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gracioufly promised. Without halineje sa vas Mall see the Lord. Men do but deceive themselves, who chink to passe immediatly from State of corruption, to a state of Glory. Would we enter into Glory, lec us labour cofecare va state in Grace. Grace and Glory do not differ specifically, but gradually. When a foul is brought into a state of saving Grace, it is entred into a state of Glory: For as God hath prepared Heaven for his children, so he prepares bischil

. dren for Heaven. Grace is the Nursery of Glo. ry: As che plants of righteousneß grow for for Heaven, they are removed to Heaven, and fill be for ever with the Lord. O Lord, prepare and fit my soul for this new Ferusalem, into which mi unclean thing can enter. Give me true repertasse for all my fins

, and wash away the guilt of these in the blood of thy dear Son, my Lord and S134 Sanctifie me throughout both in soul and bed batby Grace and boly Spirit, and enable me to glori thee in this life, that I may hereafter enter into: Kingdom, into that eternal state of Glory, bu and purity. O let me not have my portion is! life, but when tbou sendest for me out of this se by dearb, Lord receive my soul (for shy free on and my Saviours merits fake) into thefe Herud mansións, where there is fulnefse of joy, asd filefures at thy right hand for evermore. Amen. John 17.24, Fatker , I will that they alfo mt:


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thou hast given me,

be with me where I am, that then may behold my Glory which thou hast given me, for thou lovedst me before the foundation of

the world, 1 Cor.2.9. But as it is written, ege hath not feest;

nor ear heard, neither have entred into the heart of man the things which God hath prepared for

them that love him. 2 Cor.5.1. For we know, that if our earthly house

of this Tabernacle be diffolved, we have a buildo ing of God, an house not made with hands, eter

nal in the Heavens. Col.1.12. Giving thankes unto the Father, which

hath made iis meet to be partakers of the inheri

tance of the Saints in light. Heb.10.34. For ye took joyfully the pooling of

your goods, knowing in your felves, that ye have

in Heaven, a better, and an enduring substance. Heb. 12.22. But we are come unto Mount Sion, and

unto the City of the living God, the heavenly Ferafalem, and to an innumerable company of Angels. V.23. To the general assembly and Church of the

first born, which are written in Heaven, and to God the Fudge of all, and to the Spirits of just

men made perfect. i Thef.4.17. And so shall we ever be with

the Lord, Heb.6.19. Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, bothsure and fedfast, and which ers

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treth into that within the vail. V.20. Whither the forerunner is for us extred,

even Fefus, made ao High Prieš for ever after

the order of Melchizedek. Mat.25.23. His Lord said unto him, mel done,

good and faithful servant, thou haft been faithful over a few things, I will make tbééraler over many things; enter thou into the joy of

thy Lord. 2 Cor.1 2.4. How that he was caught up into Pa

radise, and heard unspeakable words, wbich it is

mot lawful for a man to utter. Luke 16.22. And it came to pase that the begge

-died, and was carried by the Angels into Abra

hams busom.

Heb.11.16. For he looked for a City which hati

foundations, whose builder and maker is God. 1 Pec.1.4. To an inheritance ircorruptible, and

undefiled, and that fadeth not away, referved in

Heaven for you. i Pec.5.4. And when the chief Shephard shall s

pear, ye shall receive a Cromon of Glory that fo

deih not away

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Books Printed for, and are to be fold by JOH'N
ROTHWEL, at the Fountain and Bear in




Mr. Ainsworth Arrow again. Idolatry in fol. Siz

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Dr. Ames Cases of conscience. Engl.
Marrow of Divinity. 4

On Peter. 4
D. Arrowsmith TaEtica Sacra five de milite fpirituali

pugnante, Vincente et Triumphante.
Annotations on the Bible by the Dutch Ministers, fol.
Assembly Confes. Catechism large and small in 4 with
Scriptures at large.

M. Bradhav Sin against the H. Ghoft 12
M. Bridges Babylons downfal 4
M. Bohemus on 100 Scriptures opened...8
M. Broxolme on Perkins Six Principles 8.
M. Bucklers Aflize Sermon

M. Church, Miscelanies of the Actributes of God

The Creatures of God 4
Good mans Treasury
Of Ejaculacions 12
His Golden Sayings 12

Pocket companion 12
M. Culverwells Light of nature 4

White ftone ( alone ) 8
M. Clark Of Persecution and Lives of Minifters. folio.
M, Cravens Catechisme 8
M. Cotron of singing of Psalmes 4
Catechising and Conference by the Minifters of the



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Isle of Wight.

TE 3

M. Dales Shepherdizing of Lambs 8
D. Drake De fanguine 4
M. Dyke of Epping, His Right Receiving of Chrift

Safety in case of danger 8...
Sele Sermons of Quebching the Spirit, and
Pardon of sin, &c. 8

M Femmet of Affedtions 4
COL Confoience 4
1.1 Alarm for droufie Saints 4
Pa, Wilful Im penitency. 4

Catechism, On the Creed

Lords Prayer 13. Ten Commandments M. Ford of Baptism, Catechising, and firft Fruits of Davids Government 8 His Catechise against che Anabaptifts

Germany Lamentations


M. Hugbes Of Amligion, the benefic of it 4

}sermon 4

M. Hooks New Englands Tears?

New-Englands Sense
M. How of Universal Redemption 4

Pagan Preacher filenced 4
M. Haines Grammar 84
M. Hanmer Of Gonfirmation

M. Lockier Balm for bleeding England and Ireland 8

Communion of Church Militant 11 Discovery of Sincerity 8



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