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hearts lists, and to leave thee to thy self. 'Twas a fad word, Ifa. 6.10. Go and make the heart of this people fat, and shut their eies, left they se! with their cies, and hear with their cares, and understand with their heart, and convert and be bealed. God may juftly refuse to hearken co ther, when thou callest for mercy, who wouldit not before hearken to the call of his Grace. The Spirit of God after many repulfes may go away aggrieved. God may smice thee with stupidity and senfellenesse (that great Spiritual judgment / And then what will become of thee? Aod besides," doft thou think that any man whose wife should be false co him, and ran away from him, and follow after strangers in her younger time, would receive her ac last in her old age ? Why wilt thou think then to deal fo with God? Upon the wbole matter then, if thou are not corverted, and doft really turn to God when young, 'tis a hundred to one, whether ever thou be com verted or no. 'Tis rarely seen that men habituated and long accustomed to fin, do ever change then black skins, as the Reverend Mr. Burgess wel obferves.

III. Consider, whether there be any part of mans life wherein he may realobably think he bass liberty to serve the Devil. If noc, why wil thou not speedily cura co God? Why shoal: not tby yonih be confecrated into him? As long as thou remainest unconverted, and in the ftoi


of Nature, thou art doing the Devil service; And who would serve such a Mafter ?

IV. Consider, There are many great advant tages that will come unto thee by turning to God be

To Multitude of sins and forrows will be hereby prevented. Those that get bruises and strains when young, feel them when they grow old. O what anguish, and pain of Conscience have they chat have lived long in sin ( and commicced great ones) if they be brought home to God at last !

O whad a cutting confideration must it -needs be co old people to cast their eyes back opon a life spent in fin and dishonouring God, and hurting the foules of others by their ill example! o what a deal of sorrow would Manasses and Mary Magdalen have escaped, if they had been converted in their younger years ? So if Paul had peen betimes brought home to God, he had not had all chat troable and grief of Spirit for persecucing the Church.

2. Thou waist bereby come to some eminency of knowledge, and Grace, and Spiritual experience. A young man that is a good husband becimes upon his trade, we say, is like to grow rich; whereas one thac has been prodigal in his younger time, and a pend-chrift, if he should in his elder years begin to be wise, yet having loft so much time, we are ape to think, he will never do any great matter at it. So chey that give up their hearts to

God God betimes, and consecrate their younger year: to him, O how rich in knowledge and Grace may they grow?

3. Thy joyes and comforts will be the greater Thou art a hinderer of thy peace and comfortal the while thou are going on in che way of . Thou art feeding on Onions, when chou mighi have Manna, Thou art feeding on basks sic the Prodigal, when chou mightest have et: fatted calf. What are all che noisom plessures o: fonto che peace of a good Conscience, the enjoy

. ment of God, the delights and joyes of the Hol Ghost ?

4. The more service thou wilt do for God. Surposé a man be call'd at the twelfth hour, alas 'cis little he can do for God before nigbt. A old man that was late converted, ordered this is be written upon his Tomb-stone, Here liese old map of seven years old. Suppose a man (als many years (penc in fin) should at last be cea verted, he had need of Methuselab's age to be wail bis former miscarriages, and to do servi for God, whom he hath so dishonoured, 0 think what an honour ic is co live co glorific Go and to do him service! And canst chou beg: 100 soon to honour him, who deserves to infinit ly well of chee?

5. It will make not only thy life, but thy des also comfortable. When death comes, chc will have this good evidence of chy sincerity, it


chou didst rurn to God betimes, in thy youth, and in the flower and prime of thy daies. Thou wile nor then be afraid to look God in the face, nor dread him as an enemy, but think delightfully of him as a long experienced friend, and be willing to surrender thy soul unco him. 'Tis reported of Adrian, thac when he came to die, he cried out, o my soul, whicher art thou going? then art going where thou shalt never be jovial por merry more. O my soul, whither art thou going? Therefore do those things now, which ( when thou comest to die) thou wouldst wish thou hadft done ; and leave those things undone, which thou supposest will not yield chee comfort in chac hour.

6. And laftly , The fooner ibon engages thy heart to God, and the more service thou dost him in this life, the greater will be thy reward in Heaven, Gal.6.7,8. Be not deceived, God is not mocked; whatsoever a man foweth that shall be reap. He that Joweth to bis flesh, shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that someth to the Spirit, fhall of she spirit reap life everlafting.

I come now to the second thing; to answer the objections that young persons may make, wby, they fhould not turn to God fofoon. . obj.i. We shall hereby lose our chief time of pleasure.

šol. You shall exchange dirt for Gold, and he draff of swine for the food of Angels, you


fonfull pleasures for the delights of the Holy Ghost, and the joyes of a good Conscience. Ré ligion will abridge you of nothing but for, which is rank poisor to your souls. It will allow you recreations that are lowful, expedient, seasonabil. and moderate , and which may fill you more të glorifie God in your general or particular Calling, See 'che Rules set down in the foregoing Chap. under the fifth Direction to the Rich. Pag 490

obj.2. We do buc as moft young people do, and as others have done before us.

sol. If you.fin with others, you must expect to suffer with others. They thac are like Simeon and Levi brethren in iniquity, must be brechrea also in misery. The old world foonid together, and were drown'd'together. You must not live by ex amples, but by precepts. Look not at what abo. do; but at what God commands , Exod. 23.1. Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do " vil,

obj.3. There needs not so much ado to get to Heaven.

Sol, Isit more ado chan Gods Word requires read and judge, Luke 13.24. Strive to enteris at the strait gale, for mang, 1 say unto yon si feck to enter in, and shall not be able, Maí, 6.33 Seek we first the Kingdom of God, and his righii. onsnes, Séc. Eph.5.15. See that ye walk circom Pectly, not as foules but as mise, redeeming ti

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