangement of the subject are indicated by the title

the title page and the Table of Contents.

As an introduction to Prescription at Common Law and the Statutes of Limitation, a general view of Prescription, in its most extensive signification, of the rise and progress of the statute law of limitations, and of Possession as respects real property, is given.

The Statutes regulating the time of limitation for * the Possessions of the Sovereign, and of the Duke of Cornwall exclusively, are separately considered.

The statutes 2 & 3 Will. 4, cc. 71, 100, although differing in their operation from the ordinary Statutes of Limitation, are essentially of that nature; and have placed on a different basis the rights to which they are applied; and, being of a remedial character, a general view of Prescription at Common Law is also given.

Fisheries, subjects of daily increasing importance, especially several fisheries, when and how far they involve the ownership of the soil, and can be claimed by Prescription at Common Law, are investigated at some length.

Although the Author has spared no labour in this work, some matters may have escaped his attention. For these, which he hopes are few, he asks the indulgence, and relies on the generosity, of the Profession.

October, 1869.

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